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Welcome to my FF.net Account!

I guess.

But anyway, welcome and thanks for taking the time to actually check my profile out! It's not much but I'll try to fill it up with more stuff as time goes on.

Anyway, a little background info on this fanfiction writer: I've wanted to make a fanfiction account for a really long time but for some reason I could never sign up. I think there was something wrong with my monitor--something wasn't working so I couldn't find the 'Sign Up' button. But, now that I finally have an account, I'm finally able to post my fanfics!

Unfortunately, I only have one.

I had another one--Melee Universe--and it's sequel, The Long Journey Ahead. They were Super Smash Bros: Melee fanfics and they were written in playwright format. I showed them to a couple of my friends who thought they were absolutely hilarious. Even my friend showed it to one of her friends who laughed so hard that she scared her cat.

Poor kitty.

Sadly, both of those fanfictions were deleted from my old computer so I couldn't save them to my flash drive. (T_T) I'm still really upset about that but! All hope is not lost! Fortunately enough my friend still had some episodes on her computer.

But only three.

I'm debating whether or not I should post them here because, well, it's just three episodes and who would want to read three episodes of a story and then have it end with no guarantee of it finishing? D;

I know what you're gonna say: "Well Tano, why not rewrite it all?"

Three words: You. Are. Insane.

There is no way I'd go ahead and rewrite those stories, mainly because I rarely remember a lot of the stuff that happened. I mean, I remember the plot but rewriting it would just be...augh, it wouldn't come out right, y' know?

(sigh) Well, enough about that and on to what I can give you: my latest fanfiction, Covenant/Rebirth (formerly known as "Resurrection"). If you read the little Artist's Blurb kinda thing at the end of Rebirth (which should be up in a couple weeks or so) you'll find out a bit more about the story behind the title change.

But I can tell you this: Covenant/Rebirth used to be one complete story, Resurrection, with chapters that were literally 20-30 pages long. And who'd wanna sit at a computer and read that, right? So, I decided to split the chapters up and in the end, wound up with about 84 chapters. That being said, I didn't see a point in continuing to add to the story with chapters 85, 86, 87, etc., 'cause people'd see that and be like "Ahhh, no. *exes out*".

So, I came up with a plan: since the story wasn't finished yet, I'd just go and continue it in another file/story/management/document whatever! So, I made Rebirth and added to the story there, again with shortened chapters.

That being said, Rebirth isn't necessarily a sequel to Covenant. That's why both parts are called "Covenant/Rebirth", which is followed by either ": Covenant" or ": Rebirth". I thought that was more creative than "Covenant/Rebirth: Part One" or "Covenant/Rebirth: Part Two", y'know?

Soo, yeah. That's just a little bit of some fun facts about my only fanfic on here. Other fun facts are listed at the end of "Covenant/Rebirth: Rebirth" :D

Now, on to other matters: I've noticed that some of my readers have been adding me to their watch/follow list or whatever. I'm flattered, really, but honestly I think it's pointless. And I'll tell you why:

Since Covenant/Rebirth is complete, I'll be moving out of the fanfiction world and into the world of original literature (I mean, I already have, really, but I'm like, making it official...I guess...) The only thing this account will be used for will be to refresh the stories I've already posted. So, say, iuno, every couple months I'll come back and "re-post" the last chapters of Covenant/Rebirth, just to bump them to the front page when people go looking for fanfics to read, y'know?

Anyway, news about the particular works I'll be making in the future are posted in the little artist's blurb thingy at the end of Rebirth. I'd write it here but, honestly, I don't think people look at profiles very much on this website, tahaha.

Well, toodloo

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