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Hey! so i'm Charlotte :D 16 years old currently at college! yay!
I am Eastenders obsessed!! I also have a major love for Doctor Who!

I have one hell of an obsession with Samantha Womack, she's such an amazing actor full stop not just her role in Eastenders but straight through from her earlier years of acting upto date.
I also feel as though her character Ronnie is equally brilliant and I would seriously die if she were to leave Walford/ Sam leave EE. Ronnie is such a strong and independent character, In saying this Sam pulls off her character so well, through all the heartbreak and hell she's still fighting the fight stronger than ever, so I take this short moment to congratulate Samantha Womack on her role as Ronnie so Well Done Sam! We truly love you :D:D As I don't feel she is credited enough for what she does and how well she does it.

I was sooo gutted when David Tennants final scene's were aired for Doctor Who, they were heartbreaking and spectacular at the same time, something we can except David with him being so brilliant and everything. But I have to say that I truly loved Series 5 Matt Smith and Karen Gillan pulled off their roles so brilliantly. They will never replce 10/Rose my huge Doctor Who love still lies with them and their hint of romance betweeb scenes. But Matt and Karen share something special and I love it :D I feel as though my love for them was also encouraged by the idea of 'new' Who, I think with the old Tardis and titles and everything then this may of affected my judgement on them as the Doctor and his loyal companion but with everything being so new I welcomed them in a new light. Using the old Tardis and titles I may have felt as though I was letting down David and Billie by loving Matt and Karen but I began to realise (luckily before the series began) that although companions and Doctor's have come on gone since the very first series (which also rocked and still rocks this world) I will love them all in a different way and it's ok to love 11 and Amy's chemistry almost as much as I still love 10/Rose because it's new, what we see on screen's when we watch series 5 is new. I can watch it and love it as much as I want as in some aspects I feel it is completely new and different to previous series' with Chris Eccleston or David Tennant. :D:D so erm I'm not sure what that Little mad pointless rants about but YEAH I LOVED SERIES 5 OF DOCTOR WHO and I'm so not afraid to say (or type) it. :D:D

Samantha Womack
Billie Piper
Lauren Crace
Eva Longoria
Anna Friel
Jennifer Anniston
Reese Witherspoon
Zooey Deschannel
Karen Gillan

David Tennant
Scott Maslen
Matt Smith
Jake Wood (For some reason on a weird way I find him incredibly attractive not as much as David and Scott but still I would definately never say no :P)
Hugh Grant
Colin Firth
Ryan Reynolds
Johnny Depp (but only when he's in POTC)

Music Loves:-
Marina & The Diamonds - I just absolutely adore her music and her real and down to earth personality. I never get bored of listening to her music, so if your reading this anyone and yu haven't already listened to any of her music then it's a must do, I promise it is something that you definately won't regret. (unless you hate the rest of my music loves as you might dislike her music and in this case booo! you :P)
Kate Nash- I'm still left deciding after months whether or not I prefer her second album to her first or her first to her second. Maybe I could just stick with the idea of equal love hmmm :?
Florence +The Machine
Cheryl Cole
Taylor Swift
Pixie Lott
Lady GaGa how could I forget her.
Scouting for Girls
The Script So really I basically listen to anything :D:D ohh and if you have music/ band suggestions I am open to new music :)

TV Loves:-
Desperate Housewives,
Pushing Daisies,
Doctor Who,
Ugly Betty,
OMD FRIENDS! I could watch friends for weeks on end non stop love it so much :D

Couple Loves:-
Eastenders- Ronnie/Jack always!
Dr Who- Rose/Doctor 9&10 and Amy/Eleven
Torchwood- Gwen/Jack
Pushing Daisies- Chuck/Ned
Tin Man- DG/Cain

So i'm currently in the middle of two Eastenders Fanfics both Ronnielle of course. I try to update when I can but from experience this is often never. So if I've recently updated try not to get too hooked on the idea of an update for atleast another month. No joke I'm seriously that bad, sorry for the lack of updates I just don't know what happens. But as sad as I sound there hasn't been a day gone by where I haven't thought of different Ronnielle or Jack scenes/storylines in my head and my imagination seriously carries me away. Not much else to say at the minute other than please PLEASE read and review my stories. And feel free to pm if I'm a bit slow on the updates :D

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