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This channel is now owned by two people! Maybe we'll actually have sooner updates now! YAY! rejoice for we make everything better.

Everything said by Anna will be in bold and italics while James will be just underlined. Ha! Cause you're boring like that! Don't make me steal your cookies.

We're siblingsish. Jay is basically my adpoted bro, but not completely legally. Yes, yes, we're very complicated.

Name: Anna May (call me Anna okay?) & James Michel (just call me Jay it's less stuck up)


Age? I'm 17 years old and will be until November 24.

My mission? Well I'm hoping to restart my updates I kinda fell down on the job. So I gotta continue Fallen and Cold as Snow hopefully with Jay's help. Maybe he will make sure I do it.

I need? A life and possibly some cake and soda although I have quite a lot of pie right now...

What I love? NaruSasu/SasuNaru and any and every other couple ever! Unless they are mentally scarring, then just no.

Hates? Stalkers. Like seriously guys, go get a real girlfriend and leave me the fuck alone!

Current State of Mentality? Where, oh where has my sanity gone? Have you seen it?

Is feeling? Bored Now.

Status? The absolute best boyfriend EVER! this is my shout out I LOVE YOU MARK!


Age: I'm currently 18, going on 19 this October.

Mission: Getting into medical school.

Needs: A new sister. *pats Anna on the head*

Loves: Leah! heheh yea...well I don't care much for yaoi, but I put up with it cause all of my friends do like it. Including Mark my guy friend. Who is bi...and dating Anna...who is also bi.

Hates: Anyone who hurts my friends in anyway. Those batards!

Current State of Mentality: Was I ever sane?

Is Feeling: Do I have to?

Status: My amazing girlfriend Leah who owns my heart! In one year we are getting married. So what now bitches?! Anna stop writting on my part. No way hoe! Stop. Pfft make me bitch! *steals your cookies* BITCH GIVE IT BACK! MAKE ME! *steals your manga as well and runs away with it* NOOOOO!!!!

Now a little background check for ya.

I'm a girl, big shock wonder how you guessed. Was it cause my name's Anna? Our penname is split I'm Daylight cause I have bright blonde hair.

My parents are divorced and although my Dad has legal rights, I wanted to live with my Mom because she’s cooler and less strict. And she shares my love for all things anime. She introduced me to lemons. She’s the best Mom ever! Yes, I’ve had therapy, but don’t bitch I really needed it. Like seriously. You try being almost raped by someone you trusted completely. I’ve done the emo thing, and I don’t like it. So whenever I start to go emo again I call Leah and make her go shopping with me, because Leah is the best best friend ever.

I’m bi, you got a problem with it? I’ve had many boyfriends and two girlfriends. I am currently in a somewhat serious relationship with Mark as I mentioned under status. I’m only saying somewhat though cause if he did anything serious I’d mark that day on a calendar. This is why he’s our Obito, I’m pretty much the Naruto of the group. Bright, happy, a little oblivious sometimes, but bitchy when you press the wrong buttons.

Well enough about me, just go ahead and read my stories okay?

My turn? Really? Uh…okay. Well my background is long and complicated. My parents abandoned my older brother and I when I was eight. And shortly after he turned to drugs and alcohol and he became pretty abusive. So after getting my license and after a year of saving up my checks I bought a car. I spent many nights in said car. I also found a way of bugging friends into letting me stay over and I’ve often (don‘t think like that pervs) snuck into my girlfriend’s house to spend the night.

Not long after meeting Anna I moved in with her and her Mom (Letty) and Step-dad (Steven). My girlfriend as I mentioned is named Leah, and she’s quite literally the light of my life. Clichéd but true. So with my life being without parents and with an abusive older brother I was named the Sasuke of the group. My black hair doesn’t help this which I’m Moonlight in our penname. My girlfriend being the sweet and loveable yet very scary when pissed girl that she is is the Sakura of our group. So that makes us SasuSaku. I like that couple, and she likes NaruSaku, but hey you can’t agree on everything.

That’s it for my. I’m bored from typing for now.

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Rely On Me reviews
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Naruto - Rated: M - English - Romance/Drama - Chapters: 3 - Words: 7,531 - Reviews: 20 - Favs: 15 - Follows: 16 - Updated: 11/29/2009 - Published: 11/14/2009 - Shikamaru N., Ino Y.
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