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Hello! I'm Sonya, a lot of people just call me Sofa, but you can pretty much call me anything. The chances are I will respond. I'm not very good with writing things about myself, so I've stolen a few things from various other profiles...

Basic Things:
Name: I do believe I went over this in the previous little blurb.

Age: I'll give you my birth date instead! Remember kids, math is your friend! (And it will keep from having to update this yearly...)

Birth date: 8/14/94

Eyes: blue...grey...ish.

Hair: It's a lighter brown color. Kind of wavy. Kind of boring, but it doesn't look so bad, so I don't complain.

Astrological/Zodiac: Leo the lion! Hear me roar! Also, year of the dog. Awwww yeah.

Religion: Buddhist...sort of :) I mostly just follow the general principles of it, and I'm not horribly strict. I just think it's a good way to lead your life.

Nationality: ...American, unfortunately. But hey, we're not ALL that bad, you know? Some of us can be fairly cool!

Siblings: An older brother in college. We get on well enough, when we see each other. But mostly we just stay out of each other's way, whether we want to or not.

Pets: Currently, I own a little cat named Velcro. She enjoys jumping on people's backs and shoulders, and her claws make her stick to clothing like velcro. Mostly, though, we just call her Kitty or meow at her until she pays attention to us.

I also own a rescue dog named Bonnie. She's an Australian cattle dog mix who likes to bark a lot, run in circles excitedly, and nip at your toes when you walk down the hallway. When she bites you, it means she loves you!

Current fandoms and pairings: currently, the fandom that owns my life is Hetalia. My OTP is USUK, but other favorites include Franada and Spamano.

So, I guess you could say I've been writing for a while. I had an old account here where I posted all of my godawful fanwork that came out of my 11 year old mind, but it's been long since abandoned. I've been writing off and on for a while now, but I haven't been inspired until recently to actually work on a long-term project. Blame Hetalia.

I'm currently working on a USUK AU, which I will try to update on a regular basis. I am slow as a writer, though, so it may be a week or two at least between updates. This is just a fun project for me, so I'm taking it at my own pace :) (or, it might take me a year to update. That tends to happen)

Another futuristic AU, "A Kind of Existence", is also in the works. It is a sister story to Kirara2256's "Spaces". So check them both out!

Link to my dA account (because, yes, I am sure you wanted to know it): http:///

And, that's all I've got for you! Have a nice day :) Thanks for stopping to read my story, and to take a peek at my profile.

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