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Author has written 33 stories for Twilight, Kick-Ass, Tarot: Witch of the Black Rose, Batman, Carrie, Empowered, Adventure Time with Finn and Jake, and Pokémon.

Okay, finally got around to actually putting up a profile. I’ll probably keep this sweet and to the point though. You can call me Marx or Mark, whichever you prefer. I am a guy(some people are surprised by this because of the Twilight stories), and as you’ve probably noticed if you’ve looked into my stories, most are sexual in nature. Why? Cause I’m a pervy mofo. A pervy mofo who married someone just as pervy and together we tend to come up with pervy ideas, and try to have some fun with it. One of the compliments I tend to get is that I tend to mix funny into my sexy. I think I’m rather strong in my dialogue as well, but as with all writing that’s up to your own personal taste, same with whether my sense of humor is your thing.

As I say in virtually every story, I welcome comments both positive and negative. I only ask that if it’s negative, you give specifics of what it is you don’t like. Either I’ll agree with you or I won’t. No big, either way. It’d also be cool if you signed in so I can reply. Guarantee I won’t bite your head off or anything, I’m a pretty mellow person. I’m personally a big fan of criticism. Helps to make me a better writer.

Speaking of input, I feel I should say you can give me all the input you like for story ideas/pairings/extending one shots/etc., but that by no means, means that I will do them. Look at the list of ideas down there. Lot on my plate, but then again, you never know. People have asked me multiple times to continue on with ‘Wakey Wakey’ after the second chapter and I always said it was unlikely, but when asked, I was suddenly inspired by the idea, and it’s officially an ongoing story. *shrugs* As I said, ya never know.

And finally, the most obvious thing you’ll notice about my writing is that it can take me awhile update sometimes. This is especially true in Opposites Attract. Honestly, I’m just…really busy. As in functioning on 4 hours of sleep a day at points, busy. When I’m that busy, writing’s just not a priority. And I can get distracted by all the ideas in my head as you can see below, there are a lot of them. However, the ideas won’t get out of my head so no matter how long it takes, I will finish them. The time it takes just means it’ll be more planned when I can do it.

Below’s a list of most of the ideas I have. Unless I’ve already started it, those are all working titles, and ideas. They might change, slightly or dramatically by the time I actually get around to writing them. If it’s in the ‘Stories I’m writing’ section, that means that if it’s not currently posted, there’s at the very least a partially written Word file on my desktop.

Stories I’m writing


Carrie Extended Ending:

Opposites Attract:
Wakey Wakey:

The Harley Experiment:

Hex-y Tales:

Story Ideas

Twilogic: A retelling of Twilight if the characters actually acted and reacted logically.
(Jacob/Angela): Jacob meets Angela before Bella moves to Forks.
(Jacob/Jessica): It’s amazing what Jacob will do to stop Jessica from talking so much.
(Jacob/Esme): Yeah, this one’s totally an experiment, I’m just seeing if this even works.
The Game(Jacob/Rosalie): Jacob plays a sexy but dangerous game with Rosalie.
It’s Time(Cullens): Bella participates in game the Cullen couples have apparently been playing for years.
Mike’s Chance Sequel: This story fills in some of the gaps between ‘Mike’s Chance’ and ‘Opposites Attract’, focusing on Mike and Tanya’s relationship.

Hit Girl Unleashed: What if Hit Girl had left the cops to save Dave at the funeral in KA2(comic-verse).
Dave’s Corruption: What if Kick Ass wasn’t so surprised/repulsed by killing and embraced it from the beginning(movie-verse).
Kick Ass 3: My take on what the third movie sequel will be.
Kick Azz: Mindy makes Dave watch a porn parody of Kick Ass…yes, this actually exists, and it’s awesomely horrible.
Kick Ass 2.5(Hit Girl/Dulce): Set after the end of the Kick Ass 2 movie. While Mindy's on the run, she runs into one of her old classmates.
Last Straw: (Set in 'Only Her' reality) Mindy teased Dave one time too many, and he snaps.
Oh...Crap...: Hit Girl goes a little overboard when Chris pushes her too far and is forced to pay the price.

(Sookie/Eric): Honestly, this one will just be me feeling out the characters before I start writing the following two stories.
Crazy Sookie: A ‘what if’ based on the book if Sookie hadn’t recovered from the fairy torture as well.
Alternate Ending: I haven’t gotten to it yet, but my wife says the last book is horrible so we’ll probably be rewriting it.

Power Rangers MAX: A more realistic telling of Power Rangers, if the villains were more competent and the rangers could actually be seriously injured or die.
Ransik’s Story: Pretty much self explanatory. Power Rangers: Time Force from evil Ransik’s point of view.
(Z/?): Won’t lie. This one might not happen. It just blows my mind that of all the smut with Z(Power Rangers: SPD) that no one uses the fact that she can make seemingly infinite copies of herself. Seemed like a no brainer to me. Of course, if someone’s already done it by the time I get around to this one, well…
Miratrix’s Revenge: I like Miratrix. I thought the way things ended for her was kinda lame, so I’ll continue it.

(Harry/Luna): Most likely set around ‘Half Blood Prince’. Just like that pairing, really.
Alternate Ending: Probably a joint project with me and my wife with how we’d have ended the book series.

Embrace the Darkness: Shredder takes on Raphael as an apprentice
The Line Between Vengeance and Justice: Michelangelo's brothers are dead. It's up to him to avenge them and save Splinter.
(TMNT/Kick Ass Crossover): Don’t have a plot for this one yet, but Casey Jones/Hit Girl, believe it. Most likely will be based on the current animated version.

The Taming of Wonder Girl: A kind of homage to the first sex story I remember reading, ‘The Taming of Wonder Woman’, only with Wonder Girl and Harm. Might change by the time I get around to it. (comic-verse)
(Superboy/Knockout): I always figured those two got it on at some point…so yeah…(comic-verse)
(Superboy/Cassandra Cain): Everyone has couples they like which aren’t meant to be, this is one of mine. (comic-verse)
The Dark Knight Legacy: A sequel to ‘Dark Knight Rises’ focusing on Robin trying to follow in Batman’s footsteps.

(Captain America/Black Widow): I'm pretty darn sure they got it on at some point in Winter Soldier...

(Thugboy/Empowered/Ninjette): Sequel to "It Doesn't Count"

Finally(Harem/Ku): All Hell breaks loose when Miya's convinced to drop the 'no indecency' rule on the house.
What's 1 More?(Minato/Miya): Minato gets another Sekirei when he accidentally wings Miya.

Just Say No(Harem): Naru finds out just how bad Keitaro's inability to say no to a friend is.
What If(Harem): Basically a series of one shots of how Keitaro could have ended up with each tenant if circumstances were different.

Frozen Rewritten: Basically my version of the plot of Frozen.
Bring on the Ice(Elsa/Olaf): Not Elsa and Olaf together...Olaf's mainly there for humor value while a new use for her ice powers. I'm sure you can figure it out, if you've read most of my stories.

Twisting The Code: Vanellope gets bored of being stuck at the same age, and decides to alter the code.

The Last Day: Set 5-8 years after the end of the movie, dealing with how Abby handles the way Owen adapts to being her caretaker. (American remake)

Finding Ender: Set after the end of the movie, Petra sets out to find Ender.

Captain Planet MAX: As the bad guys get smarter and more vicious, Gaia is forced to pick a new team of Planeteers just as horrible.

LISTEN TO ME, GIRLS. I AM YOUR FATHER!(Papa no Iukoto o Kikinasai!)
Experiment Time: Yuuta is able to convince Raika to do some particularly perverted experiments.

The Script(Bowser/Princess Peach): Peach finds out a secret or two about Bowser that will lead to her eventual corruption.

(Katniss/Peeta): This would be set after the 3rd book, because I like dealing with crazy people. Would probably be similar to Damaged(Kick Ass) only to a different audience.





(Dai Shi/Camille):

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