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Ellanore Einstein - You're super genius extrodinare for all of your Transformers Yaoi needs!

"Don’t say I’m suffering from insanity, because I’m enjoying every minute of it."

PS: Picture is made by me and is mine, want to use give credit and ask please. Thank you.

Greetings people, I'm a 21 year old girl, who loves to draw, write and play video games. I also a huge sucker for romance and sweet sexual loving, usually Yaoi of any kind so expect a lot of my stories to feature that. I'm not the best author out there nor will be without more practice but just bare with me. However, I am now in writing collage so I am getting some more experience.

I am a Transformers fanatic. It's true. I'm obsessed with the sexy giant robots. Guilty as charged. Optimus Prime and Megatron are the HOTTEST damn mechs in universe to me and naturally seem to belong together. Yes, they are enemies, we all know that, but come on, forbidden romance and wild rough bot sex between the two seems like if it doesn't happen, you desperately want to make it happen.

Do know that about 90% of all the stories I make about Transformers are very sexual mech-on-mech oriented. Why? Because I believe sex is the ultimate way, but not the only way, to one to show the love they feel for the one they care deeply about. So I ain't afraid about writing some pretty kinky and sticky stories because it's perfectly natural even if it with giant alien robots.

Also, if anybody, I do not care who or what, has a problem with what I like to do, I truly do not care. I do these stories completely for the fact that I find them fun, a way to work off any stress I get in my life and to make people happy. I will not be afraid of threats to censor myself. They are just a waste of my time. Any supporters of this way of thinking as well, thank you and good on ya, you are very brave.

I love watching Anime that don't always follow the seterotypical boring patterns to plot and character. I also enjoy watching animated cartoons, I watch mostly the older shows though because I too many of the newer shows aren't even worth my time. Also if anybody calls me a "nostalgatard" or whatever the hell it morons label people as because of what they like, I'll knock your lights out.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy my stories!

News: 3/27/13: Adapting to new crap and celebrating my big 21st birthday all of this week. Lots of one-shots possible in the near future.

A tiny bit about my likes:

Favorite Character Of All Time: Optimus Prime

Favorite Music Genres: Rock of any type, Pop of any type and Techno of any type

Favorite Mythical Animal: Dragons

Favorite Movie: Transformers (all of them but only watch for the robots), Iron Man 1 & 2, Disney, The Batman movies old and modern, Godzilla movies, original drawn Disney movies

Favorite Cartoon: Transformers (all of them but currently Prime), Sonic X (original Japanese with subs only), Dexter's Laboratory, Powerpuff Girls, Jimmy Neutron, Fairy Odd Parents, Kick Buttowski, Jimmy Two-Shoes, Generator Rex, Robotboy, Robotomy, Sym-Bionic Titan, Gargoyles, Danny Phantom, Astro Boy, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Tuff Puppy, The Green Lantern: The Animated Series, Godzilla the Series, Beetlejuice, Buzz Lightyear of Star Command, Robot and Monster, Penguins of Madagasar, Ben10 (Only the more recent), Dan Vs.

Favorite Anime: One Piece (all time favorite), Inuyasha, S-Cry-Ed, Code Geass, Hoshii no Kabii, DragonBall Z, Fullmetal Alchemist (Old and Brotherhood), Vampire Knight, some of Death Note, any Yaoi themed Anime

Favorite Food: Large papa murphey's suffed crusted pepperroni pizza or any regular pepperroni pizza

Favorite Drink: Tahesion treat, kitty cocktail (All non-alcoholic)

Favorite Voice Actor: Peter Cullen and Frank Welker

Favorite Video Games: Donkey Kong series, Paper Mario series, Super Smash Bros. series, Sonic series, Kirby series, Pokemon series, Spyro series (older series, not Legend or Skylanders), Sims series, Transformers series, The Legend of Zelda series, de Blob, The Munchables, Okami

A tiny bit of what I don't like:

Hated Characters: Female robots, characters that serve no purpose other than to be annoying, useless, in the way and "comic relief", OC characters

Hated Movies: Most modern remakes of old films, cartoons, blah same-old, same-old action movies, etc.

Hated Cartoons: Johnny Test, Anything Ben10 (only the original cartoon, not the more recent), The Amazing World of Gumball, Fred: The Show, Problem Solverz, Secret Mountain Fort Awesome, the newest episodes of SpongeBob, newer episodes of Fairly Odd Parents, and Family Guy

Hated Anime: 4-Kids dubbed anime, Pokemon, Bakugan, Beyblade, Any "popular spoof" anime

Hated Video Games: Any video games themed from popular movies, repetitive shooter games, war based games

My Take on Each of the Transformers Series:

Cartoon Series:

G1: I grew up with this series from recorded VHS tapes my uncle gave me. I adore this series to very bottom of my heart, mistakes and all. The 1986 movie made me cry so hard when my beloved Optimus died...

Beast Wars: I have watched a bit of the series when I was younger but it never really gripped me the same way G1 does. I have been considering watching the whole thing for a while now but haven't really gone with it due to uninterest.

Robots In Disguise: I have watched all of the episodes to give it a fair enough review and I have to say, surprising too stereotypical Anime-ish for me. Megatron rarely did squat himself and Optimus was really not to much different in this series. The robots were obnoxious and the bland useless human characters even more so.

Armada: I have watched all of the episodes. Very good animation but was not well colored most of the time or animated. The human characters made me want to put my head through a wall. A great concept but executed poorly due to no real character development, no push or thrill in the plot and horrible voice acting, Megatron's voice being the only real exception.

Energon: Watched only a handful of episodes. Horrible blocky cell shaded CGI, 1-dimentional bland characters, a nasty little prick of a human who every rights should be shot, story overly complex and splotchy as well as having, once again, bad voice actors.

Cybertron: Watched a bit. The CGI animation is better than Energon but was much too modeled after their toys, the story is a little better but not by too much, had too many characters that irratated me including that whatever the freaking hell her name was, boat Transformer bitch.

Animated: Watched the entire series from beginning to end. I liked the design though it was a little too "fleshy" looking for my tastes in robots and the voice acting was good. I hated the little half-breed girl Sari mainly because I loathe organic machines, female robots and human characters in general but also because it began quietly making her the star rather than the bots. Also because her annoying voice could crack a sink. Story was rather poor in way that it had lots of oportunnities to further the character development for certain characters but never happened and because it kinda flipped and flopped around to almost random plots.

Prime: Watched all of the episodes and the movie. And will say... I am rather disappointed. And that's putting it politely... *Sigh* The series starts off with such promise, flawless CGI finally made to work in a Transformers cartoon and the bot designs... drool worthy... not Arcee and Airachnid as I am bored to tears with anything femmes... To make the series even more awesome at first was having Frank Welker, freaking big daddy Megs Frank Welker back in the Transformers business and with our beloved Oppy Peter Cullen no less! But here's were my opinion goes sour since the series recently ended...

To start with its the story that kills this masterpiece, it really does. Season 1 had virtually no flaws with the exception of the femme episodes... *Growl*... and had one hell of a plot twist that knocked me for a loop! Season 2 even started off strong with the Orion Pax saga episodes then it began to go downhill with some characters added either too late or being downplayed to embarrassing levels. And its final episode, while dramatic and unexpected, ruffled me the wrong way at the almost randomness.

Now... comes the trainwreck buffet I dare to care Season 3... *Slaps self on face*... Okay, to begin where it sloppily left off at the end Season 2 with the title 'Beast Hunters', oooo! Not impressive actually and is not what it says it is. To start with it practically screams it is a recycled idea someone who writes for this show cruppled up and threw away then returned to save their butts from the failure of Season 2 ending and made us all watch. It stars 'Predacons', who basically eclipse the main characters in a throw back Beast Wars thing... Now there is something you should know about me when I say I hate Predaking so much, it rivals my hatred of femmes only slightly, it's that I love dragons and robots, and together, hey, you can't go wrong really. So if I can get past my love of the three and still loathe this character, something was usually done wrong.

Why did they add this character?! In a half-season that is not, and I'll say this again, not fighting overplayed 'Beasts' constantly. There is only one and he is a bad replacement to the character I and many others actually enjoy, Grimlock. And as for the 'Hunters' thing, yeah, they are looking for Predacon bones, not really fighting them. ...I'll let that sink in for a bit. As for the story? It's all about the Predacons and Preda"king" mostly. Yeah, pretty much with a few dabbles of who cares and why, for the other toned down characters. Each character undergoes a transformation of sorts into... something else that is not funny, interesting or well done during these few episodes focusing on the main characters only. For instance, Optimus... gets a very unattractive overly Dragonball Z buff body... Smokescreen was going to pull a Rodimus Prime reference with the Matrix about to be passed onto him... Ultra Magnus, who I remind you is the greatest Cybertronian warrior, as far as I remember about the character and gets his aft kicked, regulary... Megatron is shoved in the dark as the main villain... And there are many others... Ugh... There so much wrong going on here, that at first glance of the episodes you see this from, does not seem that bad, but now that its over and you look back, you cringe.

Now for the unsatisfiying ending of the monstrosity. Apparently they pulled a story troll on us with the Omega Lock being conviently repaired now that Shockwave is back in the picture and is about to terraform Earth into a second Cybertron. The battle is hectic, hard to follow with Bumblebee shockingly being killed and the final stand off with Megs and Prime about to be dramatically done when... Bumblebee kills Megatron! *Slams head on desk* What?! Now that was bad story telling! First of all, if you want to make a death scene memorable you keep the character dead, does the lives of Cliffjumper and Breakdown ring a bell? Second, they not only bring Bee back to life, they make him able to talk again! Yeah, the final freaking episode they finally give him a voice. Too late... Just too freaking late... Now I don't hate Bumblebee, far from it, but him finishing Megatron? Not dramatic and actually pretty stupid. Whatever, the case they bring Cybertron back to life and happily ever after. Actually, acceptable if it stopped right then and there, but no...

Now comes the movie, 'Predacons Rising'. To force down some bile I will tell you that that the title actually was going to be 'Chaos Rising' which even though I have a rather foul opion of this movie makes much more sense. The reason for this is not highlighting Predaking and whatever the hell the other pointless Predacons that are just shoved in there. Instead it focuses more on the main characters! Yay right! Wrong. Many of the main characters are really just there to talk, move and do various useless things. Megatron returns in the movie, like we didn't see that coming..., and not as Galvatron as Transformers mythology would dictate, nope, just gets a new look as Unicron's vessel. Cool idea, but doesn't help much. To make a long dull movie short, main characters get bashed around and be useless for the majority of the movie, Predacons try to steal the spotlight in the big fight by being heavy hitters against the undead armies but gleefully are actually pretty useless, Megatron is freed from his possession and is almost tempted to refight the Autobots but refuses and flies away... no I'm not making that up. He just... flies... away. And to top off this shitpizza, we watch Optimus, unsurprisingly kill himself, to make pretty life back on Cybertron. ...Peoples, I have seen enough of Optimus dying to last me a lifetime. I have witnessed the REAL Optimus die, quite graphically in the famous 1986 movie I own. Now, its a trend of sorts that is neither original nor as heartbreaking. Give. Me. A. Break.

Sigh* Forgive the rant for this review but it's the honest truth and I am nothing but honest. The show in all its entirity was a big disapoinment. It rises itself up as a mature Transformers cartoon that even us adult fans will adore only to obey children-like holding back rules that I as a growing writer can spot by pulling cheap moves that make it plummet from greatness. Fellow Transformers fans, if you heed my advice or don't, I will recommend only watching Season 1, the first episodes of Season 2 and maybe some of the rest of Season 2, depending on what you can stomach. Other than that, don't bother with "Season 3" or the "Movie", as a hardcore, adult Transformers fanatic I will say that ruined it and buried it.

Comic series:

G1 1980's Marvel US/UK versions: I have a friend who had collected all the original Marvel Transformers comics that I have only recently come back into contact with. The UK versions are more of my favorites because they have over a least a hundred short stories that are not featured in the US editions. Being split into two comics is bit of a pain. My all time favorite stories are City of Fear and Gone but Not Forgotten. If you don't want to be spoiled look aside because I'm going to say why and I don't want to spoil the excitement. City of Fear was a classy spin on a zombie filled city reanimated by a mad Autobot scientist named Flame who I have to say deserves a come back of some sort in modern Transformers comics, featured only in the UK. Gone but Not Forgotten is a lovely little story featured in both the US and the UK, that has the aftermath of Optimus Prime selflessly sacrificing himself and Megatron dealing with him gone, which was not well considering the bot went delusional and paranoid believing the Autobot leader still being alive but finding no trace of proof behind this. The story hits it excited drooling conclusion with Megs eventually going completely insane and blowing up a space bridge with him on it to "go where Optimus Prime couldn't find him", AKA, killing himself. However the other overall comics were a little sketchy in their story line, the constant change of many different artists was weird but my final ruling would be that they worth the read and a great series.

G1 Regeneration One: If you people don't know what this series is I wouldn't blame you. Since the US Marvel Transformers comics ended on the 80 issue on an almost random climax, a lot of things went unsaid. This series is picking up the original manuscripts that were laid off back then and bringing them back to life. So far its rather depressing reading each one. Not going to lie but... yeah, its pretty depressing. Most of the plots I have seen thus far have been about Megatron destroying Earth, Bludgeon causing chaos on Cybertron by reviving Thunderwing, Optimus being yelled at every five minutes for things he had no control over, great primary characters being killed off left and right, Grimlock being tortured by Scorponok, the list is quite long my peps...

G1 IDW Infestation: Read enough. I truly don't like it. I don't and here's why. The entire story is supposed to be about a zombie outbreak in the Transformers universe but had heard that they were doing it in all of their publishing stories. However instead of finding some real kickass scenes of giant robot zombie fighting and gore, I find... nothing. No really. It basically is some random unoriginal vampire villain I swear to Primus is somebody's crappy OC character that a dumbass writer thought would be cute to add. The plot is screwy and confusing so I basically call it PWP, you really wouldn't be blamed. Also was about half canon as far how much it actually is included in actual true blue stories, but really its stupid. Overall massive disappointment. If you wanted to see the same kind of Transformer zombie violence I was promised too, know that its just a giant IDW screw you parade.

G1 IDW Last Stand of the Wreckers: Have only a few pages to read and I will have read them all. I find it rather gritty and tragic. A somewhat good combo though painful in many retrospects. A lot of good colorful characters killed horribly... *Sigh* I really don't like the human chick Verity or whatever, I don't really like any human characters in general in the Transformers series as they tend to be useless regardless if they say they are helpful. True she did help break Overlord's spirit but I don't really care much to consider that a pro about her. Overlord was a great villain as well. Just crazy and creative. Very nice.

G1 IDW More Than Meets the Eye: My current favorite Transformers comics. The mood while having the usual depressing crap in it has an infectious upbeat attitude than keeps you going at a healthy pace. The humor while some grating is well timed and flavorful, the pairing are abound in this series and I can see why with all the rich character relationship development. A few taking my inkling as well. The artwork is gorgeous and colorful and also love the bots curvy but not overboard like Animated's designs very much. The stories are gripping, colorful and creative down the last word. Doing a great jobs you writers! Keep it up!

G1 IDW Robots In Disguise: My current second to least favorite Transformers comics. The overall mood of the stories are depressing, not stop with breaks for heartaches and fury. While the artwork is lovely and detailed, the story is just plain infuraiting. There is zero humor. None. Zip. Nah-dah. The characters are all basically one little step from either falling into insanity or committing suicide, take your pick I garrentee you they're getting there. Characters are developed but only in their questioning how much more they die inside, including characters I care about like Bumblebee and Starscream while others I wish would take their own lives still exist. Metalhawk being one, and Prowl starting to make the list. Myself personally infuriated at Arcee being still alive in these freaking stories as a main character... Primus, now while I am happy to see Megs back in the picture I am not happy with the story he is creating... Make a damn light of hope writers... Geez...

G1 IDW Spotlight Orion Pax: Another one of my favorites about pre-Optimus Prime. For those of you who don't read the comics, Orion Pax in the IDW contiueity is apparently a hot-oiled "super" cop. Very sexy... And basically speaks more with his temper than his later wisdom which is only slightly annoying. I love how Orion goes most of the story without his mask showing his mechly face and lips and shows his darling desire to protect his friends. How he tells off people pissing him off like Bludgeon and Thundercracker was hilarous in my eyes since we all know how he is going to turn out later. The plot overall was engaging but had little tidbits that were slightly annoying.

My fics:

For Transformers:

Sweet Dreams/ Status: Complete/ Pairing: Optimus PrimexMegatron/ Faction: G1

Summary: Megatron alone with a picture of Optimus... a dream is born... but it's just a dream... right?

Down 'n Dirty/ Status: Complete/ Pairing: Optimus PrimexMegatron/ Faction: Movie ROTF

Summary: Did you know Optimus Prime has bath fetish? Megatron sure didn’t... nor how the Autobot leader intents to use it against the Decepticon leader...

Gun Molesting/ Status: Complete/ Pairing: Optimus PrimexMegatron/ Faction: G1

Summary: Optimus discovers a fun fact about playing with Megatron's Fusion Cannon... Read more and find out what!

Sinner's Night/ Status: Complete/ Pairing: Optimus PrimexMegatron/ Faction: Prime

Summary: When the light and darkness blend... When even the purest mate with the most vile... When even angels fall to mating desire... That is the Sinner's Night.

Beautiful Tragedy/ Status: In-Progress/ Pairing: Optimus PrimexMegatron/ Faction: G1/ Chapters: 9 Done/Possibly 18 when completed

Summary: G1Egyptian: Cybertron is ruled by a mighty cold sparked Pharaoh, Megatron but it is not the rumors of the son of Primus, a Prime could dethrone him and destroy his mighty empire but his mad obsession with the beautiful slave, Optimus.

Fly With Me.../ Status: Complete/ Pairing: Optimus PrimexSkywarp/ Faction: G1

Summary: Optimus’ long held secret was discovered by the seeker Skywarp... What will the seeker do? Tell the others? ...Or something else...?

Homemovies: Dare, Ride, Trap, Play, ?.../ 1, 2, 3 & 4 Completed/ Status: In-Progress/ Pairing: Optimus PrimexEveryone (No femmes!)/ Faction: Movie/G1

Summary: Optimus Prime suddenly becomes the most desirable mech by both all the Decepticons and Autobots... Read the recorded mayham as the mechs all try to get the beautiful Autobot leader as their own.

Now some of the things I like...


Transformers: Oh yeah! All of the factions, comic, movie, cartoon, toys, all of them! This is my greatest love, hot giant robot guys! And as for the girl robots... they should go get crushed for all I care!

Favorite Characters:

Optimus Prime: My true love... so strong, beautiful, wise, brave and invincible... as sappy (or creepy, up to you) as this sounds... he's my everything...

Megatron: There is just something so adorable about him and his obsession with Optimus... it's truely one of a kind...

Starscream: I love that seeker! His winey little voice is hilarious! Oh yes, he is very sexy too!

Bumblebee: He is so cute and cuddly! Squeals I would give anything to snuggle him!!

Ratchet: Oh yeah the doc bot! He makes me laugh with his gruff attitude and stern disposition!

Ironhide: Yes, I love the bodyguard, so loyal, so protective... sigh so sweet...

Hated Characters:

Any Female Robot: I hate them! Why? Because I want them all to die so the Transformer guys will all have to mate with each other! Plus I just don't like them because they are little robot hussies! I'm sorry! I can't like them to even save my life and that's the honest truth.

Dexter's Laboratory: In my opinion one of the best shows ever created, Gendy you are one of my biggest insprion, bless you and your creations.

Dexter - Is one of my favorite little genuises and I can't help but love his hot excent! And yes Dexter I agree with you, you are awesome!

Sym-Bionic Titan: Another robotic masterpiece, cut down in its prime... I have said it before but I will say it again... F*k you Cartoon Network...

Iilana - The girl is kinda ditzy, clumsy and naive but is an inspiraion for female characters that are not, say it with me now... a pointless sex symbol! Yay!

Lance - Yes, another broodish teen with slightly long hair has been done before and made almost cheesy but only this boy can pull it off. Period.


One Piece: This my all time favorite anime, always has been since it first came out.

Favorite characters:

Monkey D. Luffy - I love this little goof ball! He's an idiot sure, but he truly does make it funny and not annoying at all unlike other characters from other animes with that same kind of personality! It's a miracle! Oh, and I love his loyalty to his crew and his sense of standing for what is right!

Portgas D. Ace - What's there to say about the firebrand... he's a freaking hunk! Oh my god, Ace! You will be dearly missed! I promise you!

Video Games

Sonic The Hedgehog: I loved this series ever since I was a little girl, I grew up with Sonic, so it will always have its own little spot in heart

Favorite Characters:

Sonic: I loved him then, I will always love him now. Ever since I first saw the guy, he raced into my heart and stayed there...

Shadow: Uhhhmmm... more like a love/hate relationship with this guy, I'll explain. I only love him if he is romantically involved with Sonic and I hate him for trying to steal the legendary spotlight that belongs on Sonic only.

Favorite Transformers Pairings (Optimus Only):

OptimusXMegatron: My all time favorite, now and forever! Name the universe the two are in and I will love it through and through!

Reason Why: There are so many reasons I can name off to prove this is a virtually canon pairing. To start with they are machine gods built of raw sex and beauty that when combined you would have to be blind not to see. And it's not just the serious physical chemistry they have going on, its also their mindset of each other. In practically every Transformers universe they are always decribed as being amazed and respected by the other when their "hate" for one another is looked over. They seem to know each other in and out and seem obessessed with whatever the other is doing as well as always insisting to battle the other alone and be the only one to "kill" the other. They also seem to become depressed when one of them is presumed dead and this has been seen in more than one universe. The two also seem to not fight too much against the idea of working together when the situtation is desperate enough to call for it.

OptimusXRodimus/or/Hot Rod: Kinda support this one, but it really depends on the universe he's in.

Reason Why: I am not the biggest fool over this pairing but it does still kinda tickles my interest. The two look adorable together, the age difference doesn't bother all that much. Before Hot Rod becomes Rodimus he is kinda sweet, bold and reckless, not to mention passionate in the things he does. But when he does become Rodimus or just gets older he kinda becomes a douche and thats usually the time I stop caring about him anymore.

OptimusXStarscream: Okay, this pairing is sexy to me because it seems under the right circumstances it could be possible, but would have a lot of problems with first before that would happen.

Reason Why: I am not the hugest fan of this pairing but in some ways it does make sense. Let me explain. First, Starscream has emotional and probably mental problems, Optimus just seems like the perfect canidate to help him being so kind and gentle. For Starscream, when he isn't being his usual backstabbing, scemeing, powerhungry self, he seems like the kind of person who would rush off to the nearest sane figure aka. Optimus Prime. For Optimus, he probably sees Starscream as a being who needs help and would want to "fix" him. The chemistry isn't bad, rather sexy but only so-so, depending on how well its written or drawn.

OptimusXJetfire: In Armada this pairing was adorable but in the other parts of the Unicron Trilogy not exactly sadly...

OptimusXKnockOut: This pairing has caught my attention a long time ago since the TF:Prime episode "Deux ex Machina" with his flirting, which I still find hard to believe they got away with on a kid's show! Still the pairing is steaming hot and love a whole lot.

OptimusXRatchet: This pairing actually seems plasible. They look good together, they have known each other quite well not to mention being very protective of each other, most espically from Ratchet. Ratchet also appears devastated during Optimus abscence in TFP, another strong bit of proof.

Reason Why: This one is one I personally find quite adorable. One they get along quite well, even when they have their little tiffs they argue like they are an old married couple. Very cute. Two, they are quite well aquianted with one another so much so they seem to give the good friend with benefits that just might push into a guinue relationship. Three, Ratchet is quite passionate with Optimus, but espically if Prime is injured or dying.

OptimusXJazz: Optimus loves being Jazz's bitch and they both know it...

Reason Why: These guys together just tickles me and in the good way. I don't why these two just seem pretty damn hot together, mainly because Jazzy's such a smooth talker, seduction just seems evidiable. And Optimus is just hot all on his own.

OptimusXEveryone/or/Anyone (No Femmes):

Favorite Transformers Pairings:

CyclonusXTailgate: Two different kind of cuties being cute together! I love it!

Reason Why: After starting to read IDW Transformers comics, I quickly saw this little ditty like many so many others. They seem like they could actually work out considering Cyclonus is uptight but is a sweetie in his own toughmech way and Tailgate just wants to be friends with him. The chemistry for interfacing is there but they really have to get a closer relationship in the comics otherwise, for myself, it doesn't work very well.

ChromedomeXRewind: A very obvious pairing that is even canonly suggested to be real...

Reason Why: I am not hugely obsessed with this pairing but I can see the cuteness from it. The two are quite clearly a couple of some sort and even greater than that may be the first actual acceptance by real Transformers writers other than us diehard fans of course, for bondmates. Other than those incredible reasons, the two are incredibly passionate about each other, it is rather sad to me that Rewind is obsessed with finding another when he has a very loving and loyal mate standing right beside him... So richly tragic its delicious...

Fortress MaximusXRung: Love the damaged patient and nut-doctor thing going on between these two mechs.

Reason Why: I have been thinking about these two as a couple since issue 6. I truly don't know why I find these two together so inticing, maybe because Max is such a tragic Autobot who had been messed up by psycho-lips aka. Overlord that Rung being the ever supportive and sane psyciatrist for him is adorable. As far as the sexy part about them, well... Max is just a "little" bit too big for tiny little Rung but it's rather fun to image them anyway despite the massive size difference.

Hated Pairings:

OptimusXElita: Loath this pairing... So freaking much I am crushing the keyboard as I type...

Reason Why: Alright, this is the worst pairing in my book and it's not just because of the fact I despise all female robots to my core, no it's because of the logic behind this pairing. One, they have no chemistry, romantically or sexually whatsoever. It can be proven if one just looks hard enough. Two, whenever they interact it's with no passion at all, nothing. This thing is just frigid, psycho bitch. And third and finally, doesn't Optimus appear to be just uncomfortable whenever he's near this robot bitch? Seriously, look in whatever universe, it's there plain as day. Also, they just don't look good together, pink and red/blue mixing together? Eeeeyyeecchhh! Mostly, I think this pairing exists just for the dying few fans, girls and boys, to grasp at the very uncanonish much less supported "straight" pairing in Transformers.

OptimusXArcee: Ewww. Just, ewww.

Reason Why: I do not even know why this pairing even exists. It's just disgusting to me, on so many levels. How exactly could they any physical relationship? Optimus is about 30 times her size... you can see this ending with a nasty crunch. Plus, he doesn't see her in a romantic light and neither does she. Their relationship is father-daughter or pure comradism, nothing more, nothing less.

OptimusXOC: Sigh... No.

Reason Why: Okay, I have to put this one on the list because they are everywhere now... so I am not going to be silent about this any more. Alright peoples, I despise these pairings mainly because of the original characters themselves. They are, virtually all of the ones I have seen are female robots. May I ask why are they all female? Ick. Please note I don't really like people's OC's mostly because they suck the very life out stories and actual Transformers characters by making it all about them. I do not care whatsoever for OC human, semi-human, alien, dragon, wolf, whatever, they should never eclipse the true main characters, ever. It makes the story very dull and very boring, very fast. How do I know? I learned from an actual writing college class. These are just the facts I have learned.

MegatronXStarscream: After suffering many years under the horror of Starscream obsessed artwork this little tumor of hate began to bloom into a real issue...

Reason Why: I have nothing against people who actually like this pairing but I do not... At first I was rather indifferent to this pairing, not really supporting or loathing it, but it has been going on for so long I offically hate this pairing. This pairing from what I have witnessed over and over... is the result of folks wanting to see the Decepticon "slut" please and get raped by his master but always come back for more abuse. Number one biggest problem I have with this pairing is it is an heavily abusive relationship. Know this, I do not care much for mindless rape and abuse fics unless it has a layer of carefully made twisted dark love and possession that makes it bareable, other than that... No thank you... Second I am not the biggest fanatic over Starscream, I love him in the small doses he provides, but constant obnoxious in your face fan art and stories... made it so I can't look for very long. Third, I don't see any chemistry other than a punching bag that constantly gets raped just for the sake of it. I don't like that and never will. Period.

Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

Infinite Night by Eisee does it reviews
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Transformers/Beast Wars - Rated: M - English - Drama/Angst - Chapters: 8 - Words: 51,113 - Reviews: 65 - Favs: 68 - Follows: 62 - Updated: 2/12/2014 - Published: 10/23/2011 - Optimus Prime, Megatron
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