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Author has written 3 stories for Coraline, Kingdom Hearts, Utena, and Yu-Gi-Oh.

Oh yeah! I'm back, baby! Three stories posted: "Isabella", "The Crystal Keys", and "Revolutionary Boy Bakura"! And I'm actually keeping up with them. O_O; Not to mention I've done artwork for "Isabella" and "The Crystal Keys"! I assure you that I am working hard to get chapters written and artwork drawn. I'm working on the next chapter of "The Crystal Keys" right now!

I'll post all of the information for my stories here, at least a summary, so you can always check this spot for a summary on any story I write. Thanks for reading! Ja Ne~!


Isabella (In-Progress; Chapter One (The Liones) Up!): A story set about a month after the ending of the movie "Coraline". Both Coraline and Wybie feel safe knowing that the door is locked, trapping Beldam in the other world. The key to the door and the shattered remains of Beldam's hand are sunk in the well, and don't appear to be coming out any time soon. But when Miss Spink and Miss Forcible are forced to move into a home for seniors, and a new family moves into the vacant apartment, will trouble start all over again? You'll have to read to find out! There's OCs, but I promise to include Wybie and Coraline just as much! Also some one-sided WybiexOC on the OC's part, but don't worry. It ends up as WybiexCoraline. I could NEVER tear the two apart! D: Oh, there's also Other WybiexOC, with a major twist! You'll just have to read and see! There IS romance, but it's definitely PG-13. I mean, I know they're, like, eleven, but have you SEEN some of the fanart and fanfiction?? Trust me, mine will be NOTHING compared to those.

The Crystal Keys (In-Progress; Prologue Up!): A story set shortly after the end of Kingdom Hearts II. With the Heartless and Nobodies defeated, along with Maleficent and Xemnas, our heroes feel that they can finally relax. Unfortunately, just because one dimension is safe, that doesn't mean they all are. When a stranger from another dimension comes to Twlight Town in search of help, will Sora and the others be able to save the day yet again from a new threat? The other dimension could be more important than they realize. A lot of OCs in this one, but the attention stays just as much on the canon characters! KairixSora, of course. Possible RikuxOC, but you'll just have to wait and see, now won't you? X3 Will be rated T for violence, since there will be fighting.

Revolutionary Boy Bakura (In-Progress; Prologue Up!): A crossover of Revolutionary Girl Utena and Yu-Gi-Oh! I basically kept the basic plot of Utena, and inserted Yu-Gi-Oh! characters. Bakura Tenjou thinks this term will be like any other at Ohtori Academy. That is until he discovers the Rose Bride, Ryou Himemiya, and finds himself slowly falling head-over-heels for the boy. But when he has to duel to keep Ryou safely by his side, will he find himself in over his head? YAOI!! Violence and romance, but of course! Mainly Tendershipping here, but lots of Ryou pairings! XP

Please check out my stories! I work very hard on them, and reviews help to hold my interest! Arigatou!


You can find all of my artwork for my stories here. Unfortunately, anything I do will be on MS Paint. If anyone's an artist who wouldn't mind doing some better drawings, I'd be very grateful for the help! Just PM me or message me on DeviantART!

At the moment, I have pictures up for the five OCs I've introduced so far for Isabella, with some spoilage. There's one of the main OC, Isabella Lione, on of her mother, Melody, and then a picture of her father, Adam, her little brother, Conrad, and her baby sister, Kelly.

I also have artwork for the "mystery woman" OC and monster "Larveena" that I've introduced in my story, The Crystal Key.

About Me:

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Mary: My evil half. She's the cause of any evil idea I use, or evil cliffhangers.

Blue: My sanity. Usually the only thing keeping my stories out of the crack zone.

Yellow: My insanity. The one who puts in ideas for humor.

Pink: My anger/innocence. She gets the sweet, fluffy moments as well as the violent ones.

~~~For those who haven't noticed, I sometimes use Japanese. Don't fret, it's only simply phrases like "thank you" and "goodbye". Nothing important!~~~

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