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Author has written 3 stories for Super Smash Brothers, and StarCraft.

Home Page: markofshadow.com

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Favorite Genre/s: Sci-fi/action, thriller, romance.

Favorite Games/Series: Metroid, StarCraft, Dragon Quest, Sonic (as long as Shadow is present :P), Fire Emblem, Zelda, Super Smash Bros., The Sims, Harvest Moon, StarFox, TimeSplitters, Soul Caliber II, Animal Crossing, Skies of Arcadia Legends, Golden Sun, Spyro, Super Mario RPG, Donkey Kong Country, and Baten Kaitos.

Top Five Fave Charas: 5) Mewtwo, 4) Artanis, 3) Shadow the Hedgehog, 2) Samuel Oak 1) The Incarnus

All Time Favorite Character: Samus Aran

Current Honorable Mention Character/s (love these guys atm): Zeratul, Tassadar, Geno, Shade, Yoshi, Lance, Kamon, and Soren

Favorite Pairings:

Diddy X Dixie Kong - Cute, classic pair. My first favorite video game couple ever back in the day of DKC2. They were made for each other.

Link X Xianghua - Yeah, I don't like Link X Zelda at all, because I don't think they are a good match in the slightest. Rather, I like to pair Link with random other characters. After I played Soul Caliber II, I kinda fell in love with the idea of Link X Xianghua. They're both kind of airheaded, but they both have a lot of youthful spirit. They'd be good support for one another, learning life together as they went.

Link X Navi - Strange couple, maybe, but ever since OoT, I really could see them together. Link needs guidance (even if it is bossy) and Navi can give it. Plus, I think despite all appearances, they really do care about each other. I actually almost cried when Navi left...

Samus Aran X Adam - Call me crazy, but after reading about how Adam treated Samus and how he gave his life for her, I'd say the guy might have been in love. And, from the way Samus talks about him, she may have felt something there too. We may never know, but I like to imagine it.

Samus Aran X Fox McCloud - Now THIS pairing is neither commonly liked nor commonly mentioned. I always picture Fox and Samus as constantly at each others' throats, harrassing one another and arguing all the time. I imagine that their hostility is just a cover up for deeper feelings of friendship and--dare I say it-- love.

Shadow the Hedgehog X nobody - This pairing ROCKS xD. But no, seriously, Shadow makes a great loner. Sometimes it's hard for me to imagine him ever getting with anyone.

Shadow the Hedgehog X Rouge the Bat - Although I hated this pairing at first, after watching enough Sonic X and playing the games that have Shadow in them, I grudgingly admitted to myself that I could see it happening. Shadow likes to care for things. Rouge doesn't seem to mind letting him save her butt. Good combo.

Shadow the Hedgehog X Procurator Shade - Just recently started playing Sonic Chronicles, and although I highly doubt that this paring would come together canonically, Shade's gentle personality and determination match well with Shadow's need to care and unrelenting tenacity. As a team, they could really own the battlefield. But, I have a feeling that if they got on each others' bad sides, they'd clash pretty violently because they're both a little hard-headed.

Soren X Okami Amaterasu - NEVER would happen in anything but a fanfic, but it's so darn CUTE. Soren is the shy, quiet type with a bright mind, and Okami is the powerful and gorgeous goddess. She'd bestow some sort of confidence in him, I'm sure. And they'd be gentle enough with each other to stay together for a long time, but determined enough as a team to create a formidable force.

Artanis X Zeratul - This pairing intrigues for the fact that they are simply a well rounded pair, and would truly care for each other. I have a feeling that their relationship would grow to be extremely intimate, emotionally and perhaps even physically. Zeratul's age puts him in the position to be a teacher to the young and eager Artanis, and because protoss seem to develop strong teacher/student bonds, it just makes sense. I feel like Artanis would look up to Zeratul with the deepest respect and admiration, and yes, a sense of love. I feel that Zeratul's pride in Artanis and his desire for his young student to excel would enhance his own feelings of love toward the young warrior, and together they would share a deep and powerfully intense bond unrivaled by simple partnerships for species preservation. Not to mention the pairing is sexeh x3

Samuel Oak X The Incarnus - Yes, I know that Samuel Oak is a Pokemon character while the Incarnus is from Dragon Quest, but I have a tendency to turn the hero from Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker into Samuel Oak. Anyway, these two are sort if unique and have a very complicated relationship. Samuel is your average punk of a young man, trying to be all macho most of the time, and Ace (as I like to call the Incarnus) is a full hermaphrodite of a monster. He (for lack of a better pronoun) enjoys Samuel's company and they work well side by side as a team. They tend to bicker and pester each other a lot, especially when Ace is feeling as macho as Samuel is. However, when Ace's softer side takes over, there is a propensity for Samuel to feel things for Ace. They're incredibly good friends, and while neither of them sees the other as their lover, they embrace their attraction when it does arise. Samuel seems a little less prone to accepting this depth of a relationship, but even though he won't admit it, he really does care for Ace. Ace is very much in love with Samuel, but he knows they can never truly be together. Thus, he forces himself to make due with their very complex and (occasionally) romantic friendship.

A Few Things About Me: I've been a gamer since I was about 10 years old, and I started writing almost as soon as I started loving the characters. I've always been into telling stories, even when I was little. In fact, when I was just a child, I'd pour my imagination out to anyone who'd listen, even if it was just myself. My first big writing endeavor was a Pokemon fanfic that never got finished because my parents threw it out. Later, I started writing with my brother, and we enjoyed stories about SSB. Then I started writing stories on my own about some of my personal favorite games, including Starcraft and Shadow the Hedgehog. Later, I began RPing, and grew used to writing with a large audience, which I found absolutely intoxicating. Now most of my RPs have slowed down or died, and few people remain to write with me, but my desire to tell stories is as strong as ever. That's why I came here.

If You Read My Stories: Please, please, PLEASE leave a little comment. Obviously I can't MAKE anyone leave a review or a comment, but just as a little note: for a writer like me, you have no idea how much value is placed on reviews and knowing people actually read your stuff. I appreciate any comments, as long as they are constructive in some way. Even if it's a critique, I welcome constructive criticism. I would be honored and thrilled to recieve comments from my readers, and the more you comment, the more it encourages me to write, because it's then that I know that my work is important to someone.

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