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Author has written 6 stories for Star Wars, Harry Potter, and Tales of Symphonia.

UPDATE 03/28/2011: I'm back(ish)! I will mostly be posting updated chapters to Adbertos, but that doesn't really mean much. ;)


I live in central Arkansas, one of the most geographically diverse places I’ve had the fortune to live. I am surrounded by farmland to the east, mountains to the north and west, wetlands to the south and even have a rumored ‘extinct’ volcano within a 20 minute drive of my home.

My purpose in life at this point in time is to take care of my octogenarian grandfather. I work your typical 9-5 job in the health care industry and am very sensitive about health care reform at the moment. As anyone who works in this field knows - it’s all about change right now, and there is plenty of it!

Other residents of my home include my spoiled silver tabby, Bella, whom I dote upon. I complain about her, but it is with love. My younger brother also lives with us and is completing his degrees in 1)science, 2)arts and 3)information technology.

I love to create, although I will not say I’m at all successful with all my endeavors.

I am a perfectionist when it comes to some things, while I lack patience with others. Just because I lack patience does not mean I do not enjoy doing those things.


My heart and soul are bound to two things: music and literature. Both these things heavily influence all that I do.

Music has been a part of my life since before I was born. My father composes and plays various instruments while my mother sings and plays flute and piccolo. They both began instructing me when I was very young and I have had many, many opportunities throughout my life. Most of my involvement with the music community is limited to church and community choirs at the present time.

Fact: I can sing through the entire libretto for Les Miserables, start to finish, but always get very emotional when I reach the Valjean and Fantine part after Beggars at the Feast. For those who wonder, my brother usually sings in counterpoint when I ask him to.

Story-telling has also always been a part of my life. When I was small I would make up stories to tell my mother at bedtime and she would write them down in a journal. When I was a little older I began writing them myself and with the introduction of a computer to the household when I was 8-9th grade I began writing in earnest.

Fact: I have been working with my close friend and co-author on a series of novels for ten years. We completed the first novel two years ago and spent every spare moment since finishing searching for an agent. With careful revisions and a lot of determination we hope to succeed one of these days.

My idea of relaxing consists of stretching artistic muscles that I seldom use. I do not claim to have any particular talent in these other fields, but I do enjoy seeing what I can do. I love to sketching, sculpting, sewing, jewelry-making, costuming, baking… I could go on and on. I have a knack for some of these things while I could definitely improve on others. Sadly improvement requires practice which requires time which is something I have precious little of.

I have kept sketch books with very rough, very… sketchy sketches for a long time. I have a Wacom tablet that I love, even if I’m still learning to use it. My skills when it comes to drawing are not great, but ever so slowly I hope to improve. This is likely the area where my impatience strikes hardest. It frustrates me to no end that I can not put on paper what I see in my mind.

Clay is a lovely thing, and great for stress relief too! I like seeing what I can make out of it, and have long detailed lists of what I would like to try my hand at one day. Sadly, I have lots of lists of things I would like to do ‘one day’.

Currently my sewing machine is packed away while I do some minor renovations at home - whether this is for better or worse I have yet to determine. I do look forward to the day when I have my nice, organized sewing area and can once more unleash my creations upon the world.

I have had some success with jewelry-making. I have sold several of my pieces and have been blessed with tiny hands that make it easy to manipulate all the little tools and beads. This is a time consuming hobby however, and I can easily loose patience with it. Again, I have lovely, wonderful ideas - but seeing those ideas to fruition still eludes me.


Tales of Symphonia-based

My most recent infection. I blame my brother and quite possibly my cat. I am also completely and totally in love with writing these little distractions right now. I have plans to attack all of the main (and most of the minor) characters at some point in time, but I'm starting with Kratos, Anna and Lloyd.


In no particular order: Kratos, Anna, Mithos/Yggdrasill, Lloyd, Colette, Genis, Raine, Presea, Martel, Yuan, Sheena, Zelos... really, just about all of them. n.n

Game-play wise I prefer to be Genis though I will play Raine if the need arises. I'm told that I tend to have Raine's personality. I do not have her lack of cooking skills; this is good as I am "head chef" in this household. I do have her ruin obsession if you apply this to architecture (especially in New England) and as I mentioned above, I am a teacher of sorts. The character I come the closest to physically would be Sheena... if she were blonde. And had blue eyes. And porcelin-toned skin. I guess that tells you how I favor her, huh?

Pairings are as follows: Kratos/Anna, Lloyd/Colette, Zelos/Sheena, Yuan/Martel. Other pairings I am a bit more open to - such as Presea, I like to pair her with Regal, but sometimes with Genis. Yet others, like Raine, I don't pair off at all.

FullMetal Alchemist-based

Also my brother's fault. And AS on Cartoon Network. I'm possibly more obsessed with this one than ToS, though it is safe to say the levels of obsession are pretty even right now. More distractions are always welcome here! I've been working on an AU piece that incorporates the manga/Brotherhood and the first anime series. Not long into it I discovered it is far more... labor intensive than I had first realized and have only been working on it in fits and starts. One day I hope to get the plot wrangled out and post the first chapter, but til then this notation in my profile will be all that exists to proclaim its existence! How sad!


A shorter list might be who I do not like, but I'm hard pressed there. I find almost all the characters intriguing on some level but my favorites would be: Hawkeye, Mustang, the Elric brothers, Havoc, Winry, Izumi, Envy, Scar, Lust, Breda, Falman, Gluttony, Pride(manga/BH), Wrath(manga/BH), Fuery, Mei Chang, Lan Fan, Ling... uh, do I really need to go on and list them all?

Pairing favorites at this time are: Roy/Riza, Edward/Winry, Ling/LanFan, Al/Mei


I really and truly do have a Redwall-themed piece to post! I do! I promise! I think it is gorgeous, but we'll leave the vote up to the public - if I ever get it posted! It will be few and far between, but there you have it. I'm especially eager to do this one justice after the sad passing away of Brian Jacques, so it may be quite some time before this one sees the light of day.


OTTERS! I LOVE OTTERS! ~is all warm and fuzzy over otters~

Harry Potter-based

A note on What Might Have Been:

This piece was my baby and I'm sad to say that "What Might Have Been" will never be again. It is too closely related to another project I'm working on for me to continue to compose it. If any of you are horribly, terribly upset by this send me a message and I'll do what I can to comfort you in your time of grief. For those of you in mourning (ha!) take comfort in this: WMHB isn't really gone so much as it has drastically changed. For the better I hope.

NOTE 2/25/09 - most of you have no clue what that (~points up~) is about, but suffice it to say that the monster did exist and I'm leaving this here just in case someone comes looking for it. Don't think that'll happen, but... eh. ~shrugs~

There exist a couple of little one-shots in this genre and one day there may be more. If you know me well then you will know why I am all 'Harry-ed' out. One convention too many I suppose... The Potter-verse will always be my beginning, but I have to step back from it now.


The Marauders: Sirius, followed by Remus, then James... I don't think I count Peter, but he is of interest. Most of the writing I do for this genre is pre-Harry based stuff.

Star Wars-based

These pieces may or may not make a come back. I've not been the best fan (yeah, I really didn't care for the NJO books and jumped ship) and I don't think I can really write this genre as it should be. The multi-chapter piece here will stay up as it is the very first 'serious' bit of writing I wrote. I like to look back at it and smile. If ever I 'get back into' this I will perhaps dabble again... perhaps one day... in a galaxy far, far away...


Mara Jade - 'nuf said. :-)

books-and manga: (a small selection; mostly recent and all well loved)

Redwall series - Brian Jacques
Castaways of the Flying Dutchmen - as above
Harry Potter - JK Rowling
FullMetal Alchemist - Hiromu Arakawa
Marguerite Henry's equine inspired books
Howl's Moving Castle, Castle in the Air, House of Many Ways - Dianna Wynne Jones
A Certain Slant of Light - Laura Whitcomb
The Fetch - Laura Whitcomb
Maison Ikkoku - Rumiko Takahashi
Twilight series - Stephanie Meyer
Graceling - Kristin Cashore
Fire - Kristin Cashore
City of Ember series - Jeanne DuPrau
Artemis Fowl series - Eoin Colfer
Tamora Pierce's work
Pride and Prejudice - Jane Austen
The Count of Monte Cristo - Alexandre Dumas
Knight of Maison Rogue - Alexandre Dumas

movies, anime, tv series... visual arts: (recently watched obsessions)

Hayao Miyasaki:
My Neighbor Totoro
The Cat Returns
Porco Russo
Kiki's Delivery Service
Princess Mononoke
Howl's Moving Castle
Spirited Away
Nausicaa: of the Valley of the Wind

Fullmetal Alchemist
FMA: Brotherhood
Code Geass

Pride and Prejudice (BBC with Colin Firth)
The Sound of Music
Disney’s Beauty and the Beast
Disney’s The Little Mermaid
The Last Unicorn

music: (very brief listing not touching on my choral and instrumental collections)

Sister Hazel
Sophie B Hawkins
Amy Grant
Taylor Swift

Homemade Kazoku
Orange Range
L'arc en ciel

random links:

For those of you who would like to know more about me, though I honestly can not fathom the reason why in all that. Also included here are links that I find of interest, mostly related to the genres I write for.

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For those of you who are following Adbertos I highly suggest you check out my dA account. Chapters of Adbertos will posted there 1-2 days in advance to being loaded to this site. And then there are my other little pretties there as well - like costume pics from ToS and FMA and Harry Potter, drawings of questionable artistic merit and some fairly interesting things. I usually respond fastest to notes and messages there than here. ;)

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