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I'm an 19yr old Art student, England. Going to uni next year to study animation and generally go weird!

Fav things: Fantasy novels, films, manga, art, swimming and all hail Eddie Izzard and his glorious talent!

Pet Hates: Sunday drivers, people with closed minds who refuse to acknowledge art, other people who think fantasy and sci-fi fans are pathetic geeks.

Fav quotes: (anything and everything said in the Matrix film - eg DODGE THIS!)

Troop:'s the rebels...they're here!
Troop: No Sir, i think it's a little more serious than that... they have a flag!"

Finally coz i know your all bored by now.
Thank you eternally to my Soul Mate (and you know who you are!)for supporting me in every conceivable way in some of my darkest hours and for being my new found sister blessed under the stars. Most of all thank you for giving me back my smile. Through Shade i will always pour every spark of my love and energy long after the afterlife has forgotten us. x