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Dance is my passion and Music is my lover.

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I have a tumblr page! spraypaintzz . tumblr . com

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Hi there, if you might've just stumbled on my page, I'm alive and well. I've been going through my old stories and with just a little tweaking I might post some. Though I'm sorry that these are old stories that just didn't make the cut during their conception, and my brain hasn't been coming up with publish-worthy stories. A slump year is NOT good. :( I've been in a dark place for a while and I still receive emails for story reviews and alerts (even author alerts! What have you signed up to? Lol.) which have been my motivation to give back. Even though my stories are quite old it's nice to know that there are still a few people who stumble THAT far back and take time to put in a little criticism, which I appreciate. :)

I'm also updating my Graphemes anthology, and yes, the contents are aged.

A million apologies, I still will not update Hands Up High since I can't come to terms that it would end. (Separation anxiety?) It's been one of my first stories that got that far and I can't part with it yet. Also, not counting the fact that I've been rewriting around five times, god.

One more chapter for Miss Concepcion, which I have around three drafts for.

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Hi, I'd just like to talk about how these stories were conceived. I feel like writing these came-to-be's in the stories itself loses its meaningfulness. Lol. That's just me though. Anyway, if you're interested, please read on and thank you in advance for taking the time. :)

If I had a portfolio this would be the first in my Table of Contents. This was inspired by a line from the movie 'Savages' starring Blake Lively and Taylor Kitsch. "His war-gasms were my orgasms." I felt like the line was so beautiful, it spoke more than what it actually said. Immediately, I thought of PTSD. My uncle was once an agent, the only times we did see him was when he retired at 65. I really like this uncle, he was funny but there were times when you just couldn't understand him. Like he had his own world. It inspired me to put those two thoughts together and Aftermath was born.

Hands Up High
Some might complain why this isn't #1 in my Table of Contents. Lol. This was inspired by a story I read on FF.net way back around 2005-2006. Confessions of a Sinner by withered-soup. By far one of my most favorite stories and authors, ever. EVER. I mean if years didn't speak how much this story had an impact on me, I don't know what would. I was still in grade school when I read this story, and it was absolutely breath-taking. I mean Hands Up High is sooooo mediocre in comparison. *embarrassed* But I'm glad the reception is great. *lovelove* Check out Confessions of a Sinner if you have time, and any story from withered-soup then you'll scrap Hands Up High. Lol.

Additional fact: I am so uncreative, this was titled after a song I was listening to when I started to post the fic and realized that I didn't have a title yet. Named after Hands Up High by Big Bang. Lol.

Not On The First Try
Fortunately, this was conceived after being so desperate of wanting to post something on FF.net so people will see I'm alive. Lol. Also inspired by meaningful talks between my friends about our future (we're all terribly single, btw)

Another fic inspired by a movie! This was from Red 2 starring Bruce Willis and Helen Mirren to name a few. "I put two bullets to his chest" was what Helen Mirren said as she spoke about the love of her life played by Brian Cox.

Just Say It
Based on personal events, minus the happy ending. Lol.

The Cool Off
This one was inspired from a TV show called The Ex-List from CBS starring Elizabeth Reaser. I found this show extremely funny but it got cancelled after 4 episodes. Bummer. Probably why this has been on a reaaallly long hiatus. I am just that uncreative. Lol.

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