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Since I've gotten far too many of those annoying messages in the past: Unless we are friends or at least know each other DO NOT send me ANY messages regarding roleplays/forums you have, are a mod of or such - I AM NOT INTERESTED in those pretyped spam invites people send by the dozens to random people!!!!

(profile pic's made by me!)

Hey, I'm Alice!

After having been absent for a few months I'm back now...

As you can see I deleted all my stories before leaving. None of them will be reposted (probably, being as I also deleted them from my USB drive, meaning I would have to rewrite them and they might not turn out the way they used to be). Anyways, I might write new stories in the future but for now I take an indefinite break from writing. I'm still doing some roleplaying though...

ღoOoღ Friends ღoOoღ

(I just saw something like this on the profile of a friend of mine, where she also mentioned me, so I decided to do something similar on my profile. - After all, friends are highly valuable in life and especially the good type of friends are really hard to find!)

Over the time I've been on here I've met a bunch of really great people, and although I ended up losing contact with many of them, due to simply drifting apart or because they are no longer around on FFN, there are also some who I've become really good friends with over time. So here's a little dedication to them...

Lunes - Luna is just amazing, and could probably be considered my BFF! We originally met in a, now no longer active, True Blood roleplay a few years back, when we were both still rather new to roleplaying, yet we had SO much fun together and we ended up playing various other roleplays with each other (mostly ones we created) and have exchanged tons of messages since then. Now, obviously there were some rough times when we would fight like all friends do on occasion, but in the end we always worked things out and our friendship always survived it. And even though we at times don't get to talk for longer stretches of time due to life being hectic, I know I can always count on her being there when I need someone to talk, no matter what it is! So, yeah, Luna is an incredibly AWESOME friend, and I absolutely love her like the older sister I never had but wished I did! Seriously, love you Lunes, thanks for being my friend! ღoღ

Chy - Although I haven't known Chy as long as I know Luna I consider her a dear friend as well. The first time we talked, albeit only briefly, when she sent me a message about her original Harry Potter roleplay. And as she mentioned on her profile we then met in the Antarctica Sunset roleplay, and although I wasn't on there for very long, we still started becoming friends there. So when I started getting into Harry Potter I didn't think twice about joining her HP forum and at some point we actually started running it together. (Yeah, she's the admin of the HP roleplay listed below) Anyways, she's really cool and a wonderful friend! Love you, too, Chy! ღoღ

PrettyLittleHuman - I only met PLH (or Mary, as I've started calling her) in mid-January this year when she joined my Vampire Diaries RP, but I already consider her a very good friend! :) She's a really cool girl - super nice, smart and supportive. Aside from us being amazingly in sync when it comes down to plot ideas and such, she's also one of the very few people that I really feel comfortable talking to without ever worrying that she might misunderstand or judge me - 'cause she doesn't. Furthermore she's really supportive and always seems to have some good advice when needed (without ever coming across as condescending/bossy/etc). I also think she's a really good influence on me, considering that since I met her I'm finding myself worrying a whole lot less about things that used to bother me and I'm beginning to refind & rediscover my passion for things that I used to enjoy - including learning and studying! So, yeah, Mary is an AMAZING friend as well and I'm absolutely happy & grateful that I met her! ღoღ

My roleplays:

Creatures of Night (a Vampire: the Masquerade RP)

The Vampire Diaries RP (a PRIVATE RP)

Criminal Minds RP

Other RPs I'm in:

Harry Potter RP

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