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Author has written 4 stories for Twilight.

33-year-old mother of one, obsessed with Twilight. And Rob. :)

I have been reading fanfiction for a few years now, but I am finally trying my hand at writing my own. Hope you enjoy it!

I tend to write about things I know. I have never been married... but I have had lots of angsty relationships, lots of sex, and a seven-year-old who is too smart for her own good. So you will get lots of angsty lemons and maybe a Renesmee story or two...

Things I love: Rob, shirtless Rob, smirking Rob... focus, dye... Twilight Bella, Eclipse Jasper, the Wolf Pack, pretty vampires with nasty attitudes, sparkle peen, cheeseburgers, feathers, and lemons (especially the tart ones).

Things I hate: Twilight haters (they were EVERYWHERE at Comic-Con), New Moon Bella, Eclipse Jacob, Breaking Dawn Alice (when she leaves her family... I know there's a purpose, but it still sucked), the 'fade to black' scenes on Isle Esme (don't even GET me started...), cockblockers (i.e.: Jacob), and the fact that we have to wait TOO DAMN LONG for the other three movies to hit theaters.

Since I hate more things than I love, maybe I need counseling... writing (and reading) is therapeutic. Hopefully it will be enough. :)

Check me out on Twitter (dyenessa) and Facebook (Dyenessa Cullen). I love new friends!

UPDATED 7/15/11:

A few updates:

Spring semester (and Summer term) is over... no more school 'til Fall...

My daughter and I have moved into a HUGE house in Washington, DC. A longer commute to work, yes, but I am glad we moved!

I'm married now! :) That's MRS. Cullen to you, as of March 19th, 2011. It's been a great few months, but now I'm in the mood to write again.

Chapter 15 is UP!!!! I promise I will update a LOT sooner than this last time. Please read and show me some luuuuuuuuv. :)

I'm heading to San Diego for Comic-Con TOMORROW and I am SO EXCITED!!! I am camping out with a few friends outside of Hall H on Wednesday night. Hopefully I will have a google of awesome front-row pics from the Breaking Dawn panel on Thursday morning.

UPDATED 8/12/10:

Okay, guys... I know I have been gone for a minute but I have NOT forgotten about this story. I sorta had a... change in trajectory for sex-crazed Bella and her hopeless pawn Edward. And I lost my beta :( So, rest assured, the next chapter will be posted very, very soon. It will be worth the wait... guaranteed! Twitter (dyenessa) and Facebook (Dyenessa Cullen) are the best ways to catch me for updates, teasers, spoilers, etc... so check me out!

Since you have been so patient, here's a spoiler for Chapter 15...

Edward might not go home right after the 'incident' at the Alley... maybe he takes a detour to someone's U District apartment...

Or not... :)


UPDATED 2/19/10:

EXCITING NEWS! “Two Wants, One Unfulfilled” was nominated for the Indie Twific Award for “AU Story that Knocks You Off Your Feet”!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU to all of you who nominated this story. I am glad that so many people like it. Now that the nomination period has ended, voting starts February 20th. Please vote at ... and spread the word!

Chapter 13, "Double Entendre" posted today. Here are some relevant links:

Urbandictionary.com's definition of a "jolly rancher" -

Chaucer's 'Canterbury Tales' (which, by the way, is chock full of sexual innuendos) - (P.S.: This has the original Middle English and Modern English translations side-by-side)

The Bible is in wide circulation but the chapter from which today's quote is found (I Corinthians 13) is particularly relevant to this story. It talks about the importance of love. Read the section in its entirety (New International Version) -

Sidebar - The quotes at the beginning of the chapter are important: one represents Bella's perspective and the other is from Edward's POV. Which quote is Bella's and which quote is Edward's? If you can figure out the double entendre here, you get a Jolly Rancher from RPattz himself! :)

Happy reading!!


UPDATED 1/29/10:

Edward's attire:

The shirt (in charcoal - almost black) -

The pants (in black, of course) -

One word - YUM!

Edward's "morning-after" outtake is posted below. It was originally posted with Chapter 12, but it slowed the story down so I took it out. Check it out!

UPDATED 1/22/10:

If you are interested in Bella's outfit in Chapter 10, these items were my inspiration:

Raincoat: (I LOVE THIS COAT!! I want one for myself. :))

Wrap cardigan:

The boots:

Imagining Edward/Rob in a blood red dress shirt, a ribbed wifebeater, dark-wash jeans, and fuck-me eyes is not difficult to do. No need for examples. :)

UPDATED 12/14/09:

New story posted - 'Nocturne Op. 9'. Originally posted for the 12/14 Smut Mondays @ Twilighted: .

If you would like to hear the piece mentioned in the o/s (Nocturne in B-flat minor, Op 9, No 1 by Chopin), Maria Joao Pires gives a wonderful interpretation here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I4zkk7NOCtg&feature=related – it’s beautiful.

Let me know what you think!

UPDATED 11/14/09:


The “Twilight Fandom Gives Back” auction starts Sunday, November 15th, at 10am EST. I am auctioning two 5,000-word one-shots – you write the prompt, I write the fic. It could be a TWOU outtake, an alternate ending, any another idea I have floating around in my head, or anything you can come up with. The auction will run until Friday, November 20th. All proceeds benefit Alex's Lemonade. Please sign up for the auction website, bid lovingly, and spread the word!!

UPDATED 11/13/09:


I will be the guest author for the December 14th edition of “Smut Mondays” by Ninapolitan! The powerhouses of fanfic have contributed some top-notch smut to start your week off right. If you are not familiar with “Smut Mondays”, PLEASE go check it out on Twilighted (www.twilighted.net/viewstory.php?sid=834). Please come and support these wonderful writers and PLEASE check out my story on December 14th!

UPDATED 10/26/09:

Links to pics that inspired the Cullen Seattle house:

UPDATED 9/9/09:

New chapter for TWOU - links to cool stuff from Ch. 3:

Info about moonstone (emotional healing):

Info about malachite (protection):

Bella’s necklace:

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Redux reviews
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