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I'll begin this with the basics;

Name: Jimmy

Age: 18

occupation: Profeesional bum

Likes, Harry Potter, Star Wars, scrubs, Friends, and Dragonball Z

Hates: hannah Montana, Jonas brothers, anything thats not worth the time or day.

Music: Rock/Rap/country/Classic Rock/pop/ a little bit of everything lol


I'm usual a very active student in my community with tons of friends in the real world. However I do have a side where i kill time on the computer when i really get bored. I have also used this time to come up with a few plots/projects and will try my best to get them posted wheneve I come. As of right night though, all my future projects are to do with the Harry potter Series, which is the only thing I have read by personal choice. For now i ill be focusing on an Post OOTP Novel fanfiction and a Post Hogwarts one shot to do with the Dursley's. I do have other plotlines written down for possible future works, however I won't gurantee those will be posted within the next year as I would like to complete my novel first.

Harry Potter:

Fav. Charaters: Harry, Ginny, Sirius, Remus, Hagrid, Moody, The infamous Weasley Twins,

Fav. Shipping: Harry/Ginny, James/Lilly, nothing else really

Fav Books: Tied between OOTP/DH

Future Stories:

Rise of the Ruthless:

Status: Outline in production, once completed chapters should pop up.

Format: Novel

Rating: M (for War Violence, Strong Language, and suggested themes (I won't be going into details with those scenes. It will rated M for violence for a precaution.)

Main Charaters: Harry, Ginny, Voldemort, Dumbledore, Ron, Hermione, Neville, Luna, Draco, and OC

Genra:Action/Adventure, Drama, Horror/Dark

Era: Post OOTP, AU

Summary: After the Events in the Departments of Mysteries, Lord Voldemort unleashed his reign of terror, on both muggle and wizarding world's. With the weight of the prophecy on his shoulders, Harry Potter prepare's to fight while attending his sixth year at Hogwarts, while the Order and Ministry attempts to protect everyone from harm. Will Harry be ready when the time comes for him to enter the war, or will the world be doomed to death and destruction forever?

The Epic Fall of the Dursley Family

Format: one shot to short story.

Rating: t

Main charater's: Vernon, Petunia, and Dudley Dursley

Non companion piece to Rise of the Wicked

After the defeat of the Dark Lord. All was well for Harry potter. What ever happened to the dursley family? This is thewre story about there fall from the public eye.

Possible Stories:

Dumbledore's Final Plan

Format: Novel

Rating: ?

Main Charaters: Harry, Ginny, Dumbledore, Voldemort, Ron, Hermione, and more

Summary: After the Battle in the department of Mysteries, the hits keep coming, and the war is now in full rage. Murduers and disapperances increase at an alarming rate, and looks like it won't end anytime soon. What is the Order to do? Follow Dumbledores leadership of course, but the questions that arise are: What plan has Dumbledore saved for when there is no hope left? Why wait for the final hope to be based on chance?, and will they suceed in defeating Voldemort and his followers.

AN: Reasoning why I feel like this story won't be 100 guranteed: This story was the plot I first came up with after OOTP, and as I began stringing the story together, I just came to dislike it more and more, because I though it would of been a weak Story, and even though this is a completly different idea from my upcoming fic Rise of the Ruthless, was just not feeling it. If I post this story up, (re-edited of course) you will be surprise how it influences my other story, when they are both different ideas other than its era.

Eyes by Twix26 reviews
‘Those eyes… I’ve seen them before…’ Harry and Draco are troubled teens. After Harry spends six months in juvi, he’s back in the real world. Their first plan: rob yet another house, not knowing that doing so would change their lives forever…
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