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Author has written 3 stories for Twilight, and X-Men: The Movie.

First thought of what to write here: Why hello there!

Second thought: I'm dyslexic so please excuse my spelling.

Third thought: I'm from the UK, specifically England.

Name: I call myself Arlya because it is part my name part Arya xD - I know sad huh?

Gender: If you don't know already you didn't read the above line.

Avatar picture: Right now this happens to be a picture I drew and thought I'd use as, let's be honest, it's cute :)

Character: If I could be any character I would be Arya, or possibly Alice Cullen - hear me out on this one if you don't like Twilight! She is small like me, and not including Jasper (cuz this would be weird) she has three siblings like me. And she happens to share my name :)

Stories: I have written sooooo many stories but have only ever published (on here I mean) very very few. In fact I have taken many of those I orignially put up down again. The reason I haven't put up many is because I normally have a great idea but barely any storyline or commitment to continue after the first chapter. However I am currently working on stories for Stargate Atlantis, Study Series, X-men and I have an idea for Sherlock. I have also stashed away stories for Inheretence Cycle, Avatar (The last airbender), Lord of the Rings, Twilight and possibly more but I can't think right now. Admittedly I have also posted recently (my only story atm) a twilight fic but don't really see it going anywhere and may well take it down.

Age: I am under 20 but will not say more than that really, but my birthday is 14th of February (yes, valentine's day)

Favourite Band: Too many but if I have to say something I'll go with Muse. Others include: Snow Patrol, Lostprophets, The Arctic Monkeys, Mystery Jets, Blink 182, Bloc Party, The Killers and Panic! at the Disco. - And Dan le Sac vs Scroobius Pip. Don't worry, No-one I've met has heard of them either...

Favourite Book: I love The Lord of the Rings because of the world that Tolkien has created but actually to read I like Eragon (despite the obviuos similarity to LOTR making it a bit of a rip off really) because it's quite easy language and I'm a moron like that.

Favourite Film: I love the LOTRs films. Peter Jackson is a genius! But I also love Pride and Prejudice, the BBC film (With Kiera Knightly)

Interests: Dancing is my first love really, I spend so many hours a week doing it and it makes me so happy. Music is a huge part of my life, I don't know what I'd do without it.

Random Fact 1: I describe my style in music as 'Indie Rock' although I do enjoy all genres of music from rock to classical to rap.

Random Fact 2: I like Maths. Call me crazy but I'm good at it and I get it ok? I don't enjoy the lessons (no-one in my class does) but I do like maths. It's set and makes sense and your right or your wrong type thing.

All the things I particularly adore:

-LOTR [Books and Films]
-Doctor Who [TV]
-Torchwood [TV]
-Robin Hood [TV]
-Stargate SG1 [TV]
-Stargate Atlantis [TV]
-Sherlock Holmes [Film]
-Sherlock [TV]
-Avatar [Film]
-Avatar: The Last Air Bender [TV]
-Inheretence Cycle [Book]
-Primeval [TV]

-David Tennant
-Robert Downey Jr.
-Orlando Bloom
-Jamie Bell
-Johnny Depp
-John Barrowman
-Jack Whitehall
-Russell Howard

I right now I'm very obbsessed with reading X-men (mainly wolverine/rouge) and I LOVE Embers which is a Avatar: Last Airbender story. ITS SO GOOD.

Thank you to all of you who follow one or some of my stories. I really do appreciate it!

Arlya xx

Looking back at this my grammar is all over the place. Please excuse the oddity of it all.

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