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I'm really getting into this FanFiction thing, so hopefully I'll have more of them written and posted someday. I have an original novel that I am currently editing and hoping for publication. I am also hoping to put together a website of some sort so I can have ALL my work posted. But that certainly requires time, especially for the technology challenged!

So, about me (no real personal information) just so y'all aren't standing there, scratching your heads and wondering, "Who exactly is this Crirawen chick, anyway?"...

Favorite Books: Lord of the Rings (REALLY?!), The Perfect Distance by Kim Ablon Whitney (great horse story and coming-of-age-self-discovery sort of thing), A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens, Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen, Pirates! and Witch Child both by Celia Rees. Yes, I have read 3 of 4 of the Twilight books, not a bad series at all, but I am thankfully not inflicted with any sort of rabid manic-obsessive Twilight-itis. Am hoping to read Speak this summer--I've heard it's incredible. I also love the Clique series by Lisi Harrison--my guilty pleasure besides Legolas:)

Favorite Movies: Lord of the Rings (REALLY?!), Pirates of the Caribbean (more Orlando-goody goody wink wink!), Pride & Prejudice with Keira Knightly. Monty Python & The Holy Grail and Napoleon Dynamite are classics.

Favorite Music: EVANESCENCE! The song "Breathe No More" inspired my second FanFiction, an Arwen passing story called "Morie Utulie." I also love Within Temptation and Nightwish, both great epic metal bands from Europe. Enya, classical, and contemporary New Age piano (Scott Davis, Yiruma) all get thumbs-up as well.

Favorite LOTR Character: Legolas. Go figure ;D

Aragorn is really growing on me, too, as well as Gimli. And Merry and Pippin are hilarious together. Heck, I love 'em all! But Legolas is really my favorite. It's those archery skills, I swear.

Where My Stories Come From

I don't really know, honestly. Seveawen from Call of the Sea, Cry of the Heart first took shape after I got her same, Seveawen Faithful, from an online LOTR name generator, and I do see some parts of myself in her. But that seems to be the case with all of my characters. And some of the scenes (mainly their meeting in the misty birch clearing in the very beginning and the chapter "Unveiling," in which Legolas admits his feelings through a kiss, but Seveawen forgets to breathe and then faints) came from semi-dreams I somehow created while I was half-awake and half-asleep. I seem to get a lot of central scenes and events from dreams...

I always wondered what happened to Legolas besides establishing Ithilien and building the grey ship and sailing west with Gimli. I mean, Aragorn gets Arwen, Elrond had Celebrian, Sam got Rosie, Pippin and Merry both got their girls at some point in the Appendix, and Faramir gets Eowyn, so why shouldn't Legolas have someone special, too? Never is anyone mentioned for him. So therefore, Legolas is 100 single and available 24/7, and the FanFiction opportunities are endless :D

Morie Utulie sort of came about when I first fell in love with Evanescence's song "Breathe No More," because I had it stuck in my head all the time. I managed to write it in a matter of days at the very end of my school year, while all we really do is review (I mean, re-learn!) nine months' worth of material for exams LOL. So I guess the images from the song made me start thinking about how Arwen might have suffered alone without Aragorn before she rode to Lorien and finally passed into twilight (NOT vampire-world Twilight LOL. Although that would make a great FanFiction. Hey, I think I just had another FF idea!)

Future Work?? Comments Please

As I just mentioned above, what if Arwen "passed into Twilight" as stated in "The Tale of Arwen and Aragorn" in the appendix of Return of the King and wound up at, oh, I don't know, Forks High School? And maybe Mr. Edward Cullen finds himself partially lured to this exquisite Elven siren and partially to a pathetically clumsy human danger magnet with freesia-lavender scented blood...

A second idea I had some time ago came partially from Meg Cabot's Avalon High, which is the story of a bunch of high schoolers who discover that they're reincarnations of key characters from Arthurian legend, inculding the King himself. --> Partial Spoiler Alert! So what if there's this good-looking but quite LOTR-geeky high schooler who cannot for the life of him catch the eye of the hottest girl in the class (a familiar predicament, to be sure)? He happens to share an apartment building with two of his male teachers who are roomates. NO SLASH! One is divorced, and the other is a widower. They are excellent friends as well as colleagues at this kid's high school, so they are share an apartment as well. The one's a nutty English teacher (Michael Garrison) and the other is an equally nutty History teacher (Phillip Edwards) who has an enormous old sword in his room. No one can lift this sword... except our dashingly geeky hero. As it turns out, Mr. Michael Garrison is Gandalf, and Mr. Phillip Edwards is Elrond (gets Botox for his eyebrows and everything!) Even more so, our hero is a reincarnation of Aragorn who is destined to save the world! Or at least his school's football season. GASP! Sounds good, eh?

A Word from Me, Crirawen

Lastly, I just want to say thanks a million to everyone who's read/commented on/favorited/reviewed etc. my work. Your input means the world! So thanks a million. Maybe there will be another FanFiction or two from me someday! Hope so, and I know you all are hoping so too! Thanks for your support. I will try and post the link if I ever get a website done. Love to all, Crirawen


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