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Being a huge Sonic, Shadow, Silver ect. transformers, Digimon,and POKe'MON, Kirby, Megaman and Yu-Gi-Oh! fan,I can do loads of fics so try looking for 'em!It may seem wierd, but I fancy a couple of sonic charecters and Yu-Gi-Oh! characters they include Shadow, Scourge, Joey and Kiba.When ever I get a chance, I'm always drawing them or creating new ones wich give me ideas for fics, so I'm always planing! I am 12 years old and a lover of music, so when i'm not on fan fic, I'm singing, dancing or something on those lines.

I have some polls so plz vote! I am also on you tube as trendcx and shadow04, please look at my playlist ect. i have a shadow tribute that's pubished.


Shadamy(shadow x Amy-Rose)

Sonally(sonic x sally)

Knuxouge(Knuckles x Rouge)

Tailsmo(though she's dead Tails x Cosmo is exellent)

Scourona(well, thats what i think it is. Its Scourge x Fiona)


Pikaneery(Pikachu x Bunneery soz if i spelt it wrong-tell me how to spell it if u can!)

Ashtias(if ash somehow turned into a poke'mon, id go for Ash X Latias. Its sweet!)

Ashawn(ash x Dawn)

Broucy(i dont know if the names right... or the couple name! Its Brock x Lucy~battle fronteir~)

Redeen(red x green - read the pokemon adventures mangas n ull know who im talkin about)


1-Bruises and bitemarks

2-I am (all of me) ~shadow the hedgehog theme

3-all time low

4-knight of the wind

5-animal I have become

6-Time of Dying

7-with me

8-don't trust me

9- your love is my drug



"Death to all who apose me. Chaos... BLAST!"- shadow the hedgehog

"C'mon, you over-sized letter-opener!"- Sonic the hedgehog (SATBK)

"That's a good look for you. Festive!"-Dr.Eggman (Sonic unleashed)

"HI!"-Kirby (some kirby game)

-Red (Poke'mon Soul Silver Version)

"Kame...hame...HA!"-Goku (All Dragon ball z games)


Simple things please me (im sure u know the saying!)

I wish i was sherlock homes sometimes

Things confuse me easily

I ate the pea and jelly that subbed my brain

I jumped down the stairs thinking i could fly

when i look into the sky i see bubbles falling towards me

I'm scared of butterflys

I slightly like yai pictures 'n' yuri pictures

If i dont eat a sweet in a day i die a grousome death

~Shadow04 'k, now where are the stairs...?

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my friend did this story b4 she was on fan fic n asked me 2 upload it now coz she lost the file. her names animeluverr21 give her the credit plz. tis meant 2 b a short story!
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