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Author has written 18 stories for Devil May Cry, Golden Sun, Yu-Gi-Oh, Metal Gear, Anime X-overs, Game X-overs, and Lord of the Rings.
AIM: DarkHorseAiel. If you need to contact me...
I get my ideas from a... magical place in my head. There are many magical things there, like dragons, and fairies, and people who don't tell me to leave the seat down.
Bands: See below (Note: I will have a chapter in Cast Of Fools named after all of these bands... So that makes AT LEAST 16 chapters of random Alex on Jenna action.)
The Beatles
Chuck Berry
Stevie Ray Vaughn
Steve Vai
The Who
Van Halen
Black Sabbath
Foo Fighters
Reel Big Fish
James Brown
Living Colour
Led Zeppelin
The Clash
Games: Well, your tastes may differ from mine...
Ninja Gaiden (Oh, how I wish I were a Ninja...)
Dark Cloud 2
Guilty Gear XX
Skies of Arcadia Legends

Things to fear: (To all who may have noticed, I removed to possibly offensive things. To all who were offended, I present my deepest apologies. Thank you to my dad and my sister, the prior for bringing this to my attention, the latter bringing this to his attention. ^^;)
Bill Gates and his magical box
Linkin Park breaking up
Getting a breaking up card
Keith Richards dieing from anthrax (That would be kind of ironic)
Being bet $50 bucks you wouldn't do the 'Stray Cat Strut' on top of the cafeteria table (I bought Dark Cloud after school ^_^)
--; I just ran into someone running an anti-smoking site. He posted a review, probably not even reading the story, so instead of flaming him, I simply removed it and didn't put the URL in my bio. So, he called me rude and said it's a serious issue. Thusly, I've decided to take this issue to the dance floor...with the wonderful cast of GS villains. 9/19
Oy vey... Haven't written in so long... I'll write some stuff to make up for it... Like updating 'The REALLY Odd Couple' twice. I promise. I have two days off of school. I'll also do some TLA.
Tak: Work him to the bone, people!
Pyre: Muahahahahah.
Risky: I'm the new muse! Whee! Viera, Red Mage. Go me, I'm a cool bunny person...
Blade: *Works on writing Shadow's make-up work*
Aw, HELL no...
My opinions on Royal Swordsman:
I want to beat in his head with a baseball bat and give him a free pass to a mental clinic all at the same time.
Shiro's opinions on Royal Swordsman:
I just wanna string him up by his small toes and sell him to the kindergarteners in town.
My birthday... If you're not me, then Happy Thursday! My damn speaker system that my relatives sent me, however, had the cording packaged in with my Christmas present. OH SWEET IRONY, WHEN WILL I BE FREE TO LISTEN TO BUSDRIVER IN PANASONIC!? Wait, I know the answer: Two weeks. --;
Flash of creativity that I may never act upon. Most of my stories will probably remain unfinished, with an exception of The Lone Angel... It's on my to-do list. And Azu: Stop being negative. It's bad for your health. ^_~
My parents gave me the day off. I love them. ^_^
Sorry for being lazy. WAHHH!!! DON'T HATE ME!!! I scrapped two projects I was doing as gifts... I found one I like. The concept? It's based off of a Sublime Song: Wrong Way.
12/30/03 -Early-
Wow. Maybe I should just go back to writing songfics... -.-
In recent news, I've moved my expertise to stalves!
Tak: Bloody good for you.
Tak has slept with everyone within legal age in the area...
Tak: *Reveals his 'collection'*
Tak is a janitor...
Tak: Hi, I'm Scruffy, the Janitor.
My mood: Bored.
Tak: His song: 'Taxman' by Dark Horse/ George Harrison.
Tak: ...I have a role. I'm jumping for joy.
It centers around Alex... It's AU.
Tak: But, y'know... Better.
And Alex is an amnesiac...
Tak: He wakes up on a ship...
And he can do stuff. But he has some things about him... That are odd.
The first chapter of my new story is done, but I don't think I'll be posting it... You can e-mail me, and if I get enough requests, I'll reformat it, and put it on the site, but for now, you can e-mail me and I'll send you the chapters.
Tak: Coincedentally, he MAY or MAY NOT put up his stories on the site.
DP: This way, we avoid flamers...
Pyre: ...Criticism...
Risky: ...TOS Violations...
Blade: ...And system errors with uploading.
Later that day...
Eh, screw your opinions. I never really cared anyways. I'll upload it anyways.
Note: Contrary to popular belief, I AM NOT THE TARANTINO OF FANFICCING. Unlike Tarantino, the stuff I make is BAD.
Does anybody remember oldschool FF.Net? The one where people were nice and reviewed...

Okay, okay, let's just quote summore people...

"My name... is Vash Von Edwin Balbanes Palpabar Zeewe Ziegfried Freud Edmund the Third. But you can call me Muffin!" -Geo/Muffin

"Can't explain all the feelings that you're making me feel... My heart's in overdrive and you're behind the steering wheel..." -The Darkness, I Believe In A Thing Called Love

"Look, it's the principle of the thing. You're still doing the nasty... But I guess that's why it's 'Technical' Virgin." -Myself on Anal Sex

"So, Zaphod... Or should I say PHIL?"
"Ford, you're turning into a penguin. Stop it."
"Look, I don't recall your planet being destroyed in a deafening explosion, so get off my ass, okay!?" -Arthur, The Ultimate Hitchikers Guide to the Universe

"Sir, I believe you should not be teaching the penguins how to jump through basketball hoops."
"It's the closest they'll ever get to flying."
"Dude, they'll never be like other birds. If you treat them like this, they'll be miserable."
"Shadow, quiet, you'll give them a complex!"
"Oh, we both know it's too late for that, Anne." -My Trip to the Zoo

"I have an Identity Crisis and an Inferiority Complex."
"It's not a complex or a crisis if it makes you feel better." -Scott's psychoanalysis

"Frankly, one would mortify me much more than the other one."
"But you'd kill your lungs!"
"Frankly, I'd rather smoke a cigarette than pork my sister, Zack." -On 'Incest Vs. Lung Cancer'

"Where the hell is the Arwing?"
"Our getaway ship is cardboard."
"Not the engine!"
"...Whatever. Do you have the controller?"
"Except for the L Button... Yes."
"Alright, I'll throw it off the roof."
Five tosses later...
"We have flight!"
"DO A BARREL ROLL (Z or R Twice)"

"*Sips Pepsi* Pthehhhh...
*Five minutes later*
*Sips Pepsi* Pthehhhh..."

Beat box noises*
Jusin: And so, the ear drum vibrates like my homie, G!
*Frothes, goes into a seizure*
Jusin: ...Then passes through the canal, that controls what you see!
*Stands up, puts on sunglasses, strikes a pose*
To all whom it concerns:
I have not been able to update due to some stuff in my life. I am sorry for this inconvenience, and for the time being, I will entertain you with the small amount of humor I can summon up.
So, yeah. Erm...
Manic Depression is taking over my soul...
Or not. I'm working on a few projects, tenatively called 'The Projects' as a whole. Let's see, what do I have...
The Last Hunter
In an alternate future, Felix is the last of the great line of hunters who rely on bows, knives, and cunning. Born without the powers of Alchemy, they must rely on sheer physical ability.
Black Shuck
Alex goes on a trip to the Far Western part of Weyward. He comes back changed, and none can see why. On the surface, he seems the same, but with a closer look...
The Pallbearer
When the Angel of Death buries another one of his friends, he loses faith in himself, and as a result, slowly loses his powers and position. When someone calls him, he cannot complete his task. Naturally, this greatly affects him...
I've looked at fics lately, and I'm kind of unhappy at the angst ones.
Hint: Try writing while listening to Nirvana or Soundgarden.
I recently wrote a fic on Look for it! It's called Poles Apart.
Everybody, I'd like to introduce you to a gifted individual known as Robo-Chocobo. He is one of the more intelligent people in this world, obviously. In fact, I would like to congratulate him on his MAGNIFICENT critique of my story. Let us go in depth and analyze said critique, shall we?
wtc(What the crap, I assume? God damn, if you're going to abbrieviate, SWEAR FOR *'S SAKE.)

...i just dont see how this truly is fanfiction(It's fiction, it's written by a fan, and it pertains to the world of Golden Sun. Therefore: Fanfiction.)...i mean you basicly took the char from another story, completely changing them...hardly keeping their personality (This is what I find most amusing. I am quite suprised at this, because I have the two people with possibly the least dialogue in both games, and yet YOU can tell me their exact character traits, their personality, what they do and do not like, and how they react to special situations? This is AMAZING. You learned all of this from hearing Felix want to rescue his sister and saying Yes or No? Is this a MAGICAL game cartridge you have there?) traits and then say "oh look this is what would happen if felix went to school..." i mean felix would NEVER ACT this way(Curse you and your psychic magic!). your simply too LAZY (*Cough, The Lone Angel, Cough* to create your own char. so you took the ideas and personalities of another. .
Really, though, I'll just cut you short right here. The AU in the summary, well, that stands for Alternate Universe. People, events, physics, personalities, and even small inferences made by ignorant pigs such as yourself can be altered in such a way that it presents an unfamiliar situation in which the person is confused about people, places, and events. My original rant was cut short, anyhow. I also did you the favor of bolding where you made grammatical and mechanical errors. Might I suggest punctuation other than period?
Much love,
Shadow ScytheX.
On a side note, I do intend to finish the Cast of Fools. The thing is, it's fun to write, because I can scrape together a chapter in about an hour, edit in preview, italicize and crap, and then post it. It's crazy because I'm writing it late at night, and I'm not in my right state of mind. But then again, nobody in the fic is, either. And to top it off, as of 5:38 P.M, I promise to have another chapter up before you wake up in the morning. ^_^
...And as of 6:20 P.M, you now have another chapter.
Just so everybody is clear on the songs that are used in Cast of Fools: I'll post these back up later. Chapter 8 is up!
*Shameless Plug*
Shadows on the Wall- You're Winner!
...I like reviews. Reviews are just groovy.
What I'm Doing Now:
A short, semi-biographical piece called 'Blue Collar Man'. It features memorable people, such as:
El Sabroso! (The TASTY ONE.)
Joe 'Derigible' Alcasto!
Rick Rage!
Jim the Hobo!
For every self-insert/OC/yaoi pairing you have, show me a het pairing or a yuri pairing you have that stays in the canon. The first person who can do this will hold a permanent place in this profile, as well as a 10-day salute in my penname, of your choice.
More fun facts:
-Canon for the book section is taken from (Wait for it...) the books. I point in the general direction of Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings.
-A spellcheck takes 3 seconds. A flame-check takes about 10 seconds to find it, 5 to read it, then 28 to either bitch about it in the review section or remove the person's review (If anonymous.)
-If you're going to review your own story, don't be a dumbass: Log out first.

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