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"So, you want to know about the Champion?"*

I don't really know what to write here, so I guess I'll start with: I love writing and I love anything to do with magic and dragons and swords and... Well anything to do with fantasy I guess. When you put the two together, you get fanfic! And other random stuff I scribble down in my spare time, but that's irrelevant.

Can I just say: I try so hard to make this thing interesting, but it just ends up as a long ramble. Sorry about that!

I guess I'll give you a run down of my favourite games:

Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time-I love the Zelda series, but OoT is my favourite. Ever. Probably my favourite game of all. It's that epic.
Pokemon: Pokemon overall. Just. Pokemon. 'Coz pokemon are awesome.
Dragon Age: :O Epic! Epic! Just, amazing! Both of them (Origins and 2) and everything to do with it. There's also great quotes in those games.
Elder Scrolls: What more is there to say other than awesome?

Then there's other ones like Silent Hill, Final Fantasy and Resident Evil (the earlier ones). Ooo, and Sims.

TV Shows:

Desperate Housewives!! I love that show.
Game of Thrones. I was so in awe of the series I had to read the book. I am now officially hooked.
Sitcoms in general-Fraser, Everybody Loves Raymond, Modern Family, The Middle, Raising Hope (at least I think it's classed as a sitcom), Friends, Two and a Half Men... You get the picture.
Geordie Shore. Hahaha I knoww, I knoww. It's trashy tv at it's best. But it's addicting to watch!
Pokemon :P


Don't even get me started on books! Oh wait.. I'm already started!
Harry Potter series-I admit it. I am a Harry Potter freak and proud of it! :D
Anything by Cecelia Ahern-Where Rainbows End in particular
The Lord of the Rings is brilliant, but I admit I love the Hobbit even more. Tolkien is a genius
Game of Thrones :D
The 'It Girl' series

To be honest, I just love books in general. My room is full of them! If I were to be rich, I'd buy a house and have a whole room dedicated to books. Like a library. With a huge window looking out onto the countryside, and a nice window seat to curl up in and read a book. I can just imagine curling up in there on a foggy morning, the trees bare and frost crinkling on the grass. :) If only.

I would go on and on about films, but if I get sidetracked anymore then... Well let's not even start to go there.

On a note about my stories.

Becoming The Best is finished, yeyyy!

The Almighty: On hold. Sorry :( Okay I'm having a bit of a dilemma with this story and I need to do some serious thinking about it. :(

Day by Day: New. Exciting. Check it out-I'm having lots of fun writing it :)


'Swooping is bad'-Alistair, DAO

'There are men that embrace destiny; these are the ones that change destiny forever' Flemmeth, DA2

'A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step' Lau-Tzu

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