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Author has written 3 stories for Final Fantasy VIII.

My name is Ally, I'm a twenty six year old Scottish writer/professional lunatic. Now I give you, my infamous lists.

Nine Stupid Things To Do With A Bar Of Chocolate

Throw it in the bin

Unwrap it, smear it with axle grease and give it to a loved one

Use it as smear on deodorant

Eat half, then offer to sell it back to the shop for half price

Smear it all over your face and pretend to be eighteen months old

Melt it down and use it as yummy eye shadow

Jump up and down on it until your feet are filthy

Give the dog a bite

Attempt to smoke it.

Ten Things You Wouldn't Want To Find On Your Doorstep In The Middle Of The Night

Your ex-girlfriend, cradling a child in her arms.

A circus clown carrying a machete

Two tonnes of fresh pig manure

A naked Maori with a glazed expression

Four nuns spending a penny and giggling to themselves

A midget with a cut throat razor

Two midgets with two cut throat razors

The pilot of the missing Flight 19, carrying a bouquet of fresh roses

A long dead relative

A wreath with your name on it

Twelve Stupid Things To Take Into The Bath With You

A four bar electric heater

A school of barracuda

A surfboard

Quick setting cement

40 lb of instant potato mix and a whisk

A speedboat

Four Boy Scouts and a Polaroid camera

Cat wee-wee scented bath lotion

A dead wildebeest

Water wings

A deep sea divers suit

Your clothes

Twelve Stupid Things To Tell Your Children What You Did In The War

I was a traitor and spied for the enemy

Napalmed an entire village; it was bloody brilliant.

Tortured anyone I could get my hands on

Shat myself

Shot myself

Hid under a bed in Canada

Peeled 600,000 potatoes

Went AWOL for six years

Dressed as a woman to avoid conscription

Killed 317 of my own men by accident

Killed 317 of my own men on purpose

Fought for Hitler

Eight Stupid Things To Put On Your Answerphone

"I'm here but I can't be bothered to answer you."

"I haven't got the slightest interest in what you have to say, so don't leave a message."

A message pretending to be Barack Obama

"Thank you for dialling Leather Fantasy Line. Please leave your name, address and fantasy after the tone."

A message in Dutch

"You have dialled the wrong number. Now fuck off."

The Nepalese national anthem

A four tonne weight.

Ten Things You Wouldn't Want To Sit On By Accident

The cat

A rusty four inch spike

Your dinner

Your last packet of cigarettes

A red hot poker

A bullet ants nest

Your collection of exotic bird eggs

What the cats just retched up

A complete strangers hand

A large predatory animal

Ten Things That Are Bad For You

Anything you enjoy

A bucket of Polish vodka

Throwing yourself into a live volcano

Wayward woman

Married men

Radioactive bath towels

Running into a germ warfare plant and inhaling sharply

Consuming 800 cheeseburgers in 30 minutes

The working week


Ten Things That Really Annoy Me About Ally By His Girlfriend Eden

He decides he can't find what he's looking for before he looks

He decides he doesn't like someone before he meets them

He always leaves the lid off the biscuit tin

He slurps drinks

He always puts the toilet roll with the loose end nearest the wall (to be fair I do that to annoy her)

The way he sucks peanuts into his mouth

He doesn't speak into the mouthpiece when he's on the phone, making it difficult to hear him.

He can't blow dry his own hair properly

He always has to watch Top Gear when I'm watching Downtown Abbey.

He made me stop this list at nine things

A Hundred Things There Aren't A Name For

Ten Things You Wouldn't Want Down Your Underpants

A Malaysian bollock eating lobster

A lump of the Number 4 reactor from Chernobyl

A miniature working model of a guillotine

The barrel of a sawn-off shotgun that happens to have a dodgy safety catch

A panicked shark

20 litres of Absinthe

Your collection of used razor blades

A bare copper wire, the other end of which is tied securely to a kit flying in a thunderstorm

A bushel of stinging nettles

Deep skid marks

Ten Stupid Ways To Fake Orgasm

Bash your head repeatedly against the headboard, gasping "Je t' t'aime."

Bounce off all four corners of the room, doing your impression of a steam locomotive

Say "Oh I've come..." rather matter-of-factly.

Run out of the room screaming "Yesohyesohyesohyes!"

Beat your breast and yodel like Tarzan

Roll of the bed, and keep rolling over and over whispering "So good."

Vibrate violently while conjugating a common Latin verb.

Throw salad cream everywhere

Grip your partners sexual organs as hard as you can, pretending to be lost in the throes of rapture

Pretend to be unconscious for so long, your partner panics and phones an ambulance

Ten Stupid Things To Use As The Baton In A Relay Race

A small cactus

A live scorpion

Anything covered in super glue

Anything white hot

Anything securely manacled to your wrist

A lit stick of dynamite

An anvil

A baton shaped piece of margarine

Your willie

Someone elses willie

Eleven Jobs Guaranteed Not To Impress Your Girlfriends Parents

Professional drag artiste

Chief vivisectionist

Serial killer



Commander of a Japanese whaling fleet

The man who cuts of electricity in other peoples houses

Sperm donor


The man who centrifuges urine at the hospital

Senior Vice President of al-Qaeda

Five Stupid Things Ally Wishes He Could've Done At College

Have a helper monkey on roller skates that wore a fez and waistcoat

Incentivise my morons of classmates to work faster by means of a baseball bat with a nail through it

Exert mind control over various people

Order selected girls to wear swimwear in the classroom

What I was told

Nine Things You Wouldn't Find In A Typical Amish Household

The keys to a Bugatti Veyron

An Uzi

A CD multi-changer and complete set of Iron Maiden albums

A laptop with very exotic Internet history

Crack cocaine with a street value of $600,000

A poster of Freddy Krueger

A copy of American psycho with all the good parts underlined and "Yes!" scrawled in the margins

Several copies of Playboy, some with "water damage".

Hair Gel

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