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Hi everyone! I'm Nikki, as some of you may know already. I was 190nicolette190 on youtube, and still am, but I have stopped my stories on youtube for a very heartbreaking reason. For almost three years on youtube, I wrote love stories of Zac and Vanessa, truely writing my heart's words on to every page... But then, sadly, they broke up, and never picked up the pieces. I stopped writing youtube stories shortly after, because of my own heartbreak. That's when I really got into fanfiction, and I have so far had a successful run with it. I hope to be on here for a long, long time, to write TxG stories for all of you!

About me:

Name: Nikki
Born in: HappyCity
Lives in: Happydruggytown
Grade: Sophmore
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Dark Blonde
Crush: Wesley. xD
Favorite Things: My doggies and kitties, laptop, and my safehaven, my bedroom.
Favorite Color: Light Blue, Neon Green, Lavendar, Pink
Favorite Flower: Saffron

Anything else you want to know about be, ask me in a message. I might tell. xD


To my faithful readers, reviewers, and subbers:

You guys are what make me want to write every day. I love good comments, and long comments. I love when people favorite me or favorite one of my stories. No, I might not write the best I can, but what I write fills my cravings to write, if you know what I mean. xD You guys are the best, and I honestly have to say that I am really happy that you guys are out there to read my stories. I can never thank you enough. There is not one thing in the world that I love more than a faithful reader, or reviewer, or a subscriber. It makes me very happy to do the writing that I do. It gives me comfort to know that people do like it. Thank you so much. It means the world to me. Thank you for helping me live one of my greatest dreams.

Write from your heart, not from your brain


Is blue, pink or purple. (Is green. xD)
Has a sofa.
Has a TV.
Has more than one mirror.

Has a whiteboard/corkboard.
Has many pictures of friends, family, etc.
Has posters of bands
Has a desk or dressing table.
Has a playstation/Xbox/Wii. (Xbox 360! Love it!)


You have Habbo Hotel account.
You have ever added someone on MSN from Habbo.
You have a Neopets account.
You have a Club Penguin account.
You have a Facebook. (Had one)
You have a MySpace. (Had one)
You have a Twitter.
You have uploaded a video to Youtube. (Yeah, about 600! Used to write stories there!)
You are subscribed to at least one makeup guru on YouTube. (BubzBeauty! xD)


You have seen more than 10 Disney films.
You still have video tapes.

You have seen all the Harry Potter films so far. (All but one. ):)
You have seen the Sex In The City movie.
You have seen more than 3 Johnny Depp films.
You have seen the Spongebob Squarepants movie.
(I heart Spongebob!)
You have seen The Simpsons movie.
You like horror films. (HATE THEM!)


You have broken a bone.
You have had surgery.
You have an older sibling
Your parents are divorced.
You live in a semi-detached house.
You live in a detached house.
You have owned a hamster or fish.


You have been abroad. (I guess I wander a lot. xD)
You have left the country.
You have been to the capital of the country that you live in.
You have been to a zoo. (Two! Cleveland and Columbus!)
You have stayed in a hotel/inn/B&B.

You have been camping.
You’ve stayed in a caravan.


You know what Year of the Zodiac you were born in.
You have had a horoscope prediction come true. (To kiss my crush in a dream, hell yeah!)
You have wanted a horoscope to come true.
(To kiss my crush outside a dream. ):)
You have wished on a star.
(A shooting star!)
You are religious.
You have wanted to re-live a moment. (Many moments... )
You wish you could have done something differently (Never wished I would have given up Molly Rae... )

Burger King or McDonalds

Cats or Dogs (I heart my doggies! But I love my kitties too!)

Indoors or Outdoors

Summer or Winter

Fall or Spring

Pool or Ocean

Morning or Night


TV or Movies

Fruits or Vegetables

Blondes or Brunettes

Journey or Destination (I like traveling and when I get there. xD)

Chocolate or Vanilla

Fact or Fiction

Prince William or Prince Harry (Neither. Both are ugly and red-heads.)

Daniel Radcliffe or Rupert Grint (Neither. Both are ugly.)

Harry Potter or Twilight (I could chop Robert Pattinson's head off right now and not care one bit. I hate that fucking guy... )

Silver or Gold

Fun or Serious

Jeans or Shorts

Crowds or Solo

Family or Friends

Relationship or Single

I remember when
you held me,
you loved me,
you chose me.

I remember when
we ran outside,
we swam outside,
we screamed outside.

I remember when
our worlds collided,
our minds collided,
our hearts collided.

I remember when
I grew to you,
I worshipped you,
I loved you.

Things changed.

I remember when
you broke me,
you destroyed me,
you hated me.

I remember when
we fought ourselves,
we trashed ourselves,
we annihilated ourselves.

I remember when
our lives shattered,
our bodies shattered,
our hearts shattered.

I remember when
I prayed for you,
I cried for you,
I died for you.

I remember when
I hated you.

Poem by: Mee! (Written 02/21/12)

Rocking Chair:

These are pictures of Talon, Lyle and Aubrey from Rocking Chair. This is how I see them, and now you can see them as well. :)

TALON 1: http://www.flickr.com/photos/mamajulie2008/5271439366/in/set-72157624179405969/

(Could only find 1 good picture, sorry...)

LYLE 1: http://www.flickr.com/photos/25221954@N04/5086709641/in/photostream

LYLE 2: http://www.flickr.com/photos/25221954@N04/4973854236/in/photostream

LYLE 3: http://www.flickr.com/photos/25221954@N04/7242201260/in/set-72157622011685895

AUBREY 1: http://www.flickr.com/photos/jaylt4/7298624130/in/set-72157624910279391/

AUBREY 2: http://www.flickr.com/photos/jaylt4/7298657170/in/set-72157624910279391/

AUBREY 3: http://www.flickr.com/photos/jaylt4/7298647594/in/set-72157624910279391/

Second Chance:

These are pictures of Willow.

WILLOW 1: http://www.flickr.com/photos/nelloyd/7293206048/in/photostream/

WILLOW 2: http://www.flickr.com/photos/nelloyd/7293207350/in/photostream/

WILLOW 3: http://www.flickr.com/photos/nelloyd/7458808516/in/photostream/

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Since I suck at writing summaries, I'm just going to say right now that there are five characters: Troy, Gabriella, and their first son, Talon, Troy's second son, Lyle, and Troy's daughter, Aubrey. Gabriella was killed by Troy's ex-girlfriend after giving birth to Talon. God gave her a second chance at life. Blah blah blah, here they are today.
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