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Hello, you have successfully downloaded a virus from the ancient Xesury people. Due to the unfortunate circumstance that the ancient civilization of the Xesury were never exposed to today’s technology and have thus, never seen or used a computer before, the virus is based on a bond of trust. Please proceed in deleting all of your files. Thank you for your cooperation.

BTW: The artwork was created by the creative and talented Messenger of Dreams. Read his stories, God dammit!!!

If you have any questions, comments, I hate/love you letters, you’re an ass, or you just suck musings, feel free to contact me via PM, Email or Facebook.

Email: (I created my own little email dedicated to fanfiction! Yayyyyyyyyyyyy!!!)

Facebook: (Yes, that's right, I have one. Feel free to bother me any time. Probably the best way of getting in contact.)

Soundcloud: Click here to listen to my music. So besides doing the occasional fanfiction, I am also a composer! In fact, I'm currently in college majoring in Audio Engineering. Now doesn't that sound swell? Be sure to check out my soundcloud and listen to some of my tracks. If you like them, feel free to send a word; I'll most definitely appreciate it!

In fact, here's a sample: Click here to listen to Messenger of Dream's theme song! Yeah, I wrote that for him.

ATTENTION ALL WHO CARE: Me and my good buddy, Way Of The Sheikah made an official collaboration account where all stories written by both of us will be posted!

The pen name is Stupendous Way Of The Sheikah. Feel free to check out or works, and leave a message or two if you're up for it.

P.S: Our first collaboration story has officially been released! Interested in Teen Titans? Be sure to check out our new story, This Story Will Make You Blush, for a very interesting read.


I apologize, but I am currently taking a hiatus. I shall return whenever I have time. Meanwhile, I'm afraid I'll have to take down the unfinished stories, as I really hate to leave them hanging. So for those who enjoyed "Dating Tips" and "The Final Dimension," sorry folks, but it'll have to wait.

For those who enjoyed The Final Dimension: Don't worry, I'll be sure to finish that story. What I intend to do is slowly write it until it's finished before uploading it. That way I won't get stuck leaving everyone hanging.

Well, take care everyone. Have a great day!


Sooo, about 2 years ago I held a contest called "The Most Challenging Romance Contest Ever Created" that involved the contestants to write a romance story with no dialogue. Furthermore, the contestants had to ensure the fic was error free, and no more than 6,000 words. The winner was guarantee'd an original composition dedicated to the story. It was really cool, got popular -- in fact more popular than I expected, and it took a long, long time to judge.

Well here it is, 2 years past its due date, the official winner of the contest!

And the winner of The Stupendous Jimbo's Most Challenging Romance Contest Ever Created isssss...

ROMEO.CINDERELLA, for her amazing fic, "Speak Now".

And as promised, I present the original composition, as promised!


I have no words to say, only that I wish I would have finished this sooner, but it took so long to write something that could express the emotions I felt while reading that fic. I encourage everyone to check it out, it's definitely one of a kind!

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Lady Paprika's Out of Character Contest by Lady Paprika reviews
RESULTS ARE OUT ON CHAPTER THREE - If you'd like to read the actual rules, skip all the way to the bottom. If you want to view an example, please read the one-shot which is sort of an example of what I'm trying to get at! One-shot: The octopus is always known for his ruthlessness and greed. But there was one day where, he quite suddenly was not.-
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Evidence reviews
It's not uncommon to see the glowing yellow eyes at the end of my room at night. They linger just beyond the reach of the scarlet candle I keep on my cupboard next to my bed. What do they want with me? Why won't they leave me alone?
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If You Laugh At This, You Are A Heartless Bastard reviews
Title says it all.
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We often times make mistakes, whether we like it or not. To seek forgiveness in our own trespasses is what reflects the bond between two friends. A letter of apology, written by Marth, to show Captain Falcon how deeply he regrets the volition of his actions. Though forgiveness is a dim fracture of light, its existence is absolute - even if it's reserved for a paragon of virtue.
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