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Author has written 7 stories for Detective Conan/Case Closed, Yu-Gi-Oh, Misc. Comics, and Portal.

News about actual Fanfiction: Look at that! I actually have a Portal 2 story up! Sssssort of! Okay, it's only kind of a story, but I'm sure I'll churn one out for my other classes eventually and smush them all into a compilation of some sort.

Other news

My brain is separated into the distinct categories of video games, books (including comics), internet, music, and Dungeons and Dragons. School is supposed to be floating around in there somewhere; if it it were a pie graph, then school would be the lines in between the categories, how about that?

Here are a few rants I've saved up on a few of the subjects that are currently at the forefront of my brain. Tune in about five minutes later, and I'm sure you'll see me yelling about nyan-cat or something. I'm just in a bit of a bad mood today, which I'm trying very hard to channel into a good mood. If you'd care to help, send me a PM about... Uh... Yu-gi-oh, Pokemon, pirates, I dunno, something!


I've been playing a lot of Portal 2 recently (SO FUN), and of course I had to check out the fanfiction thereof. Mostly, I've been lurking about searching for some cute Wheatley stories, and I have yet to be truly disappointed. Keep writing, mates!

My favorite Human!Wheatley story on is Blue Sky, which should be in my fav box. I like it particularly because it's not really a... traditional humanized-character story, if there is such a thing, and because it started out well and seems only to be getting better. Oh, also it has good grammar. And good characterizations. And good OCs. And- OH JUST READ IT.


I know I did a rant on this somewhere, but I feel like having another one, so you're just going to sit here and listen to it. Or scroll down and look at my stories, either one is fine. :3 Change Guy is a martial arts manga that I stumbled upon a while ago, and have only just gotten around to revisiting. Why now? Why not! Well, I guess there are a couple reasons... I go back and forth on this particular variety of Shounen, which I believe has a name that translates roughly to "Teenage boys beating each other up and being sexist."

But you know what?

I can put up with the sexism, and here's why.

1. Ssssmexy shirtless guys! EVERYWHERE! No, seriously, not a chapter goes by without one of the dudes ripping- LITERALLY RIPPING- his shirt off. There had to be some girls present in the making of this comic, why else would there be so much fanservice? 2/5 of them also have sweet hair to go with their sweet abs/probably more muscles than are actually in a human arm, both of which are usually displayed simultaneously. Mmmm.

2. There's a special place in my heart for body-swap stories, not gonna lie. I'm not entirely sure what the reasoning is behind it, but it is there, and it is glorious.

3. The fight scenes are exponentially more awesome and hilarious if I play the Pokemon battle theme while I'm reading them. This was more funny when I first thought of it, but still makes me smile.

4. Soo-choi is such a cute little jerk. I can't help but enjoy mouthy-yet-awesome protagonists, having written a few myself. Yes, I do write my own characters. No, you can't touch them.

I consider my literary choices to be like food. Watchmen is a good steak dinner, high adventure in a social commentary compote, with a garnish of romance and a healthy side of exploding squids/other action-packed hijinks. Almost anything by Rick Riordan is bound to be a hamburger with a side of fries: tasty and satisfying without being anything that will keep me up thinking about it. Phantom of the Opera(yes, the book) and perhaps Nightwatch are more like brussels sprouts, a dish that not everyone will like, but that I think has a dark, rich flavor and a curious aftertaste. This brings me to...

5. Change Guy is my junk food. My potato chips. They're salty, they're addictive, they leave your fingers all sticky and oily, and they're not in the least good for you, but * if they don't taste good.

Dungeons and Dragons (2nd Campaign)

Since I was the Dungeonmaster last time, this is the first campaign where I have a proper character, and it is SO MUCH FUN! His name is Chasm Jaggedfin, a were-shark barbarian.


You heard me right.

I am a 300 pound muscle-bound shark dude.

Who kills people with an axe.

This makes for much hilarity when I have to role-play him as my dinky, high-voiced, five-foot-three self.

Chasm is alternatively totally useless, and some kind of supernatural axe-carrying wrecking ball. Somehow, I always end up being the one person stuck at the back of the room while everyone else is dying, and they're all "D00D, save us, ur teh tank!" and I'm like "Guys, just because I don't have crazy ninja teleportation powers like y'alls doesn't mean you have to yell at me for it..." And then sometimes, (WARNING: TECHNO-BABBLE IMMINENT) when I'm right in the middle of the crowd, and I toss off both of my rages at once, I do something amazing. "Ooh, and this power lets me take another basic attack as a free action after killing a guy! How many free attacks does that make it, now? Threeeeeee? What's that? I killed another guy with those attacks? Wheeee, I will slaughter everyone! Rainbows and sunshine for all!" Srsly, I deal a minimum of 19 damage with a successful hit, and that's if I roll a 1 with my d12 axe.


Sorry, I'm done being a nerd now.

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