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I recently started a blog on Wordpress called "The Littlest Monster." It's pretty much a place where I gush over Lady GaGa and how absolutely amazing she is. It would mean a lot if you would check it out, or recommend it to friends who are little monsters like me. My goal is to get it significantly recognized, so much so that even the Lady herself takes notice. I know it's weird, but it's just how I am, and every little bit helps! The link: . Thanks so much!


Currently In-Progress:

If We Ever Meet Again: Chapter Nineteen is up! It's a little rushed, I know. I had wanted to make it longer, but I also wanted to get it up ASAP, and life is getting so crazy that I didn't know how long it would be before I would be able to finish it. So, no idea when the next chapter will be up, I have all these tests and other such things, so I'll try my best! Anyway, please read, review, and enjoy, and don't forget about "Born This Way" (the single), coming out February 11th (along with GaGa's performance/nominations at the Grammy's and her interview with Anderson Cooper on the 13th!).

Manifesting Ideas:

Family Business (Rosato and Associates): Mary Mancuso has just made partner at Rosato and Associates. Her husband, Bobby, pretty much defines the South Philly mob. And her daughter, Juliet, was conceived on her parent's second date when they were only sixteen. What could possibly go wrong?

Dirty Little Secret (General Hospital): Johnny is in an accident and needs an organ transplant, and gets one from an unlikely donor. This incident reveals a fatal secret in the Zacchara family, one that changes everything.

One I Love (General Hospital): Rebecca is supposed to Emily's twin sister, but there's more to the story than Guza has told us.

Square One (General Hospital): Ian Devlin shot Michael, right? Or did he? What if there was another gunman in that warehouse that awful night?

When Lucius Met Minerva (Harry Potter): Lucius Malfoy and Minerva McGonagal (sp?) are getting married. Inside joke one-shot.

Twisted Logic (General Hospital): The pending fourth installment to the Adriana series.

Use Somebody (General Hospital): What if Jason and Claudia had gone through with their marriage?

Speechless (General Hospital): Oh yeah. There's gonna be a fifth one.

Cinderella (General Hospital): Sixteen-year old Claudia has no friends and no family that care about her. But when Nikolas Cassadine, the resident prince at Port Charles High, throws a party, things seem to have a way of becoming, well, magical.

Run This Town (General Hospital): Number Six

Ain't No Rest For The Wicked (General Hospital): Seven

The Unrated (The Uninvited): A mixture of a dirty mind and too much free time. I'm rewriting one of the plays I was in to accomadate inside jokes and subliminal messaging.

Warning Sign (General Hospital): #8

Buddy Boy (West Side Story): Anybodys thinks about what she saw when the Jets tried to rape Anita, and wonders if she really wants to be one of them.

Hey Juliet (General Hospital): Romeo and Juliet, with a Sonny/Claudia twist.

Fix You (General Hospital/The Bold and the Beautiful): On the run from everybody in Port Charles, Claudia changes her name and heads to Los Angeles, where she comes across an old high school friend. Both women have a past that they'd rather forget, but by sharing with each other, they are able to overcome them.

Secretos (Destinos): Don Fernando tiene un secreto. Un secreto importante. Pero, todas las otras personas tienen secretos tambien.

Vegas: The Second Generation (The Hangover): Phil's daughter Kaitlin, Stu's daughter Heather, Alan's daughter Rachel, and Doug's daughter Emma, all sixteen, take a secret trip to Las Vegas while their parents are away on a couple's cruise. While there, they learn of the bachelor party gone awry, and have a little too much fun of their own.

Wake Up Call (General Hospital): Sonny is tired of Claudia cheating on him with Ric, so he decides to take matters into his own hands. It sounds like a good idea, until he and Claudia are on the run from the cops. There's nothing like hiding out with someone you hate.

Teeth (General Hospital/Twilight): I really enjoyed writing "A Rush Of Blood To The Head," and I yearn for more Claudia/Carly friendship. This time, however, Edward, Bella, and Renesmee Cullen move to Port Charles, and Claudia isn't too fond of her new neighbors. But with Carly's help, she can get them out of her life, and have fun doing it. After all, scissors beat paper, paper beats rock, and mob princess definitely beat vampires.

All The Right Moves (General Hospital): Sonny Corinthos is a Zacchara soldier who falls in love with his boss's daughter. Will he ever be able to have her, or will he have to fight?

Bad Romance (General Hospital): Claudia has married Ric, the man of her dreams. She's a world-famous author, with her romance novels becoming bestsellers everywhere. But when her husband, her inspiration for her novels, becomes violent with her, the tone of Claudia's books begin to change. When Sonny Corinthos picks up one of Claudia's books by mistake, he knows his ex-wife well enough to see that something is wrong. But will he act on his suspicions, or, like everybody else, just think that it's part of the story?

Unusual You (General Hospital): After being kicked out of her home at sixteen, Claudia decides not to get on that flight to Milan. Instead, she takes a train to Manhattan, where she hopes to find her place in the world. Instead of living a dream, Claudia gets caught up in a prostitution ring, selling her body for money. She's used to the druggies, the alcoholics, and the overall creeps, but when Sonny Corinthos picks her up at her corner, she learns about a different, unusual kind of man.

How You See The World (The Bold and the Beautiful): Aggie hated when Bridget was all up in her business during her pregnancy, but when she needs a surrogate of her own, she starts to gain a whole new perspective.

Hello, Governer (30 Rock): Offended by Liz Lemmon's portrayal of her on TGS, Sarah Palin heads to NBC studios to thwart the writers of such an offensive sketch. But the governer and head writer look so much alike, that everyone is confused. Mistaken identity and hilarity ensue.

Her Diamonds (General Hospital): After Sonny divorces her, Claudia, her decision making abilities impaired by her emotions, tries to find ways to ease her pain. In the midst of the fallout, Claudia discovers a new friend, and soon the pot will be calling the kettle black.

The One To Fear (Charmed): Remmy Samson is a new student at Magic School, a power unlike any that has been seen before. The product of both good and evil, she joins forces with the Charmed Ones to find her place in this topsy-turvy world of magic. But with both sides trying to gain her trust, she might end up being the end of everything.

Halo (General Hospital): After Sonny kicks her out, Claudia has nowhere to turn. But when a resident prince sweeps her off her feet, everything has away of turning itself around.

Thank You For The Music (General Hospital/Glee): After graduation, Rachel Berry decides to embark on her dream career as a Broadway superstar. But when her layover in Port Charles lasts longer than she plans, she gives up all hope of ever reaching her goals. Until she runs into Johnny Zacchara, who teaches her the important lesson of never giving up.

Run Joey Run (General Hospital): Sonny Corinthos and Claudia Zacchara are in love, but Anthony Zacchara is not too happy about it. So what happens when Sonny and Claudia make a big mistake that can't be reversed?

Violet Hill (General Hospital): Dante and Johnny, soldiers under Sonny Corinthos, realize that their boss is leading his business into destruction. Wanting to save as many lives as possible, they enlist the help of Sonny's wife, Claudia, to bring down her husband and save Port Charles from certain disaster.

Screw Bella (Twilight): Edward and Jacob are tired of Bella's general being. So screw her. But not in the literal sense.

Just For One Night (Glee): Kurt is attending his family reunion, and he isn't quite ready to come out of the closet to everyone there. So, he has Mercedes come and pretend to be his girlfriend. But what he isn't anticipating is falling for Mercedes. For real.

What Would You Do? (General Hospital): Jason follows a lead that sends him to the newly remodeled Jake's, and runs into someone there that he hasn't seen in a long time. But when he does see her, and what her life has become, will he be able to help her?

Stop And Stare (General Hospital): Numero nueve

Slipping Through My Fingers (General Hospital/Glee): An idea I had for the tenth one. I see many similarities between Claudia and Shelby, especially now that we know that Rachel is Shelby's daughter.

Teenage Dream (General Hospital): Claudia and Spinelli should have been a thing. Just saying. So, I'm making them one.

The Sun Also Rises...In The Jersey Shore (The Sun Also Rises/Jersey Shore): In my English class, we read "The Sun Also Rises" by Ernest Hemingway. It was an absolutely terrible book, so our teacher gave us the opportunity to parody it, along with another element from pop culture of our choice. I chose "Jersey Shore." So, I just thought I'd post it here, for any Ernest Hemingway/Angelina haters.

So Happy I Could Die (General Hospital): On Josslyn's sixteenth birthday, she finally learns what exactly happened the night she was born. But why did Claudia Zacchara almost make off with her? What happened in her life that caused her to do such a thing? The answers to these questions lie, not only all over Port Charles, but also all over the world, sending Josslyn on a life-changing adventure, with only a ghost as her companion.

Something Wicca This Way Quits (Charmed): As much as I love Paige, I still hate the way in which they got rid of Prue. There were too many plotholes for my liking. Like, how did Phoebe escape the underworld? How come, the second time Shax came, Leo could only heal Piper? Why, even after five years, did Piper and Phoebe never really try to call Prue's ghost? There are a thousand other plausible ways in which Prue could have left the scene. This is one of them.

Fanfiction Authors YOU NEED TO CHECK OUT:

polka dots are underestimated: This girl is a sick poet. She made me cry my eyes out at her poem The Long Road, which was about when Claudia lost her baby. So, that makes her pretty awesome. She also loves Claudia Zacchara, which just defines a person and their awesomeness. She is so awesome that I have been inspired by her to write my own poem, something I never though I'd do. So kudos to her for making step out of my comfort zone. She is also a really nice person and I have the honor of calling her my friend.

WhoAmI2010: I love the story It's Real This Time. The original character, Isabella/Scarlet, is really awesome and makes the story interesting. The web is weaved perfectly and the story has plenty of plot twists.

sexandviolence201f: This author writes AMAZING stories for Glee, focusing mostly on Britanny, my favorite character. I feel like this character needs more to do on the show, but I'm happy I can find it with this author for now!

Music is my life. Here are the bands/artists that own. Everything.

ADELE, The Afters, Albert Hammond Jr., Alicia Keys, Anjulie, Arcade Fire, Ari Hest, Ashleigh Haney, B.O.B., Band of Horses, The Bangles, Between the Trees, Beyonce, Black Eyed Peas, The Black Keys, Blaqstarr, The Bravery, Cage the Elephant, The Canon Logic, Carolina Liar, The Cataracs, Chiddy Bang, Civil Twilight, Cloud Cult, Coldplay, Collins Pennie, Company of Thieves, The Courteeners, The Cure, Dashboard Confessional, Dave Matthews Band, Dev, Dispatch, Eagle-Eye Cherry, Ellie Goulding, Far East Movement, Fitz & The Tantrums, Florence + The Machine, Foster the People, Franz Ferdinand, The Gaslight Anthem, GoonRock, Gorillaz, Grace Potter & The Nocturnals, Jack's Mannequin, Jay-Z, Jaydiohead, Jimmy Eat World, The Joy Formidable, Katy Perry, The Killers, Kings of Leon, Lady GaGa, Lauren Bennett, Led Zeppelin, The Limousines, LMFAO, Luna Halo, Matt & Kim, Matt Nathanson, MGMT, Mumford & Sons, The Naked and Famous, Norah Jones, Oh Land, Ok Go, OneRepublic, The Pains of Being Pure At Heart, Parachute, Passion Pit, Phoenix, Ra Ra Riot, Shout Out Louds, A Silent Film, Snow Patrol, Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin, The Sounds, Spacehog, The Temper Trap, Third Eye Blind, Tinie Tempah, Train, Two Door Cinema Club, Vampire Weekend, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, 3OH!3

REST IN PEACE: Claudia Antonia Zacchara Corinthos (January 31, 2008-November 4, 2009)

"Hey, Batman."

Ric: "You don't trust me, either." Claudia: "Yeah, well, you know."

Trevor: "How the hell could I get you to love me that much?" Claudia: "You could drop dead."

"Can I get a little room here, please?"

Claudia: "You call her Popsicle?" Luke: "When she's bad, I call her Spanky Buns." Claudia: "What does she call you?"

"The girl's crazy, Jason. If she asked you for a razor blade, would you give it to her?"

"Can I ask you a question? How is it that an obviously handsome, smart, ambitious guy like yourself is working as a glorified murse for my dad?"

"You actually believe that she accidentally got pregnant with a baby that she wanted and you didn't? For a brain surgeon, you're not very bright."

Carly: "He missed. Why is he gonna wait around for Jason to shoot back?" Claudia: "Why don't you go out there and see if he's waiting to take another shot?"

"Standing next to her isn't gonna make her lose her baby."

"I've had just about all I can stomach of you for one day."

"You can go straight to hell."

"Is this really as bad as it sounds? Your sister might be a whack job and she's in love with my brother?"

"Okay, look, if you're more of the enforcer than the idea man, that's alright 'cause I have enough ideas for the both of us."

Nikolas: "What's going on here?" Claudia: "I just saved her ass."

"Why don't you--can you do something please? Make yourself useful for a change? Or do I need to bring in someone younger and hungrier like your son?"

"You know, I would be happy to throw in a couple of c-notes if you'll, uh, hurry it up."

Jason: "I'm sorry. I'll try and help you find someone else to do this job." Claudia: "Oh, it's no problem. Really, it's fine. I feel terrible. You should've told me you couldn't work anymore 'cause you were crippled."

"Yeah, Carly. I jumped in with you guys so we could all get shot."

Robin: "I don't think he needs your help." Claudia: "Relax. I can see why you would be threatened."

Trevor: "What's goin' on?" Claudia: "Oh, I thought you'd been demoted to butler the way you've been hovering around me."

Carly: "You're going to Sonny's wedding?" Claudia: "I wouldn't miss it. You too, huh?"

Claudia: "Consider it an act of kindness." Ric: "I don't do kindness." Claudia: "I don't either. We're gonna fake it together, okay?"

Patrick: "Get back in bed." Claudia: "Yeah? Why, you wanna get in with me?" Patrick: "Hardly." Claudia: "Hmm, your mouth says 'no' but your eyes say 'bring it.'"

Ric: "Hey, make yourself at home." Claudia: "Well, you got stood up. Might as well do a little business."

"Come and get me skinny bitch. I can't wait to kick your ass."

"You'd be able to get the dress in time for the wedding? Oh, thank you so much! See, the whole wedding thing was sort of last minute and--yeah, no, I just really appreciate it--gotta go. Um, I, I take it didn't go so well, the visit with Lulu?"

"But I do like how Popsicle there uses Lulu as a cover for being jealous of me."

Patrick: "You got some place to go?" Claudia: "Yeah, as a matter of fact, I do. In case you've been livin' under a rock, my brother is on trial. I have to be in court."

"You are as cold and as dumb as I thought you were."

Sonny: "Interesting choice of companion you got there. Hi, Claudia." Claudia: "Hi. Uh, congratulations on your wedding. I hope you won't die of boredom."

Claudia: "You know, let me just remind you, I was the one who called out the warning shot, okay, so anybody wants to throw a 'thank you' my way..." Carly: "Your timing was a little too perfect. How do we know you didn't set this whole thing up?" Claudia: "Oh, yeah, because being in the line of fire is so much fun, isn't it?"

Police Officer: "No clear indication of which driver was at fault." Sonny: "She was." Claudia: "He was."

"Well, why don't you strip search me, but make it fast, 'cause I'm goin' in to see my brother."

"What's up there, doc? Am I gonna live?"

Ric: "Well, strange thing. Uh, Logan Hayes was murdered last night." Claudia: "Yeah, so?"

"I'm gonna finish getting dressed now, so you can leave. Or, you know, if you'd like to watch... Although that does seem a little adventurous for one of you."

"But, see, I would never let a man do all the dirty work for me. What fun would that be?"

"I know, and you're full of gratitude and admiration for me, and I need to take advantage of the situations as they come."

"Listen, if you need any additional surgeries, um, I could make a call for ya. Someone at one of the New York hospitals could take care of that. I wouldn't let some of the doctors at General touch me."

"Old Spanky Buns there certainly has a flair for the dramatics, doesn't she?"

Carly: "Well, I will see you at the wedding." Claudia: "Indeed."

"Oh, good, you got an eyeful. I'm blowin' this popsicle stand."

"Okay, you know what, I admit it. I set the whole thing up because I wanted Jason dead. Oh, but why didn't I let the sniper drop him?"

"Do you really wanna go to the social event of the year without a date? Or were you planning on bringing Miss Blahhhhhhhhhhhhh..."

Trevor: "Claudia, did you know that Logan Hayes was stabbed and dumped on the sidewalk. Yes or no?" Claudia: "No. What? No. What is the big deal? Why do you need them here to ask me questions about some dead wheelchair pusher?"


Peace. Love. Little Monsters.

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Chemistry by sexandviolence201f reviews
Peace.Love.Glee777 first wrote this story called, "The Voice Of An Angel". Quinn meets a voice that makes her fall in love with her but the girl has a past with the new guy who Brit and San want. Jasper is mine, Shannon is Peace. Trust me you will like it
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