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Important Disclaimer:

I do not own the Penguins of Madagascar, along with its original scenery and characters. It is actually the property of Dreamworks.Thank-you for reading this message.

Attention: I have decided to cancel all of my unfinished Penguins of Madagascar Fanfics due to loss of interest. Sorry, Folks. I tried going back to them after a long hiatus and found the drive to finish them was completely gone. No, I am not going to delete them. In fact, I plan on leaving them up as long as this website is around. Once I publish something on here, it stays on here. Attention Cyber Bullies: Your reviews and private messages will be reported. Also, you will be blocked. Yeah, bullying is not cool at all. In fact, it shows people you are insecure.

Name:John Jacob Jingleheimershmidt. Just kidding. It's classified. ("What," Julien shrieks. "But I want to be knowing who you are.")Okay, my name is J.C., but that is all I am telling you.Sorry, I'd like to keep the rest of my name and what my initials stand for classified.("Oh, Okay,"Julien mutters."Miss Keeping of Secrets Person.")

Age: Classified, but I do range between the ages of 13 and 113.( " Ha, ha," King Julien fake laughs. " That is to be very funny. Not. Aleck of smarts.")( Thank-you," author bows. " Thank-you. I've always enjoyed being a comedian.")( That's not what I am to being," King Julien groans and swats hand down. " Oh, forget it.")

Gender: Female. It says so right in my profile name.( " What," King Julien screams. " No classified?")( " Nope," author retorts. " Not this time. Anyway, onto the next thing.")

Country: Classified. Sorry, but you can guess, if you want. ( " Hey," King Julien whines. " That is not to being fair. You know where I live. Why can I not to be knowing where you live?")( Because I don't want anyone stalking me," author replies.)( " Oh," King Julien raises eyebrows. " Carry on.")

Religion: Christianity. That is all.

Level of Education: I currently have an associate degree from college. It literally and figuratively took blood, sweat, and tears to earn. I am honored to have it.

Interests/hobbies: Classified.( " Does the writing of fiction of fans for the Penguins of Madagascar count," King Julien shrugs and raises an eyebrow. " Because I am to being thinking it does.") ( " Great," author slaps forehead. " That's one thing that's not so classified anymore. Thank-you, Julien.") ( " Do not to be mentioning it," King Julien smirks. " Also, does drawing pictures count as to being a hobby?") ( "Okay, Julien, that's enough, thank-you," author chuckles.)

Here's a little bit about me as a person, along with comparisons to the POM characters: Here it goes. First off, I am a little shy. Being shy is kind of a genetic personality trait, but I have mostly outgrown it over the years. Secondly, I can get very opinionated at times, but I am learning to control it by thinking things through before speaking. Thirdly, I am a tough cookie, like Nana from " Madagascar". I had a person fall on my face, once. Surprisingly, they did not break my nose. Although my nose did hurt, I did not cry. Weird, huh? Fourthly, I am friendly most of the time, so it is difficult to get on my bad side. However, I will stand up for myself, if I have to. I guess you can say I am kind of like Private. I am as sweet as can be, until you make me mad. BTW: It is very hard to make me mad, so don't worry about it. However, it is easy to make me testy like Skipper. Fortunately, sounds only annoy me while I am reading, writing, or concentrating for long periods of time. Fifthly, I am smart like Kowalski is, except I am not a genius. Also, I can read better. Finally, I carry heavy things around like Rico does, except I carry my stuff in a backpack or a duffle bag. I must admit that carrying around heavy things did come in handy on trips with the squad I used to cheer with, because somebody would always forget to bring something with them. Anywho, that's enough about me as a person.

Here's a little bit about me as an author: First off, I will not, repeat, not put any curse words in any of my stories, which I type and post by myself. Sorry, but it is not in my nature to use them. Also, they annoy me when people constantly say them. However, it is out of my hands if I'm collaborating with another author who does use them. So, sorry about that.Secondly, I will do my best to be realistic in my stories and apply some real life situations. However, I am willing to bend some rules, because all of my stories fall in the POM category, which is based off of a cartoon with fictional characters. Lastly, I will accept constructive critism of any kind. It helps me improve. Now, onward to my favorites.

Top current favorite TV show: Penguins of Madagascar, because it is cute and funny. Also, penguins are my favorite type of birds. They are so cool.

Favorite movies: Ratatouille, Madagascar I, II, and III, A Goofy Movie, An Extremely Goofy Movie, Phineas and Ferb: Across the 2nd Dimension, Kim Possible: A Sitch in Time, Kim Possible: So the Drama, etc...

Favorite books: I can't decide. I don't know where to start.

Favorite school subjects: This will probably shock you, because all of my classes are my favorites. I can't decide between them.Yes, I know. I am a school geek.LOL.

Favorite POM fan based pairings: Skilene( Skipper and Marlene, because they are close on the TV series, plus it is my top favorite pairing. Don't worry, though. I will not get mad at those who prefer to pair up Skipper and Marlene with different characters, such as other main characters or OCs. I am optimistic and a tough cookie, after all. So once, again, in the words of Timon and Pumbaa from The Lion King, "Hakuna matata".), Dorski(Doris and Kowalski. Even though Doris is only mentioned three times and Kowalski falls in love with a van, later on.LOL.), Private and the Mother Duck(You may guess why I like that pairing.), and Rico and his Doll( It is the only actual pairing on the show.)

Top favorite POM episode: "Paternal Egg-stinct", because it is cute and is the only episode with baby animals in it, besides " Snakehead". Though " Snakehead" was a pretty great episode.

Favorite penguin from POM: Private. He's very cute and friendly. But aside from that, all of the penguins are my favorite, but Private beats them by a half an inch.

Favorite lemur from POM: Maurice. He's more down to earth.( King Julien shrieks," What. But I am to being on Earth, too.")

Favorite female character from POM: Marlene, obviously, because she is sort of like me, proves that women are not weaklings, and she is independent.

Favorite POM villain: Dr.Blowhole. His laugh annoys me, but he is still a great villain.LOL.

Favorite overall character from POM: Okay, this one's a toughy. I guess all of the protagonists, for now.

Complaints: If there's a problem with this, please contact Skipper(POM character. Owned by Dreamworks.) at 1-800-CLASSIFIED.( " Oh, I will to be contacting you, Miss Secret keeping secrets person," King Julien snarls then grabs a phone and starts dialing the number.)( Warning: This is not a real phone number as far as I know of, so please don't try to contact it. It's just there for fun. Thank-you.)( " Oh, Litchi nuts," King Julien groans and hangs up the phone.)Thank-you for reading this message.Note: Please read the bold print below at your own risk, if you wish to read more of my profile. Thank-you.

Scary-a.. thing..This is a true story. A girl died in 1933. A man buried her when she was still alive. The murderer chanted," Toma Sota balcu," as he buried her. Now that you have read the chant, you will meet this little girl. In the middle of the night she will be on your ceiilling. She will suffocate you like she was suffocated. If you post this on your profile, she will not bother you. Your kindness will be rewarded. Lucillia

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Fun Facts: In progress; may be corrected for errors or replaced.

1) The state of Arizona, USA, has lakes, rivers, trees, mountains(some of which are over a mile high). It can get cold and it does snow, but mostly in the Northern parts. ( What is shown in the old western movies does not fill in all the details of what the whole state looks like. That is only a part of the picture.) If you're curious about this fact, please visit Arizona sometime or ask somebody who's been there.( By the way, I've been there before. So, I know what it's actually like and yes, it is hot depending on which part of the state you're in.)

2) Calamari is squid, which tastes kind of like a fish stick.(personal experience)

3) Ringtail lemurs fight for females by covering their tails in mud.

4) The genis name for a gorilla is gorilla gorilla. Funny. I know.

5)Penguins can waddle faster than humans can walk, hold their breath under water for twenty minutes, and can swim up to fifteen miles per hour. (from a penguin facts website. I hope to post the name of that here soon.)

6) Coyotes do not look like the cartoon character Wiley Coyote, they look like a regular house dog.(personal experience: Saw one at the zoo.)

7) When answering a phone, spanish speakers say " Bueno".( From a Spanish class I took.)

8) People lose eighty strands of hair a day. ( That does not necessarily mean they will go bald.)( word of mouth.)

9) Horses can bite human's fingers off. When feeding them a carrot or sugar cube, please make sure that your hand is flat with the palm of it facing upward while balancing the horse food in it.(personal experience: the feeding part anyway. I still have all of my fingers.)

10) Ever wonder why you smack into the car door, when ever it makes a sharp turn? Physics is responsible for that, because an object that is in motion, stays in motion.( learned in Physics class two years ago.)

11) Pure water does not conduct electricity. The ions dissolved in the water, such as salt, do. This does not mean that people should jump into water with a hair dryer or anything electrical on, because odds are, the water is not pure.

12) The differences between the taste of a warm soda and the taste of a cold soda has to do with gas solubility. The higher the air pressure in the container is and the lower the temperature of the liquid is, the more carbon dioxide gas that gets dissolved. The liquid should not be too cold nor should the air pressure in the container be too high or the soda will explode and leave a huge mess

About my O/C's : Warning: Contains story spoilers and information is subject to change and be added onto.

Skipper's Skipper:

General Tank: He's a large muscular penguin, who wears an army helmet. He is very impatient, demanding, and is highly expectant. Tank also appears as the antagonist in " Captain Private".

Commander Warship: He is two-thirds the size of Private, but is as strong as an elephant, literally. Warship is also friendly, understanding, considerate, and a bit pushy sometimes. He also covers himself in leaves for camouflage and is highly alert.

General Loudbeak: He's only mentioned once, but I'll give him a character profile anyway. Loudbeak was a retired member of the military, who has a small beak, but a very loud voice. He was a mid-sized, medium muscular penguin, who was between Rico's and Skipper's height. Loudbeak was also a veteran of the Antarctican War, which was an unrecorded battle between the leopard seals and penguins.

Messenger Pigeon: He is pushy, but polite and will except sacs of birdseed as a currency for his services around the Manhatten area.

Captain Private:

Bob: He is an animal control officer and has a twin brother, who he works with. Also, he has a mustache, if I'm remembering him right.

Fred: He has the same job as his twin, Bob, does. He is the twin without the mustache.

The Skipper, the Marlene, and the Ups and Downs:

Ramone: He's a regular muscled, Asian otter, with dark brown fur, like Marlene's. Ramone also has green eyes, along with a Latin accent, and moustache. He was Marlene's ex-boyfriend from her old aquarium, back in Northern California. He gets words mixed around easily, a bit of a stalker, and doesn't take things seriously.

Maddie: She is also an Asian Otter, like Marlene is and is only four years old. Maddie is marked a lot like her, except the white on her face stretches over one of her eyes. She was a rescued animal from the Huang River area in China. Maddie is also an orphan, who is now being parented by Skipper and Marlene. She is also highly trained to accept death as destiny, but still acts her age and has asthma.

Xi'an Colette: Maddie's mother. She looked a lot like her daughter, only her eyes were a silvery blue. Colette was a very kind otter, who lived by the Huang River in China and died due to her habitat collapsing. She also taught Maddie a special tea recipe to help her with her asthma.

Xi'an Tao: Maddie's father, was a solid, dark brown otter. He lived with his wife in the same area and died of the same cause. Tao had also passed down valuable life lessons to his daughter before passing on.

Days with the Downfeathers:

Juan: The POM's father. Juan is a tall, thin penguin, with dark blue eyes, and a spanish accent. He is protective of his family and is strict to his kids. Although he runs the head of the habitat with an iron flipper, he is very caring and has a sensitive side. He also had a brother, who was taken away from him, due to his anger issues.

Maggie: The POM's mother. Maggie is short and a tiny bit heavy set. She has light blue eyes and a British accent. Maggie is also sweet, reasonable, optimistic, and is stern when she needs to be. She is also best friends with Doris' mother and has a twin brother named Nigel.

Linda: Doris' mother. She is the zoo animals nurse and Dr. Blowhole's ex-wife. Linda is also very friendly and highly intelligent.

Uncle Nigel: He belongs to Dreamworks, but I figured I'd at least give him a character profile. He has a British accent and is the POM's uncle, who lives in Antarctica. Uncle Nigel is friendly, but also a little bit crazy.

Jewel: Skipper's girlfriend, who is a sixth grader. She's a reddish fox with orange highlights in her fur. Jewel also has green eyes and is one of the popular girls. Her personality is yet to be revealed.

12 year old Skipper: Skipper belongs to Dreamworks, but I wanted to make a profile for him in his younger days. He looks the same as he does now, only way shorter. Before he became, who he is today, Skipper was the type that only cared about being popular. He's the oldest out of his brothers and argues with Kowalski over the tiniest things, but later apologizes for them. Skipper's also not very focused in his sixth-grade class at zoo school and does not care much for education.

8 year old Kowalski: Kowalski belongs to Dreamworks. I wanted to make a profile for him, due to the same reason as Skipper's. His appearance remains the same, only shorter. He is the second oldest out of his brothers. Kowalski is also a genius, who is attending the same grade as Skipper and is concerned for both his and Skipper's education. Although Skipper is rude to him sometimes and says the wrong things, he still forgives and forgets and moves on.

4 year old Rico: Rico belongs to Dreamworks. The reason for his profile is the same as Skipper's and Kowalski's. He was still the same as he is now, except he does not have gooey-love mush sensitity or the crack in his beak. Rico is the third oldest of the group. Despite his size and age, he is really strong. He also does not like it when Skipper and Kowalski fight and he's a bed wetter.

Newly hatched Private: Private belongs to Dreamworks. The reason for his profile is the same as for the others mentioned above. Private, whose real name is Ace in this story, was named after his father's dead uncle, who was a hero in a war. He also has gray, fluffy downfeathers and cries and sleeps a lot.

Eight year old Doris: She belongs to Dreamworks, but I'm still creating a profile for her when she was little. Doris has brown eyes and is a dolphin. She is also Dr. Blowhole's daughter. Doris is also a genius, who is excited about entering the sixth grade soon. She also has a huge crush on Kowalski and enjoyed tormenting him in the first grade. Doris is also quite friendly and is very excitable.

In the Not Too Distant Future:

Madeline Laura Sergeant: She is called Maddie or Mads, for short. Maddie is Skipper and Marlene's four year old daughter. She is an otter, who looks exactly like Marlene except she is black and white like Skipper and has his blue eyes. Maddie also acts like her father and has his spirit, except she enjoys being around the lemurs, which makes Skipper dread about it. She is also best friends with King Julien's kids, London and J.J. and has her mother's middle name.

Maximillion O' Reilly Sergeant: Maximillion, called Max or Maxi, for short, is Maddie's new born, baby brother. He is a penguin like Skipper is, except he has Marlene's brown eyes. His personality is yet to be determined. Also, he has gray down feathers and his father's middle name.

Doris: Belongs to Dreamworks, but I figured I'd make a profile for her, anyway. She is Kowalski's wife and a nurse for the zoo animals. Doris is highly intelligent, has brown eyes, and has two daughters named Barbara and Debra.

Debra Nora Sergeant: Debra, also called Debs is a dolphin, like Doris, only smaller and is the same age as Maddie. The only animals that she really hangs out with are her family, due to her difficulties to travel out of the dolphin habitat without her mother at her side to help her. She is also afraid of the Boogey monster and raises her voice when she is easily angered.

Barbara Kiara Sergeant: Barbara, also called Barb or Bar-Bar, looks a lot like Kowalski, only feminine and is three years old. She wears large, round eyeglasses and is a black and white penguin. Barbara is also intelligent and very curious, which makes her father uneasy about answering her questions at times.

J.J.: Obviously known as Julien Junior, is King Julien and Queen July's son. He is a ringtailed lemur, who looks exactly like his father, but doesn't care too much about wearing a crown. J.J. enjoys playing with his sister London and his best friend Maddie.

London: J.J.'s sister, who loves wearing a tiara, has been known to get herself stuck in tight places. She can be obnoxious at times, but she is a lot of fun once you know her. London is also best friends with Maddie. She has light colored fur, like her mother, and has a black ring around one of her eyes.

Tina Supercalfragilisticexpialidocious Sergeant: Tina is the POM's older sister, who had something mysterious happen to her in the past, which Skipper refuses to reveal to his daughter, let alone to his wife, Marlene.

Queen July: Queen July, called July, is King Julien's wife. She has fur, which is lighter than Julien's and has one black ring around one of her eyes and is a Ringtailed lemur. She is very nice, but will become stern if her husband crosses the line.

Jane: She is a transfer from England. Jane is also small, like Private is, except she has a slim hourglass figure, and has green eyes. She is even very friendly and polite.

About Reviews and hits for my stories:

Wow. Thanks for the reviews and hits, everyone. You rock. No, seriously. You're all great. Well, thank-you for reading my profile. I hope you enjoyed it.

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