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Author has written 2 stories for Gemma Doyle Trilogy, and Phantom of the Opera.

Bonjour mes aimes, thanks for stopping by to check out the page. First off, I think an introduction and a breif description of moi is in order.

MACKENZIE LEE GUENORRE XXXXXXXXXXX (My name, last part is to prevent stalkers, the number of X's is indeed the number of letters, if you can figure it out, buy yourself a cookie.)

13 (Number of year I have existed on planet Earth)

BLONDE HAIR, BLUE EYES, 5'10'' (Stuff people like to know, you get it? The whole mysterious man behind the curtain/girl behind the computer yada yada yada.)


Ok, now an actual paragraph. Excited?!

... you shouldn't be.

I basically write whatever I feel like writing whenever I feel like it. I am working on a couple books of my own. By a couple, I mean 8. One of them is currently being looked at by a publisher, which makes me very happy. I love writing romantic angst, and I love reading romantic angst. I am extremely sarcastic most of the time, though I will never rival my friend Annie, for she has completely mastered the art. I like historical things and period pieces are very fun. The one thing I cannot stand in fan fiction is when someone takes an amazing historical novel and morphs it into modern day and makes it utterly horrible. I flame these authors until doomsday. You have been warned. That being said, there are several authors who can do excellent modern day pieces. These will most likely be on my favorites list points below.

My favorite stories to write fan fictions for are Phantom of the Opera and A Great and Terrible Beauty. I also mess around with Tamora Pierce and her universe, seeing as these books sparked my writing mind in the first place. I do write slash fan fiction IF the pairs would actually work.

For example...

Felicity Worthington and Pippa Cross= YES! They work well together, are best friends, and made out in the third book of the series... don't flame me for ruining The Sweet Far Thing, you should have gotten up off you lazy bum and read it long before this... KARTIKGETSSTUCKINATREE! -ahem- Moving on...

Christine Daae and Marguerite Giry = NO! They are best friends but neither of them have shown even the slightest tendency of anything past friendship. Some extremely talented authors can make this work, but there is not enough substance to the characters' personalities to make a stellar plot line. Translation: 2 Mary Sues is not a phan phic make.

Erik and Raoul de Chagny= -spits, twitches, pukes, seizes, dies-... Get my feeling on that couple? Good... now you won't get flamed.


Felicity/Pippa (Greatest couple ever in the world, damnit Pippa, why did you have to eat those freaking berries and become corrupt? WHY?!)

Erik/Christine (Second only to Fee and Pip, and for a straight couple, that is saying something)

Alice/Bella (Before you Twihards get you knickers in a twist, Edward is practically female with all his mood swings, so shut it.)

Prudence/Sadie (There are just not enough of these.)

Dracula/Mina (The ORIGINAL vampire couple. Screw you Belward.)

Hades/Persephone (Kind of the Erik and Christine story, therefore, LOVE LOVE LOVE)

Harry/Ginny (Very cute.)

Ron/Hermione (Better than any other couple in the HP series.)

Snape/Lily (I ADORE this pairing. SOOOOOO sweet.)

Hermione/Ginny (It could work, though this probably will piss Annie and Gaby off. -cringes-)

Bella/Carlisle (The good doctor is awesome, but you knew that.)

Robert Langdon/Vittoria (I effing love Vittoria Vetra, I want her for myself.)

House/Wilson (One cannot possible describe the depth of awesome here.)

Lyra Belacqua/Will Parry (So adorable it makes me cry.)

Asriel/ Marisa Coulter (Can be really well done if people take the time.)

LEAST FAVORITE: (You knew it was coming.)

Raoul/ Anyone or anything (I detest this man with a burning passion. If you know me in life, you know all he represents.)

Felicity/Gemma (No, just no. It doesn't work at all and HOW DARE YOU TAKE PIP AWAY FROM FEE!)

Christine/Meg (Too much bubbly in one relationship.)

Dumbledore/Harry (This provokes MASSIVE twitching. Gah...)

Robert Langdong/Sophie (Sophie has no brain in regular, everyday conversation. Ewww.)

James/Lily (This is going to kill my Harry Potter friends, but I find James to be an arrogant prick.)

INDIFFERENT PAIRINGS: (The ones I am not allowed to hate by various friends -mutters-)

Gemma/Kartik (I was too busy drooling over Fee and Pip and trying not to kill myself when Pip went to the realms to really notice this one.)

Erik/Madam Giry (I can deal with it sometimes, but only if it is extremely well written and sweet.)

I usually do not write boy/girl fan fiction. If I do, it is about Phantom of the Opera and only about Phantom of the Opera because of a marvelous man named Erik and the woman he loves, Christine. They are the best couple ever, get over it Twilight fans. Edward is a girl in disguise and has wet dreams about Jacob, not Bella. There, I succeeded in bursting your bubble. I will also occassionally write other woman fanfiction for this universe if I get on a "No, no, NO! Erik is too good for Christine." type of kick.

If your writing sucks, I will tell you so. I also freely give you the write to tell me. Everyone is entitled to your opinion and I will not shriek at the monitor and make a voodoo doll of you to stick pins in... more than once... maybe twice. If you have issues with me flaming you, you need to get a life. I am never openly cruel, just honest. Blatantly honest.

Please take a look at my stories and send me suggestions for what you want written. I tend to do lots of spin offs and I like writing all sorts of stuff.

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