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7-26-2013: Been thinking about attempting some fic writing. I've had great ideas (I'm a bit biased), but I've always had trouble putting words to paper. I also start up college in two weeks now, so I wouldn't have much time. So, it probably won't happen.

I've been on this site for awhile now... I've seen good authors come and go, watched legendary fics be written out from one-shots, and remember many more from before the purge. It's been entertainment in a time of my life that has very little of it, and will remember my time here for... well, probably forever, but that sounds really corny to say. Then again, no one's going to read this anyway, so that doesn't really matter now, does it?

... If anyone knows of another fanfic site that's about as active as this one, send a link my way, will ya? It's sure to have some stories that I haven't read yet.

?-??-???? Only when I add a story to my alert list, does it die.