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There's a lot I need to point out but I can only do so much in so little time.

Personl record- - " I did loose a bet to Madara.. On what you ask? .. I don't know if I should say, living it down is bad enough."

-yes I love blond jokes, but I still don't think they have yet to do Deidara justice. He's not an idiot. That I'm sure of, he's just a little saner than some is all. I do need so say something regarding one of the few eps I've seen. WHY? OMG WHY? Would you admit to doing something that is obviously crazy, and idiotic? I'm refering to the fight between him and Garra when he lost his arm,

-I honestly thought Naruto had reserved that right but apparently.. I was very wrong.

-...Tobi...and Naruto,No relation, but yes they are equally crazy.

" I really hate the color orange. With great passion and its not because of Naruto, its my shoes. They really do make your eyes bleed."

Personal QUOTES:

- " It has become apparent that my idols either don't exist, or are dead. So I can't honestly say I beleive in anyone anymore."

- " Should I even ask where your head is? Its probably up your ass like everything esle!

- " A cock and balls smoothie? Do you want one? Just let me pull your dick and balls out your ass, throw them in a blender.. And wala!"

" You do know that I have more balls than you right? Two just dosen't do it for me."

- "Scambled eggs and susage.. Isn't breakfast. Its a massacare!"

I've read stories that do involve lists.. I beleive its ridiculus but I'm going to have fun here on the profile anyway. Mostly all of this has something to do with why anime is dangerous, and why I have too much free time. Some of this stuff can happen. Or has in my case, even if it was accidental. It made me crazy. So I thought I'd share my isanity.

In my defense, I am currently working on a fic with someone and I'm quite angry so to vent my frustration. The List was born. This is a ' what grinds my gears' kind of list..

(Remember, there are a few jokes on here that are just random and don't pertane to Naruto. It's just there.)

If anyone finds anything on this list hillarias, you have every-right to laugh, but when this stuff happens to you.. don't laugh just own up to it and write your own list.

- People always wonder and ask if I’m male or female. Usually I don’t dignify that particular question with a response but when I do it really scares people.

I'm not against transgender, I admire them for their guts. As for me I'm just gay thats all -I’m not transgender but a lot of people ask if I am. But I almost always tell them that if your that blind.. See a doctor.

-I’ve had other girls tell me that I’m in the wrong bathroom on my best day’s and dudes tell me the same thing on all my bad days. So can you tell me which bathroom I should use? Cuz I’m really starting to get confused.

- this is cruel but I did do this cause I had to. I told my four year old nephew to grow a set, after I discovered him playing with barbies.

-It’s really funny when people don’t believe that I’m hearing impaired. Its hilarious when they yell in my ear to prove me wrong. Only to find everyone else staring at them like their crazy! * This happens alot, so sue me*

- Face palming is always my answer to every ridiculously stupid question so yes I always get myself in trouble. * no joke guys*

I drive my mother insane with what I do, and to tell you the truth, Its funny. Cuz, Just because I fumble around like a clumsly drunk doesn't mean shit. Because, when she tries to analize, I stadagize, so its better to be an idiot. So, don't stop to ask, when you already know because, no, I'm not nuts, and yes, I know exactly what I'm doing, so HA! I just never want to get involved!

.This list is a shout out to my cousin! The ass that convinced me that being an ass is a proffesion!

1 : for the record me and Mikey don’t always get along, but we're both alot alike. However, when comparing relationships, I draw a blank. Only anime relations come to mind. I am his teme, and he's my dobe. So family does suck huh? An't that about a about a bitch? lol

And the only refrence I could find to represent this is that he's my Naruto to his Sasuke... And no, I'm not an vindictive, emo, bastard.. I'm a bitch Mike get it straight. Weird huh? When really our relationship is more along the lines of how the real Sasuke and his older brother is.

2-I’ve told my cousin to find his emo corner.. When he did I laughed .

3- And When I told him that he looked like Sasuke he gave me a weird look but when he saw a picture of Madara he started to laugh. In a moment of lapsed sanity I was dumb enough to ask why.. He had asked if I took a picture of my self. And yes, I did smack him after this

And I’ve regretted having him watch Naruto ever since.

4-I’m even very scared to wear nail polish.. I did it once.. and the result.. Well scratches head um.. It could have gone better.

5-I’m glad I’ve never ever uttered the words “ You lack hatred” to my cousin.. Atleast not loud enough for everyone else to hear anyway. Lol

6-I will never wear red contacts even if said result is and would be hilarious.

7-I will never ever wear an all out Akatski uniform in front of you Mike.. Even if I feel like it. wait, scratch that I just might do that

8-I will also never Tell your sister how much you remind of Naruto when you really fuck something up.

Even if she paid me..lol

9-I probably shouldn’t even draw a picture of you and then make you sit through another episode of Naruto to compare your emo-ness to Sasuke's.. Just to show you that you probably are an alternative universe version of Sasuke… to prove a point when I’m mad enough

10-I should probably never ask you how your relationship with Itatchi is going either…. But I will most likely end up doing this just to see how confused you get.

11-I should probably say I’ve never done most of these things, but I’m proud to say that I’ve thought about doing everything else while I have done a few things on this list. Except for a few.. That do cross that line. Yes that line Mike.

-Its probably not funny to point out that you are wrong, following this I shouldn’t say ‘ Believe It ‘ after I’ve shown you why your wrong.. Lol..

12-Reversed roles are funny but really.. Mike you should seriously not try to beat me at everything.

13-I shouldn’t tell you that you are Sasuke’s worst nightmare.. Naruto.

14-I shouldn’t play Itatchi and beat you either. Video game

15-Or even cosplay as Naruto for Halloween.

16-Even realllllyyyy explain what ‘ you lack hatred’ means. Or who says it just to piss you off.

17-I’m sure you could probably taunt me for this Mike but please let every fan girl out there know that even though you look like Sasuke..it still doesn’t mean that you are him.

- Here's one for the crossing the line segment - Heres something that has not been done or attempted because its very wrong I will not do this no matter how drunk I get. I will not ever cross this line. And no I wasn’t smoking anything illegal when this was thought of. I will not ever kiss you.. * on the cheek folks*.. Even acting on this little joke would probably send me to prison or the loony bin

18-Here’s another that will cross the already thin line between right and just plain wrong. I will not force you to watch everything that involves the show Naruto. No matter how much I want to get you back for messing with my art!

19-It probably wouldn’t be funny if I gave into a single moment of lapsed sanity and make a bet with you and when I loose.. I’m stuck in a crowded place cosplaying as one of the characters you choose.

That last one isn’t funny.. Its just weird.. No matter how you look at it.

20-Dragging you to a anime convention.. Is probably not funny either.. Especially when someone points at you and screams “ IT’s Sasuke!!”. Even if watching you run is funny the resulting injury is probably worse than then the less than subtle insult that was implied.

21-I really want to set you up on a date with a very big Sasuke fan.. But yes this would be cruel and unusual punishment no matter how pissed off I get.

I will not get mad if you do find away to black mail me with this list. But yes you will suffer.

22-When you walk around in public I’m almost positive that some random person has quoted atleast one line from the show. I will not bring it up.

23-Here’s one that should be not be mentioned but yes I did do this one without even meaning to. I did acidently use hm, un, and yes yeah after over four sentences. But if anyone that’s reading this is confused I’ll mention that yes, the character that I accidentally mimicked is an Akatski member.

24-I’ve laughed my ass off at my cat. Why? You ask. I named the little shit Madara. And yes when the dog mauls him with his tongue.. I crack jokes.. About what you ask.. I don’t even know if I should admit this but I have to confess that yes although watching the dog give a small cat a cow lick is funny to watch. I really should stop cheering the dog on. Because it is very cruel.even if the cat deserves it...

26-I will not glare at my mom. Its funny but only to me.

27-I really shouldn’t have done this but yes I’ve figured out how and why Deidara behaves the way he does and how in the hell he gets away with it. No matter how funny it is the idea is dangerous.

28-Explosives are fun but anything out of the norm isn’t funny no matter how badly you want to watch the outcome of this.

29-I used clay a lot when I was still in high school.. I probably should have been warned that yes art is a bang before I tried to fire a sculpture with air pockets. this did happen before I knew the meaning of the phrase and yes someone did get hurt but it was an accident.

30-Anything you do can be used against you and if you are like me you do know that when this happens you should probably not smile or laugh when it does occur.

-I’ve wondered what it is that Deidara does with his hands when he is alone.. And yes I stopped wondering because I barfed. The idea’s were too graphic and yes I washed my own mouth out with soap.

-I thought about Hidan once.. But debunking his religion is probably not the best idea. Even pointing out why he’s single. And yes, it would be dangerous to even make a bet with his partner on how he will die.

-Kisame you should know that jaws called and your being sued for likeness rights.

Itatchi you are an asshole if your out there laughing at what I just said. He is your partner...

-Deidara I should probably tell you that having long hair is bad. But you probably know this better than me. Lol.

I will also never quote anything from any Kevin Smith movie. Or say Jay, Bob and your clit to Deidara.

if anyone out there has seen Jay and Silent Bob strike back then you should be laughing at what I just listed.

If there is anyone out there that has never ever worn a trench coat you should know that its dangerous. well if you have than you know that its dangerous. Most people would never think about how it sucks when you get your foot caught in your coat. Now I know why the Akatski have their cloaks cut to a certain point. And yes I do were a long black coat that does go to my ankles.

No one should ever attempt this no matter how funny it is.

No one in their right mind would barrow some random girls purse and give it to Deidara. Don‘t say“ You should fix your makeup.” when he asks why you gave him a purse. Don’t laugh at how mad he gets.

Even if you run out of blond jokes don’t do what is listed just above this. I did this to a guy once, it wasn't pretty.

I will never ask Itatchi, Madara, or even Sasuke how many fingers I’m holding up. It’s cruel when they can’t guess. Even though it’s a joke don’t give them your middle finger and ask them if they know how many fingers holding up. They will break your fingers.

Also, don’t laugh right away when they tell you your holding up three fingers. Because you should reserve it for after you tell them to read in between the lines.

Here’s another thing that should be taken into consideration before you are forced to participate in a soccer game. Bring a change of cloths. Other wise you will never forget how bad things can get. I did this once and never again did it. I got my foot caught in my sleeve. It was funny that people were cheering me on but still being a mascot is not fun. * halloween, I lost a bet, And I had to show up at school as Inuyasha. No fun, believe me)

Never ask Deidara how many eggs he broke after he leaves the bathroom.

-Never ever ask if Deidara can see where he’s going with all that blond hair of his. Also, laughing when he walks or runs into a tree while he’s arguing with you on this isn’t funny either.

-Don’t say “ bite me,” no matter how irritated you get with him.

-Don’t stop to question if Deidara knows what he’s doing.. Run.

-Questioning if he knows what he’s doing is probably a blow to his ego and when he tells you not to tell anyone that he was wrong don’t tell every one in the hideout.

-If your ever have tea with anyone, please don’t ask “ how many lumps? One or two?” . Don’t hit them upside the head and say, “ There’s your lumps.” when you get your answer.

-Don’t ever criticize an artist no matter if what they’re doing is questionable.

-“ Lead, follow, or get out of the way. “ Also should not ever be said no matter how funny it is when someone has no sense of direction.

-Don’t tell Deidara that even if art is fleeting that it doesn’t include blowing up brownies.

-Getting into a pottery class with Deidara is probably not a good idea either Because loosing a bet isn’t what you should worry about, his temper is. Don’t provoke him no matter how funny it is watching him try to understand the point of pottery.

-Don’t ever ask yourself how much trouble you can get into in the Akatski hideout,wonder what happens after they catch you.

-For your own safety make sure you don’t ask how many impressions Tobi can do Or how good he is at it. Because yes he will wait until you least expect it and that yes he will probably show up as Pain. The curtains would also probably appreciate your kindness if you would please stop clinging to them. .

Don’t every say “ No guts, no glory.. Jeeze Don’t you have any balls?” TO Deidara.

Don’t make brownies and tell Tobi to stand close and watch them carefully while they cool off. And don’t

hide under the table with Deidara just before they explode. Its too obvious of a hiding spot.. Laughing would also be dangerous. Even though everyone else is covered head to toe in brownie mix.

Don’t do the exploding brownies gag. Even if you lost a bet to Deidara. I wouldn’t

.People always say ‘Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do” And the sky’s not the limit with Deidara.

Don’t send Deidara into the wrong bathroom on purpose, no matter how funny it is watching him run from the one girl in there that isn’t afraid to hit him.

Don’t argue with Hidan about how and why there is no god. This would take all day to prove.. Its probably not a good idea to argue about this subject with him in front of Pain either.

Don’t ask Hidan even if you really have to about anything.

Don’t laugh at Hidan even if He’s covered head to toe in what you think is sewage. Because even if it does smell. You will have to deal with the consequence of this for eternity.

Don’t even think about getting a horn, because it does break after a hour of blowing it in Hidan’s ear when he swears. * I did do this to someone, It did not go over well at all.*

Don’t ask him if he lives with Vampires. Or even if he does drink blood. He is delional on his own he doesn't need help to justify it. Even if he does in fact drink blood, I don't suggest aggreeing with him.

Don’t even ask how many curses he knows either.. It would be a long and I mean long time before you stop laughing.

Don’t be surprised if you loose a bet, be angry you lost to a blond

Deidara don’t try to laugh off what I’m about to say.. I do think about why you have a short temper. But I’m torn between the idea that people always tell you that yes you are in the wrong bathroom because its just wrong. Or my favorite do you wear lipstick too? Or is it just eyeliner? And yes I’ve wondered about how you get away with your attitude and why it sucks that I get in trouble for even doing anything similar to what you do. * Yes, *sigh* I'm guilty of being a punk in public, so sue me*

I met someone over the summer and yes I had fun laughing later on who he reminded me of. Travis you look like Madara. CUT YOUR HAIR!!

Madara if you are so great and smart then you should probably stop acting like a moron. And that you should get over yourself and get yourself a clue if you can’t figure out where your plan went wrong.

Sasuke I question how badly you need your brother.. I’ve come to a conclusion but you would be better off not knowing why.

Naruto I do worry about you.

Pain I do know for a fact that there are people in this world that would seriously giggle or be stunned at what I can say about you but I have respect .

Heres one that probably should never ever be attempted even in a story.. Don’t put saran wrap on the inside of the toilet. And rigging the shower so people get sprayed with it is probably something that will probably get you killed.

1: Nair in shamppo and conditioner bottels

2: Super glue* or strongest glue you can find* on the toilet seet, both top and bottom

3: DON"T butter the hard wood floors and then yell fire. Or video tape the event either.

4: Pinesole, and fire alarms do not belong in the fridge. Or even toilet paper.

5: Switch out a guys wordrobe for nothing but dresses and skirts.

Madara, is probably evil but I think the cat has him beat.

Tobi was nice but I shouldn’t be sorry that he’s gone.

I haven’t done this but I know that I probably will loose my temper and do it. I will probably say to someone who has a god complex that all rights to this have been sold. And that yes there is a god but no your not him. Not enough peircings and definitely not that you should change your opinion because I said so.

I’ve kicked myself for some of this stuff that’s listed but its not because I’ve done all of it.. I haven’t.. I just realized how wrong this stuff I’ve either said or done and possibly even thought of is seriously wrong.

So take this into consideration before you do what I just mentioned. I’m sure your family would probably be a lot happier than mine is with me. I’m positive on how and why its dangerous to even speak of anime characters to people that really shouldn’t know. This list should prove it..

Mike for the record, if you are reading this.. Dude I am so sorry.. I really shouldn’t have told you about anime.. And I hope peach girl is doing it for you.. Lol.

To Mike’s older sister- Your probably the only one other than me that would find laughing at the list really funny. And if you do please don’t read this to your brother..lol..

Krys, please don’t tell him. He seriously shouldn’t hear this or even know what this site is and what’s on it.. I’m sure that he really shouldn’t be shown this site it would seriously kill him..lol

He now knows not to cross the line but apparently I don’t seem to follow.

They say Lead, follow, or get out of the way. But truefully I haven’t even figured out where I’m standing.

Before I forget, Scarlett letter is still a work in proggress. I 'm still nit picking thats why its taking almost a year to write it. And it will most likely be my first and last Naruto fic.

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