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FINALLY!!! I got of my lazy butt and wrote a profile page!!!!

Okay first off, my favorite author is by far Anya365!!!!!Give it up for her!!!!!! By the way, love the pic! SO CUTE!!!

Favorite story: Sick Cycle Carousel

Favorite movies (countdown style): 5-New Moon

4-TT trouble in Tokyo

3-Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl

2-Mean Girls

1-Pass it Forward

Best friend: Vampiregirl101

Favorite Books: The Last Song, Mistress of Mellyn, Chicken Soup for the Teen soul, New Moon, Eclipce (I not finished reading), all Harry Potter books


Robin and Starfire= THE BEEEEEST COUPLE EVAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bella and Jacob, srry Vampiregirl101 I had to say it!

Ned and Moze.. or Mose, I'm not quite sure

Sharkboy and Lavagirl, too cute!

okay, don't kill me but...

Harry and Hermoine, I know it's never gonna happen but a girl can dream!

Oh yea and I HATE ROBIN AND RAVEN!!!!!! @$@$@!#$$%@#$#!!!!!!!!!! (tht is me cussing when someone says Robin and Raven!

%$#%$#%^#@#@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oppsie!

They do NOT belong together!!!!!!!


Now, No profile page would be complete without it's own collection of...

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COUGH COUGH* okay, here we go...

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The letters on your keyboard are wearing off. (Well, not really, but some of my keys are getting worn out and not working right. )

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OKAY bye peeps... *puts on super cheery face like in little kid shows* and remember ROBIN AND RAVEN ($%^#%#%$$#%$#) smell really bad... and I mean REEEAAAALLLYYY BAD!

With Care,


P.S. did I mention Robin and Raven (&^%$%#$#$#$%#^) stink?

P.S.S. cuz they do...alot

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