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Heyahhh Guyssss

My namess Abbie and im 13 yearss oldd

I live in derbyy and go to Landau Forte College!

I absolutly love the twilight saga and cant wait for new moon!!

I amm deffinatelyy Team Edward and omg he iss fittt!!

checkingg outt peopleesss

talk laterr




Chapter 2 - Lukes Jeans -

Chapter 2 - Lukes Top -

Chapter 2 - Lukes Jacket -

Chapter 2 - Lukes Sneakers -

Chapter 2 - Bellas Car-

Chapter 5 - Bella and Luke's House -

Chapter 5 - Chloe's bedroom -

Chapter 5 - Luke's Room -

Quotes: Copy and paste the one you most relate to.

1. Don't tell me you don't drag the blade across your wrist and just wish you had the courage to press down.

2. Ask me how many times my heart has been broken. And I will tell you to look to the sky And count all the stars...

3. There's a girl in my mirror Crying tonight. And there's nothing i can say To make her feel alright.

4. I will never regret loving you ...only believing you loved me too

5. I can hold my liquor much longer than my mother ever held me.

6. She refuses to trust anyone, Because she refuses to get hurt again.

7. I'm always the friend never the girlfriend

8. How many times will I break till I shatter ?...8

9. Hold her head up for her, Because she has become to weak, To keep it up herself.

10. Im just the girl standing in the background of all the happy people

11. Sometimes the pain's too strong to bare. And life gets so hard you just don't care. You feel so alone you just sit and cry. Every second you wish you could die. Then you start thinking who would care. If one day they woke up-and you weren't there.

12. Kill her Go ahead Make her dreams come true

13. The scars will tell stories, No one ever dared to read.

14. I always thought it was dumb for him to pick me in the first place. I'm not special, I never was, never will be. He just made me believe I was & hurt me when he finally realized I wasn't.

15. I'm screwing up every little good thing I ever try to do. I was born to lose.

16. When you look in the mirror And don't like what you see You can find out first hand What it's like to be me

17.What do you do when the only person who can stop you crying is the one making you cry

18.Not all scars show, not all wounds heal Sometimes you can't see the pain that someone feels

19.The loneliest feeling in the world, to be crying and no one is there for you

20.There's a smile on my face but I don't know why it's there, I put it on to satisfy the people who don't even care.

21.It's like taking me to the highest mountain, showing me the world, and saying this is what I can't have

22.Tired of trying, sick of crying. Yea I'm smiling, but inside I'm dying

23.Sometimes when I say "oh, I'm fine" I want someone to look me in the eyes and say "Tell me the truth"

24.Pain doesn't hurt if it's all you've ever felt

25.The scars on my wrist are proof that people like you do exist

26. It's hard to awnser the question "what's wrong" when nothings right

Some of these quotes I like to turn to, to give me insperation for a story!

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