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To those of you who are here. You probably recognize me from my Lucky star stories, that have steadily been at the top of the list, or you have seen my review on other stories. I would first off like to thank anyone on this page for viewing, If you have read my story, than thank you for the support, if you so wish to message me, i love hearing from the community, or if you have any suggestions or complaints or what not feel free to say so.

I give many props to those of you who can recognize my avatar in fact you win a internet cookie if you do... it is one of my favorites and always will be. It and FF6 will always be at the top for my favorite game of all time.

random stuff about me

name: Derek...Last Name...Still personal, On the internet however Arker is perfered.

age: 18

gender: male

Location: US. South Carolina. probably my room (-_-), or at Above board games. My local hang out.

School: Winthrop university...As of the fall Semester.

Work: I now and officaialy work at your local Wendy'

Hobbies:...All i do is either, write Lucky star, or play Mahjong or Game all day... So not much... Mahjong is my passion though.

I am fully aware of the fact that i don't use much Japanese language and culture in my writing but that does not mean i don't know it in fact i am actively learning the language, my reasoning for not using it is because i think it distracts from the story, i think it does not make much sense to write it all in English with like 5 words in Japanese i like to think it as my story is just in subtitles for English people like in the shows therefore a Japanese word would not make much sense. not to say i dislike it in other people's stories i just think i don't need to throw in random Japanese words, so to those of you who want me to just try to think it all is Japanese with English subtitling and you will see my point.

Complete stories

Two hearts revealed- My debut Story, that has been powering through the community, and has been at the top for quite some time. I have to thank all my gracious readers for helping me reach that point. It is finnaly done everyone, thank you guys who supproted me so much, to make the best ending i could. It has pretty much reached the size of an actual book, so anyone who has read this, you have read a book, congragulations.

Stories in progress.

Two Hearts Revealed: Misao And Ayano's Story- A branch off story about my original, The pairing is... you guessed it Misao and Ayano. Contains elements and dialogue from the original and it starts around Chapter 18 of the original so start reading this when you get to that point.

A Frail Girl And Her Protector- It is a JUST Yutaka and Minami story...I have finnaly begun it, and it and my misao ayano story will become my new main focus, now that i have finnaly finished my other one.

To those of you reading this you probably have read my stories and enjoyed it for that i thank you...

Other good lucky star stories i suggest are Lucky summer/future a very good one my favorite around 120 chapter in total a very good story. another favorite of mine is 3 days 5 steps a realy cute one with an unherd of pairing Tsukasa x Misao. and last but not least i also greatly enjoyed mascara sonreindo a very well written Misao x ayano story, also hidden candy is quite good too although a weird pairing which i originaly didn't like but in time i realised i greatly enjoyed it...

Reviewer special mention.

Anyone else out their i would like to extend my support to all my loyal fans. Sorry if i forget to mention you. Mikuru-D, you have been an avid reviewer and a friend i thank you. Zhintos, thanks for all your help, you are a valued friend. IvoryBill Woodpecker, another reviewer i thank. CyberChaoX, you crasy punk thank you for all those reviews. Karsten69, my rabbit is full thank you. KeyBlader, Thank you for that advise, and yes i will sleep. Kitmaro, thank you for you support. Chiyo and Osaka fan, much appreciation to you too. Arch3rher0, thank you aswell. Jigando, Not only are you a rival, but a friend too. Avolonguradian, not a LS member but a personal friend, thanks for the RL support. And finnaly KillerQueen118, my beta thank you for your support, and all the help you have given me.

I have been in a pretty poor mood, lately, like i lost my will to write, it is really bad, and it is making me pretty depressed, nothing is really helping, and i can't write in this kind of moos, im hoping it will only last like a week, or so, because it ir really tampering with my stories, and i feel like im letting you guys down, im really sorry for that, and i'm hoping i can break myself of this mood soon, sorry in advance if it takes me awhile

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