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Author has written 9 stories for Inuyasha, and Hey Arnold.

Hey Guys!


It's been a long time... a very long time since I've written on this site. Things have been tough and well, I'm no longer feeling the story. I should have put this update a long time ago but I was hoping the idea would come back and I could continue. Anyway, I was reading it over and there were so many errors I felt terrible about even continuing to post. After I got that message from that person who said I was going against the site rules and I had to rework the idea I messed up big time. I hope you guys can forgive me for my neglect, I just need to get a few things straightened out with me. Anyway, maybe I'll post 'Fated' again someday. Thank you all for supporting me. I apologize again it was never my intention.

Apryl :(


My name is Apryl Johnson and I was born in Nassau, Bahamas. I believe in God. My religion is Christianity.

My avatar is actually me- big nose and brown skin- I don't think I'm too bad I still got issues though.

There are quite a lot of things I love to do like: reading and writing.

My future goal is to become the writer of a great manga series.

I love Japanese culture and all the hard work and effort mangakas put into their manga.

My favorite mangas/Animes are:

-Inuyasha (Of course, check out all my stories! I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for Rumiko Takahashi)

-Naruto (believe it or not, I've just got into this series and I absolutely love it right now. It's crazy good! Masashi Kishimoto is awesome)

-Bleach (I just love Tite Kubo's artwork and the story is amazing!)

-Death Note (Gotta love Light Yagami aka Kira)

-Dengeki Daisy

-Say I love you

-Koukou debut

-Kaichou wa maid sama

-Kimi ni todoke

-Kare first love

-Bokura Ga Ita


-Lovely Complex

-Sailor Moon

And a whole lot more! as you can see I'm really into romance and drama but I love action, adventure and mystery!

It's really crazy how everything in my life just seems to fit together. At first I didn't realize it but now I'm really starting to see the direction of my life.

So here's my story and how I got into writing fanfictions. I hope it inspires someone to follow their dreams and post a story as well.

Okay! Here we go.

I was born the middle child of 7 siblings- three older and three younger. I have 2 brothers and 4 sisters (I'm yet again directly in the middle of my 4 sisters making me the third sister). So basically I was fated to be a middle child- kind of like the division line between adult and child.

I've been told I'm wise beyond my years (kind of like an old person in a young person's body)

To be honest, I'm not particularly attractive. I think I'm the least attractive sister because a bunch of physical issues- I've got terrible acne (everywhere), my nose is my most prominent feature on my face, I have a bit of a tummy and sides (I don't think I'm fat but I'm definitely not skinny- yet again I'm stuck in the middle). My two front teeth are a little crooked but I'm not too bothered by it because it's not as if I talk a lot and when I smile- no teeth. I've got loads of silver hair mixed into thick black hair (I've been told that silver hair at so young an age represents wealth). I like my skin tone though I believe it'd be much better if my skin wasn't so bumpy. (geez I hate that word- I get depressed sometimes.) and I'm short- I'm the second shortest person in my family.

Anyway, my best characteristics are my inner qualities I guess. I tend to think I'm a very honest person, intelligent and witty sometimes. I'm friendly, I love to help people and I love to inspire in anyway I can. I think before I act (maybe I do that too much because I realize that I've missed out on a number of opportunities that way.)

But anyway, I think deep down I'm a really beautiful flower that just hasn't found spring yet and hasn't bloomed. I'm still a bud or a butterfly in a cocoon- one day I'm going to emerge and people will look at me and they'll see just how beautiful I am inside and out. In the words of Naruto (BELIEVE IT!!!)

People have often told me that I'm going to be a very successful person when I'm older (I'm 21), I think it's true. Everything's falling into place slowly but surely.

-when I was 8 I started writing Hey Arnold Stories (I can't find any of them sadly- but I know that Hey Arnold was definitely an inspiration to me)

-I was reading Nancy Drew Mysteries at that time (my love for suspense and mystery comes in here)

-I also loved watching cartoons like Hey Arnold, As Told By Ginger, Doug, Rugrats, The Wild Thornberries (I love shows that teach you something and strengthen morals and values)

-Then as I grew I started watching Cartoon Network especially Toonami (Sailormoon, DBZ, Yu Yu Hakusho)

-At this time around 13 or so I started reading romance novels (love romance novels) Some of my favorite authors: Nicole Jordan, Julia Quinn, Virginia Henley, Victoria Alexander.

-Still growing I stumbled upon Inuyasha (This was a very important part in my life). It was early one morning when I woke up and couldn't get back to sleep. I decided to turn on the tv to see what was on and there it was the ending song for Inuyasha 'Fukai Mori' The first character I saw was Sesshoumaru and I fell in love. I'll always remember seeing his fluffy tail blowing in the wind. After that day, I woke up early all the time and I was able to watch Inuyasha in full. I remember a very famous commercial that played on Adult Swim (It was with Inuyasha and Kagome calling each others names and then Kagome is in the tub at Togenku and she's naked and pops out of the tub shouting Inuyasha's name and Inuyasha breaks into the room and sees her- that awkward moment hooked me permanently. I became consumed with Inuyasha until one day they stopped playing it on Adultswim. Luckily I was old enough to get a laptop and this started my introduction to other animes and the world of Manga.)

-So yeah, I got into anime and manga and at that time I was writing my Inuyasha fanfics as well (Please check them out, I've got a whole lot more in store for you guys). I wrote my own stories like 'His Love Song' and 'He Loves Me, She Loves Me Not' with characters like Julia and Travis (This explains why people see the names in the stories (I apologize for such bad editing but these stories are really mine).

-After that, I got into writing Confused Love Story (my longest story). It's almost finished I'm wrapping everything up now. I've got another story in the works dedicated to Sesshoumaru and why he acts the way he does (cold, cruel, yet oddly protective toward Rin). Yeah I can hardly wait to get into that! It's crazy with lots of angst, drama, romance, lemons (sweet and bitter). I think you guys will love that one. I've also got short stories that are related to that particular story- just giving you guys a bit of background info.)

-Now that CLS has gotten so big I decided, last year June 2010 I think, to create a manga so I put an ad in the papers and found my artist. She's really talented (but not as talented as I really, really want her to be). She has skill and a wonderful technique but with the kind of pay I get at my job ($100.00 per week) I can't afford to help her get into an art school so that she can hone and develop her skills. But what she's doing is, she's putting together drafts and layouts for my comic (they definitely won't be used in the final comic but they give me an outline to work with). One day, I vow, I will have the money to help her get into an art school so she can develop her talent. I really don't want her skills to go to waste. I can draw but definitely not as well as I want. So while my artist is drawing drafts and stuff I've been reading an analyzing my favorite mangas and animes (listed above). The techniques are so unique and diverse and it's crazy.

-Sometimes when I look at artwork from Naruto, Inuyasha, Bleach, I get a little depressed because it's sooooooo amazing and when I look at the work my artist is producing it's mediocre, but I know that it takes many years to get the level of skill that those famous mangakas have and I'm never going to give up!!!! (BELIEVE IT! *Lol* love Naruto).

So yeah, that's what I'm up to right now. I guess I forgot to say I'm in college, I've almost finished my associates degree in Mass Communication, I want to do my bachelor's degree in English (To be honest, I think if I get that degree I'll be able to live in Japan for a while and teach- those Tsunami's and Nuclear things going on there scares me though. I pray for everyone who's lost someone during that horrible disaster, I pray that they find peace and are able to grow and be even more productive in their lives than before. I believe everything happens for a reason so...whatever the reason, I just pray everyone affected will be able to move on and live happy lives).

Now, I've talked a lot but I still have so much I want to say.

Here are a few of my favorite characters-

Inuyasha- His story about not fitting in with demons or humans really touches me. He's basically an outcast because of his blood. I love his spirit and tenacity and his attitude (Geez- love an arrogant, cocky kind of guy). He's not as smooth as Sesshoumaru but he has some very excellent qualities!

Sesshoumaru- It all comes down to his attitude and strength. He's such a wonderful character and he's mysterious because he makes me wonder why he hates humans so much (This is where my new story comes in. I really can't wait to post it. I think you all will love it). Yes so, Sesshy is just so calm, cool and collected but he's obviously hurt that his father entrusted Tetsusaiga to Inuyasha. But at least he over comes that in the end.

Naruto- (Character) He inspires me to never give up and to prove to everyone that I am the best. He doesn't like people telling him that he can't do something and he doesn't like people talking down to him. He's a very strong person and I love his strength and how he inspires other characters and me as well.

Sasuke- (Geez) What can I say besides the fact that I think he's a fricken hot piece of artwork and I'm jealous that I'm not a character in the show so that I could at least see him face to face (literally, figuratively, fictionally? lol). I love his attitude and his techniques. He's just so smooth and cool. (I love that kind of character- it's devastating to a girl like me).

Kakashi- damn. here we go. I just absolutely love this man. I never thought I could find his hairstyle and half covered face sexy but I do. I love the way he moves, his strength and his voice (English and Japanese are so appealing!). He's got that mysterious quality about him that I just love to death and get this- he reads!!!! (Geez I love a guy who can read).

Shikamaru- Yes I know (Some people are saying wth, lol. The thing is I love his personality because I kind of see myself in him more than every other character in Naruto. He's just a very carefree (kinda lazy), ordinary looking, intelligent young man. It's alot like me actually that's why I love his character so much. I wouldn't want to marry a guy like him because I need someone who's stronger- and handsomer (lol... kinda shallow aren't I?) but hey, I still like him a lot!)

There are a lot of other characters I like but I'll put those in at a later date or something.

Here's a list of villains/antagonists that I love:

-Light Yagami

What else? Hmm... anyway, I've got a few other stories in the works. Right now I'm trying to finish CLS.

Thank you all for reading- if you're reading this.



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