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Author has written 18 stories for Unit, Pokémon, V, 2009, Fire Emblem, Naruto, Legend of Zelda, and Dragon Age.

First off, anyone interested in my Pokemon Ranger story No One Said It Would Be Easy, which is a mouthful in itself, should check out my roleplay site as well. We've started the plot and are busy making drama, so come check it out. We got awesome people there. :) It's Yeah. Now to my bio.

So, I guess I should write some stuff about me. I really hate writing about myself. I mean, where to start?

Well, I guess with writing. I have loved writing for a long time and I really hope I can maybe get into a job with it. I also love government and politics, so maybe a speech-writer? I don't know... I guess I'll just see where life takes me. :)

Anyway, I have a love a lot of different things- some hearkening back to my childhood days (Pokemon, Legend of Zelda) and some that are more recent (Lost, The Unit). In between that is Harvest Moon, seeing as I have become a huge fan of it recently, but played it some in my childhood. Actually, I am now motivated to write a favorite TV show list and a favorite videogames list. Hehe, this is kinda fun once you get into it.

Skyfire's Top TV Shows (however, not in any specific order)

1) Lost- I love it. Love it love it love it. I did a speech in Speech class on it the other day. Every episode just blows your mind. Awesome. Favorite pairings are Charlie/Claire, Sun/Jin, Kate/Sawyer, and Desmond/Penny. However, I also love Daniel Faraday (hated Charlotte) and Richard. One of the best TV shows ever. EXCEPT I HATED THE ENDING! It wasn't what I was hoping for. :(

2) West Wing- Another one of my favorites. One of the most well-written shows ever. Most of the time you had no idea what any of the characters were talking about, but you felt it was important anyway. Favorite pairings are Sam/Mallory, Sam/Ainsley, Charlie/Zoey, Josh/Donna (how can you not love them), Jed/Abby, and CJ/Danny. Favorite character is definitely SAM SEABORN!! I love Rob Lowe. Honestly. Honorable mentions go to CJ, Josh, Charlie, and President Bartlett. And Leo. Screw it, I love them all. Except Will. I hate him. With a passion. Mostly cause he took Sam Seaborn's spot. :(

3) The Unit- I cried when this got cancelled. No joke. Tears of frantic sorrow. Cancelling this show was the worst decision CBS has ever made. I mean, c'mon, it's about U.S. Special Forces kicking butt and taking names. What could possibly be better than that? All these guys are my boys- Jonas, Mack, Bob, Carlito, Hector, Sam, and even Bridget Sullivan. I wasn't so sure if I liked her at first, but she grew on me. However, I find I do not like really any of the wives. Kim's okay. Tiffy drives me crazy. Molly's just... I don't know, I go back and forth with Molly. I like Joss though. Even though they had that freaky she-might-be-a-terrorist thing going on for a while. Favorite all-time character is Sam McBride! I loved his rookie-ness. :) And the way he jumped on that grenade when he thought it was going to go off was awesome. Second favorite is Betty Blue. He deserved more credit than he got. Loved the episodes where he had to disable bombs. I wish I could do that. I'm going to become a Delta Force operator because of these guys. :) Not really, but a girl can dream!

4) V- I love this show! Depressed that it's cancelled though... Favorite characters are Erica, Father Jack, and Joshua. Lisa pretty cool too, especially now that she's helping out the good guys. I love Father Jack from his days as Tom Baldwin in the 4400, so I was psyched when I found out he was doing another show. Erica I knew from Lost, but I hated Juliet in Lost. She should never have been with Sawyer. :( But i love her on V. :) And Joshua... is just pure awesomeness. I was soooo sad when he "died". But i knew he'd be okay. :)

5) Naruto- My new obsession. OMG, I never thought anime could be that good (Let's face it, even the Pokemon ones kinda suck most of the time, at least once you get past nine years old). I love everything about this show, except for the fact that I can't seem to decide on the majority of my pairings yet. Favorite character is Kakashi, hands down, although Jiraiya is a close second and then Gaara, Kiba, and Lee as well. I love Sakura when she's kicking butt, but in the first series she made me want to shoot myself the majority of the time. Hinata's okay, I'm warming up to her, and I enjoy some Naruto/Hinata. I love Shikamaru/Temari mostly cause Temari kicks butt without fail. My Sakura pairings are both Sasuke/Sakura and Kakashi/Sakura. I don't really see a "happily ever after" for her and Sasuke, but the angst is fun to write. So Kakashi's there after so that everything can be rainbows and butterflies again. :) I HATE Naruto/Sakura. I don't know why, but I can only see them as friends. And... yeah. That's it.

Skyfire's Top Videogames List

1) Pokemon- Yes, I know. One of the dorkiest things on earth to be obsessed with but, hey, it's my generation. I suppose this should go under both videogames and TV shows cause I watch/play both. First off, I am a major Pokeshipper. Ash should not be with anyone but Misty. She was the original girlfriend and should always be the girlfriend. I don't know what's going on with these other chickies May and Dawn. I do like Contestshipping though cause May and Drew are pretty cute together. However, I HATE Ikarishipping. Paul needs to go die. Not really, I'm kind of being overly violent right now. I like Lucas with Dawn, even though that's more game oriented, ya know. And... That's pretty much all I have to say about that.

2) Pokemon Ranger- Yes, this is seperate from regular Pokemon. I love the Pokemon Ranger DS games! My family had Shadows of Almia for like a year before I decided to play it. I don't know why I didn't play it before though cause I fell in love with it. Then I played the original and I fell in love with it even more, if that was even possible. I support several shippings from those games, including Kate/Keith, Rhythmi/Isaac, Sven/Wendy, Joel/Lucy (Lucy is an awesome OC created by CSF), and Spenser/Solana. The last one is slightly unorthodox, seeing as everyone loves Solana and Lunick. Actually, it was weird, but I didn't even see Rangershipping was there until Cameron made the comment about our vacation being HOT. That was just awkward for me. But I love Spenser and one of my favorite things to write about is the friendship between him and Joel. And Jackie sometimes too, but mainly him and Joel. And, yeah, that's pretty much it.

3) Legend of Zelda- This game is awesome. My favorite is Ocarina of Time, hands down. Although Twilight Princess is really good too. And Windwaker was decent. I feel like the best pairing for this game is Link/Zelda because you almost feel like they have to be together. I mean, it's the Legend of Zelda. Not the Legend of Malon or the Legend of Saria. I can appreciate fics with different pairings though. And I love Epona. :) Just thought I'd mention that.

4) Harvest Moon- I love this game! The best one is probably Friends of Mineral Town, followed by Tree of Tranquility. I have a lot of people I like in this game, but my two favorite are Cliff and Luke, the two people I married in the two games. They're both so cute. :) I think Grey and Mary are cute together too. And Elli and the Doctor. Although it bugs me that his name is Doctor. At least give the guy a decent name. And I HATE Anne. I know she's only an animated character, but I hate her. And Kai is the coolest guy ever cause he has a purple bandana. Awesomeness... :p

Stuffs I beez working on:

No One Said It Would Be Easy (Pokemon Ranger): My baby that I've been working on forever. I am determined to finish it and I apologize to my readers for my inability to post new chapters consistently. Basically, Team Dim Sun is back, this time in Fiore, and Darkrai is on the prowl. It's Spenser/Solana with added bits of Joel/Lucy, Kate/Keith, Jack Walker/Danielle, Lunick/Aria, and more. I schloves it.

Pokemon Ranger ABCs: Just a bunch of other ranger ideas that I've had. Same pairings as NOSIWBE. It's cutesies. I will be updating it whenever I feel like it.

Home (Pokemon Ranger): My fic of pure fluff and entertainment. Solana becomes the Wintown Base leader and a plethora or letters, styler messages, and journal entries ensue. Solana is determined to make Spenser admit that he misses her and Spenser tries in vain to resist, so she begins to use every weapon she can. Fun stuff and updated whenever I have spare time.

Spectrum (Pokemon): Another long fic that I'm working on that should last for a while. Basically, I just thought- How can I fit all of the people that I obsess over in one story? It has a long, overarching plot and lots of pairings, such as Lance/Lyra, Steven/Cynthia, Ethan/Kris/Silver, and more. I love it and it's my new baby. No One Said It Would Be Easy is starting to walk and talk, but Spectrum is still crawling. D'aw... How cute.

Firstborn (Naruto): A second generation fic that I may be revamping soon. I really love it, but I started it before I had finished the series completely, so there are some updates I want to make. Overall, it's just a story about the kids of the Konoha 12 and the issues they have to deal with, either issues from their parents' pasts or new ones. It centers around the kids of Sasuke and Sakura, specifically Kaori, who is the firstborn Uchiha and responsible for the well-being of her siblings. It's also got some Uzumakis and Inuzukas, so it's been fun developing.

My Completed Things

A Pair of Pretty Little Ladies (The Unit): My first one-shot ever. Aw... Iz so cute. My Unit boys right there and I'm proud of it.

A Question of Power (Naruto): Sakura and her passive-aggressiveness. Written out of a true even that transpired between my friend and me. Sakura/Kakashi

Before a Goddess (Legend of Zelda): I wasn't sure if I wanted to post this and then decided, "Why not?" It's just a short little something inspired from the scene in which Zelda reveals all to Link (including the whole, "I'm a the goddess reincarnated into a human"). Yeah. Link/Zelda

Food (Pokemon): I feel like I mention food way too much in my works. Whenever there is a lax moment, food is usually involved. So I made a collection of oneshots revolving around different food. Prompts were given to me by Hawkstorm14. Pairings are Gold/Kris, Silver/Lyra, Blue/Leaf, Spenser/Solana, and N/White with the last one as Lance and Steven friendship.

Legend (Pokemon Rangers): A compilation of one-shots that tell the story of Spenser and Solana. It's a fic I've been working on for a while and I'm very happy with how it came out.

Just Another Apology (Pokemon Rangers): Jack Walker and my OC Danielle. Just a little thing I wrote about their relationship, which has it's fair share of bumps.

On the Road (Fire Emblem): Originally planned to be longer, but I'm not working on it anymore. Still, I'll let the two-shot stand.

Snapshots (V): One of the prettier things that I've written and something I am pretty proud of. I like messing with different writing styles and this was just something completely different. Jack/Erica

Trade-offs (V): Another Jack/Erica something.

Victory (Pokemon): Another one I'm very proud of. My interpretation of the events that transpired between Red, Blue, and Leaf. I love them all so very much. Red/Leaf/Blue

Profile Update (November 12th, 2012)

Well, I'm sorry if I haven't been terribly active recently, but I've been trying to figure out this thing called college... Yeah. It's been busy. I'm still trying to write when I can (some Naruto, Pokemon Ranger, maybe Dragon Age/Mass Effect stuff), but it may be a while before I can get anything out. Although, most of the people I talk to at my college either read/write fanfiction as well, which is really, really exciting and a pleasant surprise. Of course, none of them write fanfiction for a fandom quite as dignified and mature as Pokemon, but... Not everyone can be that awesome. ;)

Heehee... Hopefully I'll gain back control of my life soon!

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Firstborn reviews
Her life was not her own; it belonged to her siblings. For she was the oldest Uchiha sibling and had a duty above any mission to protect her family. Plus, add some Uzumaki kids and an Inuzuka or two and there's a lot to worry about. 2nd Generation Fic.
Naruto - Rated: T - English - Chapters: 3 - Words: 9,655 - Reviews: 6 - Favs: 7 - Follows: 6 - Updated: 12/31/2011 - Published: 5/31/2011 - Sasuke U., Sakura H.
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