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-About Me-

I'm from Michigan... 'Nuff said. I'm 19 and an A1C in the US Air Force for the Security Forces stationed at FE Warren AFB, WY. I have a profound love for sci-fi and fantasy, that is including anything having to do with Star Wars, Star Trek, Halo, WoW, and Armored Core. I'm a big StarFox and Tenchi Muyo fan as well.

-My Music-

I despise country and rap... But I am a fan of heavy metal, alternative rock, and basically anything but rap. I do like a few hip-hop songs, but there's a big difference between hip hop and rap. I just set my list on shuffle, and start doing whatever it is I'm doing. Gotta have my tunes, not my pops.

-My Main OCs-

Wolfric "Shade" Kota

67 Years of Age (stopped aging at 25 from Hierarchy) though regenerative abilites prevents accurate age description

Lupine (Mandalorian Vanguard)

Description: Ashen gray fur, moderate length mane, muzzle sided with white fur that runs down his front core. Azure blue eyes with an ice-tint. 6'4" plantigrade, light-med build. A normally bad-attitude guy that karma seems to skip. Bounty hunter, prefers black clothing, Straight orientation.

Bio: Most of his past he can't remember, but he knows bits. Trained by Vaklu Rios to be a killer of no equal, he entered the United Systems Air Force under the Security Forces career field (I bet you can see where he gets that bit). Someone higher up noticed his talents, and put him in a special divison dedicated to the selective assassins squadron, which are referred to as STARs. When he was taken into the Hierarchy under Vaklu's training, his powers began to manifest into a powerful Force-adept level of telekinesis. Matter is only a plaything for him as his potential with the Force is astronomical. Once retiring, he was dragged into a war with the Sienar Corporation, which killed his first wife. His second wife was met in the war's aftermath, and they had a daughter soon afterward. Wolf was dragged away from them by an accident with his first wife's resurrection, and met his third wife, Ryoko Kexeki. With a rocky relationship of Wolf's mysterious disappearances, they were given a Mandalorian wedding over a communications link in combat. Although, when he promised to stop going rogue, they stumbled into a prototype dimensional rift core by accident, and wound up in a new universe. But they don't know where one another are, but he was determined to find her.

Theme Song: Gangsta's Paradise by Artas
Battle Theme: Just Another Victim by Cypress Hill
Shadow Theme: Black Dahlia by Hollywood Undead

Ryoko "Malice/Midnyte" Kexeki-Kota

267 Years of Age (stopped aging at 21 from Hierarchy)

Fox-Wolf (Aeian Huntress)

Description: White fur and silver-cyan long spiky hair. Vibrant amber-gold colored feline-like eyes. 6'2", muscular, but not overly so with strong slender arms and luxuriously long, smooth legs. Thin with a hint of abdominal definiton. C-cup bust, but proportional to the rest of her. Bounty hunter attitude with a strong influencing of her visual-psychological tactics (aka. sex appeal). Prefers dark clothing, bi-sexual but prefers males, married to Wolfric Kota.

Bio: Her childhood is a complete mystery to her, mostly because she doesn't want to remember. In truth, she believes she's the sole survivor of Aeia, a planet that was destroyed by being pulled into a supernova. She barely escaped, but was caught by a pirate clan called the "Blood Pack" as she tried to escape the system. She was their slave from the age of 10 until she went on a rampage and killed the clan leader at the age of 17 when they tried to start taking advantage of her body. As she drifted from their ship, that she sent careening into a black hole, she came across an old traveling Hierarchy Master named Samara who taught her how to fight and control her species' ability of telepathy. Her master died after she was taken into the Hierarchy's ranks, and she began traveling the galaxy as a bounty hunter and mercenary until she happened upon Wolfric Kota, a wolf she was paid to kill. Instead, she fell in love with him, and saved his life when he came crashing down a building side. The two had a rocky relationship due to Wolf's constant disappearing, but she always was persistant in hunting him down to drag him back to her. He was always in love with her, but he couldn't fully grasp it, and it took Wolf's daughter from his second wife, Tali Salem, to help her realize that she needed to find him and convince him to stay with her. When she did find him again, the two started off again, but were quickly pulled into another dimension by a dimensional rift device onboard a downed destroyer that Wolf ripped out of the sky to a planet's surface to protect Ryoko. She woke up with a damaged memory, but was sure Wolf wasn't looking for her. She decided to just continue on as a mercenary, abandoning her thoughts of her husband.

Theme Song: Sexy, Naughty, Bitchy by Tata Young
Battle Theme: Reckless Fire by S-Cry-Ed
Midnyte Theme: Slow Chemical by Finger Eleven

Vaklu "Anubis" Rios

Age Unknown (mid-late 20s from appearance)

Jackal (Hierarchy Master)

Description: 6'5", 212 lbs, slight build. Black fur, gray-blue eyes, gold Cerinian marks on biceps and thigh. Anubis Delta over heart. Wears black a lot. Silent-lipped, deadly, and the 'guy in the shadows' attitude.

Story: Vaklu is and always has been a mystery. He refuses to share anything of his past, but will still accomplish his missions at any cost whether it be his or someone else's life. Anubis doesn't sleep, eat, or move much, unless he has to. But he will kill at his heart's desire. He has mastered many forms of combat, armed and unarmed; but he will not pick up a gun unless necessary. He prefers swords, staves, knives, needles, and his own appendages. Torture isn't one thing he's fond of dishing out, but he will if deemed necessary. The name Anubis was put on him because of his species, along with when he slaughtered an entire space station of 200 terrorists in under a 15 minute period without any alarms going off. Anubis is certainly the last one you want to piss off. A monotone and monoemotion man, he despises people who are cruel to women for some odd reason.

Theme Song: "Slept So Long" by Orgy

(More Character Explanations to come when I can or create a new important one)

-Other Info-

(This is just some info in case I never get around to it in the stories...)

-Sienar Corperation-

Sienar was established at the end of the Human-Covenant Wars when the company's three founders developed the tech that was originally used to make an advanced Planetary Defense Grid for Corneria, Katina, and Kew from the Covenant's invasion parties. It is unknown who these founders originally were. The company began to fall into shady dealings, but nobody knows just how far they have gone or how far the company itself has spread throughout the Ronin Accord. Despite whatever dealings they may have however, Sienar is known as the number one supplier or all aerospace technology in the Ronin Accord...

-The Ronin Accord-

The Ronin Accord was first established after the CIS invasions, stretching the reach of the Cornerian Alliance to the far reaches of both the Krazoa and Dan'jas systems. Also it's influence has spilled over into the Stygian Penal system, unfortunately however, due to it's lack of a strong governmental foothold the Stygian system is not an official member of the accord. There are current workings on the Balthazar Compliance Accord that will allow The Ronin Accord to take full control of the region but, for now the accord is still only in effect with the current three systems...

-The Hades System-

The Hades system consists of one sun, and six individual planets...three upon which there are localized colonies. The majority of which is housed on the system's fourth planet Gridiron, which is at the current point of time still protected under the E.S.A, or Evolutionary Stability Act which was brought about in the year 2465, and stating that it is an intergalactic offense to introduce any sort of advanced tech into a planet or social environment that is considered more advanced than that social circle's current technology. The system also houses colonies of more up to date social structures on three of the system's other planets; Zarr, Tarros-4, and Aetheria...it's other planets are yet unexplored...

-The Stygian Penal System-

This star system borders both Lylat and Krazoa. It has 2 suns named Stygias and Mamon, 9 planets, and a very weak social structure. Of all the planets only 5 are inhabited, and furthermore, only 3 of those are not protected by the E.S.A. Balmirre, Noxus, and Katheria. Other members of the Ronin Accord, such as Corneria and Katina had been attempting to draw the more civilized colonies of Stygian into the accord but, due to a weak underlying social structure in the case of most of the conlonized planet's governments nothing has changed.

-The Sol System-

The Sol system is the system that holds Earth and it's surrounding planets.

-The Lucarus System-

This massive planetary system is a real trek from Lylat, but it is where many of the other planets are located. A true mixing pot of species is what this system is, since it's a major post in the universe. Run by the Galactic Empire, it is on an entirely different scale than all the other systems. Caution is heavily advised in this system.

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