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Hello! I have no intention of giving out my age or gender, but as you can tell by glancing at my work, I am a Naruto fan. I am especially fond of Team Gai. I can read and enjoy almost any pairing so long as it's well-written, but fics that focus solely on romance are a bit dull to me. I prefer a mixture of genres, hopefully with a fair amount of action. I'm determined never to leave a fic unfinished, and I typically update every week or two. Now, here are some brief words about all of my current fics:

"Form of Freedom." My first fic, now completed. It features an OC, Benihiko, who has a kekkei genkai I call the "blood-sculpting art." I guess a lot of people don't like OCs, but this story is told from canon characters' perspectives and contains many scenes featuring only them.

"What Drives Tenten?" My second fanfic, completed. Each chapter is a one-shot that tries to answer the titular question in a different way. My first attempts at writing any romance can be found here-- NejiTen and LeeTen specifically.

"The Many Loves of Mari Su." Completed, crack. Not much to say about this one, except that I was very tired and a little giddy when I wrote it. It's a quick read, and fun.

"Existence and Uniqueness." The sequel to "Form of Freedom," complete. Doesn't seem to be very popular, but I'm really pleased with how it turned out. It gave me a chance to write a bit about the workings of the Hyuuga clan, which fascinate me, and also to feature Shino (Shino is nearly as neglected as Tenten).

"Hints on the Wind." A mystery/romance starring Shikamaru and Temari, complete. By far my most popular work so far. I didn't truly appreciate this pairing until I wrote it and realized how much chemistry there is between these characters. It's more than looks -- they have a lot of interesting tension, and are the kind of couple it would be fun to eavesdrop on.

"A View of the Future." My longest fic, now complete. It starts out as a story about Neji coping with the effects of an attack that leaves him blind, then transitions into a political fic about the Hyuuga clan. Originally I intended this to be a three-shot, but it morphed into the beast you see below. This one was hard on me; it took a lot of stamina and forced me to expand into "softer" genres that I usually avoid. But I feel that I grew as a writer through this story, and I'm really pleased to have finished it at last.

"A Storm From the West." The sequel to "Hints," dealing with Temari's grudge against Shikamaru after the events of that story. I intend for this fic to be more explicitly romantic than its prequel, and also more of an adventure than a mystery.

Those are all of my stories. Please read them if they sound interesting to you. If you have time, leave a review or PM me -- I like to discuss Naruto and writing in general, and am more than happy to give constructive criticism in exchange for getting some. I also speak Japanese, so if you need any language help for your story (names, words for things, etc) I might be able to help. Happy reading and writing!


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