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Ellos!! What up?

The names Maja, (pronounced Maya, I know, its weird. Heh)

I am 15 years old, and really, really anxious to be 16, cuz than I might actually get a life.

I'm livin' in California, but I was born in Denmark. (Look it up on google or something)

My favorite things to do, well, I'm quite obsessed with my computer. Heh. I have no life other than it pretty much. Not so healthy, but you know, what can ya do.

I have just recently fallen head-over-heals with anime, but very reluctantly. ( I knew it would take over my life if I got into it, but then i got pushed into the ocean of japanese cartoons, and I drowned in its amazingness. Grr.)

Of the ones I know so far, these are my favs.


-Howl's Moving Castle


-Spirited Away


-Ouran High School Host Club



-Full-metal Alchemist

As I said previously I have only started this craze recently, so I haven't seen too many shows yet.

Other shows and movies and stuff that I like are:


-Harry Potter Movies


-(Don't shoot me) Twilight...I don't want to die, I'm too young!!

-ANY Will Smith movies...ANY!!


-Transformers (I want to shoot myself cuz I haen't seen the second one yet!! AAAHHH!!)

-Al the X-men movies (More wanting of the shooting since I haven't seen Wolverine yet either!! Cry)

-Um, and lots of other ones.

T.V. Shows



-Wipeout (Pure genius...heheh)

-The Mentalist

-Who Wants To Be On A Japenese Game Show (More crazy amazing fun stuff. Heh)

- Sonny With A Chance ( I don't know why I like this Disney show so much, I just do. :?)


-Harry Potter Series

-Uglies Series

-Artemis Fowl Series

-Twilight Series

-Inkheart Series (Still haven't read Inkdeath, but I really, really, want to.)

-The tale of Despereaux


-And some other ones that I read a long time ago and can't remember the name of sadly. :(

Okay, now, I am going to write some stories and upload them eventually, and I would love to do requests and such, well at least try it out. I have a few things I'm working on Currently, but they are going very slowly. Anywho, if anyone for some reason stumbles over this profile, than these are couples that I like, and would be comfortable with doing little stories on:



~Howl's Moing Castle: HowlXSophie (is threr even another couple?!)

~Spirited Away: HakuXChihiro (again, is there even another couple?!)


~Ouran High School Host Club: TamakiXHaruhi (Favorite couple), HikaruXHaruhi, KaoruXHaruhi, KyoyaXRenge (Heh) AnybodyXOC

~Naruto: SakuraXNaruto, SakuraXGaara (Probably Favorite couple/definitely most comfortable with), NejiXTenten, ShikamaruXTemari, SakuraXKiba, InoXKiba, AnybodyXOC (Well, pretty much.)
p.s...I'm not that far into Naruto yet, so there are characters that I haven't "met" yt, but I'll add them as they come...if I remember.

~Fullmetal Alchemist: EdXWinry (Duh. Obviously my Favorite.) AlXOC

~Everything Else~

I'm pretty chill with whatever.

BTW...I'm obessed with Gaara. Currently at least. If you are a Gaara fan, and think I should write a Gaara story, then you rock!!

Kay, that's all for now. I'm kinda new to the fanfiction profiles, so if you think I shoulddo anything else, then just message me or something. Later!


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