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Hi, I'm 20DruidicKats, changed from Meerkatgirl13. I am a 21 year old college student. I enjoy writing as a hobby and for another way to express myself besides visual art.

I like a lot of movies, including: How to Train Your Dragon 1 and 2, Monsters vs. Aliens, Twister, Watership Down, Shrek (all four of them), and others.

Some of my favourite cartoons/anime are: Avatar: the Last Airbender, the Legend of Korra, Danny Phantom, Teen Titans, Code Lyoko, Hetalia: Axis Powers/ World Series/Beautiful World, Ouran High School Host Club, Fruits Basket.

Books/manga I love: Harry Potter, Eragon, Eldest, Brisingr, Inheritance, Animorphs, Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time/ Majora's Mask, Ouran High School Host Club, Fruits Basket.

Favourite games: Undertale, the Legend of Zelda franchise, World of Warcraft, Warcraft I-III, Starcraft, Diablo I and II, Saint's Row I-III, the Sims (2 and 3 best), Harvest Moon: A New Beginning, Half-Life (1 and 2), Portal (1 and 2), Terraria, Pokemon.

I have a Deviantart under the my old username! Check me out under Meerkatgirl13!

Main Original Character origins:

Eva Thalaela (Shrek): Why Fear Me? I'm Only an Elf, Rest Calm and Remember Me, Snippets From an Elf's Life

Eva is a character that has been with me for a long time. The idea for her character came from a song from one of my favourite bands, Nightwish. The song's title was 'Eva' and it talked about a child that was shunned from society (no friend to call her name), and that she was really a good soul if you actually got to know her. That spoke to me and thus her character began to form just from the lyrics of the song.

I was really into Shrek and Eragon at that time and I felt that Artie's character needed to be expanded upon in Shrek 3, so I mentally paired them together to try and bring out another side of Artie's character. He really was kind of a flat character with daddy issues in the movie and I wanted to try and round him out by throwing in a girl to be his friend, first and foremost, then eventually a lover.

However, this all took place when I was starting to get the hang of writing and characterization (which I was horrendous at). Looking back several years later, I see that I never really was able to pull off what I ultimately wanted to do with my less-than-mediocre writing (round out Artie's character and create a badass heroine that doesn't take shit). I probably will get around to rewriting her entire story so that it fills what I originally wanted to do when I have more time. I think she's a great character but she is trapped with bad pre-teen writing that doesn't do her justice.

Sinopa Hehewuti (Hetalia: Axis Powers): Bring on the Rain

Sinopa Hehewuti is actually a reworked version of Native America, the personification of the Native American peoples in the U.S. and Canada. Native America is who I will be talking about here and not so much of the version written in Bring on the Rain.

I am an avid Hetalia lover, let me get that out there right now. I love the art style, the point of the show, all the different characters, etc. I know that it doesn't really get into the minorities of each country, but I felt that the Natives in the Americas, my people, needs to be represented somehow. Thus, Sinopa Hehewuti, as the personification of Native America (yes, that's an actual term to refer to what land we have left) was born.

Her character is partly based off of what I observed in the Native communities personally and partly off of the history of the Natives. Though I won't really go into it here, it really isn't flattering to the U.S. and Canada. I see her being fiercely protective of the people she loves, which include all of the Natives, but also wise, gentle, and caring (the stereotypical wise Indian shaman role).

Her character as a whole hasn't changed much from when I first conceived her idea. The most that has changed about her is the fact that I will change her role to fit the stories I write (hence Bring on the Rain).

Jeanne Delroy (World of Warcraft): They'll Know Me as Joan

Jeanne's idea was originally conceived out of pure boredom and the need to draw something new. My boyfriend suggested drawing a 'badass werewolf with a gun' and thus, Jeanne was born. She was originally a pirate captain, a rebel noblewoman getting revenge for her arranged marriage in the Elizabethan Era, but my love of World of Warcraft came and swept her up at the time Cataclysm came out. That transformed her into a Worgen sea captain with no regard to rules or propriety that rules her people, content on sailing the seas with her brothers (unnamed at the time) and plundering Horde villages.

As I tried and work out her origin story, I realized that the view of her couldn't work out with the cannon storyline, so she was cut back to a privateer, youngest out of three siblings (Ammon was originally about a year older than her). I tried again with working out her origin and realized again that it didn't really work with what I was envisioning, so I cut her back a little more. She was now the daughter of a wealthy sea captain and inherited her father's ship when he died. This version of her is mostly what I have now, though she underwent more tweaks to her temperament and age and such.

The aspect of her being a druid was consistent throughout her many versions, the exception being her very first one. That idea of her personality seemingly at odds with her magic class came partly from an idea I found on some forum or another of a 'sadistic druid'. Since I mostly play a druid, that idea stuck with me for the two and a half years I spent reworking this woman. It just seemed to fit her so well, so I integrated it with her character.

Her siblings, Cerdic and Ammon, came pretty early on conception wise. I felt Jeanne needed people to bicker and fight with and siblings were the perfect way to solve that.

Ammon was the first of the three to be 'fleshed out'. He always was the quiet, level-headed, mischievous rogue that plays the peacekeeper among the siblings. He loves his sister fiercely and will do anything to keep her safe. The only thing that really changed was him becoming Jeanne's twin instead of being over a year older than her. That was mostly because I kept screwing up his age and went 'Ah, screw it, they're twins!'.

Cerdic had always been the big brawny warrior that seemed to know what's best for his family. His archaic ideals of a woman's role in society had always clashed with Jeanne's rebellious nature. However, they do balance each other out, which is something they both needed. He is the stone that grounds Jeanne and endures the flame of her temper and she is the one that pushes his buttons in just the right way to make him express what he really feels underneath his 'cool and calm' exterior. Cerdic is really a sweet, loving guy that truly wants what's best for his small family, especially Jeanne. His ideas of what's 'best' for her are simply very different from what she thinks is best for herself.

As always, the nature of characters keep changing as I develop them more in my head and on paper. I will go back and update this as they change and new characters emerge. These are their characters as of the time I'm writing this (10/26/2015). I do hope you enjoyed the insight into my thought process and, hopefully, gained new insight into who these characters really are.


I have decided to delete several of my oldest stories. The ones I have deleted are as follows:

The Hero and the Wolf

A Hero, a Wolf, and an Avatar

The Forgotten Princess

Two Sides of the Same Coin

I have a few reasons why I deleted these stories. First of all, I have totally lost interest in maintaining those stories.. Second is that I wrote them a very long time ago (around when I was just learning how to write fiction) and I just got sick of all the flamers messaging me about the terrible characterization. I agree with many of those points, but the fact is that I was a young teenager that had no idea how to characterize yet. I learned along the way and my stories are a reflection of that. I felt that, while some people still liked them, it wasn't worth the trouble of the flamers.

I welcome any fanart for any of my stories! All you really need to do is send me the link to your work via PM and I will post it here (or try and put in in an author's note if it's not showing up here). I thank you in advance and I am looking forward to anything you do!

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