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Hello, since you probably don't know me I might as well introduce myself

Name: Yeah right, like the name is going to come out just like that, but if you want to call me something, it can be Sy

Age:Guess, I dare you to

Hobbies: playing video games, daydreaming(which is probably what I am doing right now), hanging out with friends, drawing whats on my mind

Favorite Game Series: Kingdom Hearts, Pokemon, Naruto, Fire Emblem, Dynasty Warriars, Super Mario, Advance wars

Favorite Online games: Mabinogi(under Syforce), Maplestory, LaTales, Shin Megami Tensei Imagine Online and a bunch more...

Current stories:

Pokemon Rescue Team Guardians: a story showing the character of the manga author Makoto Mizobuchi. He thought he had seen the last of his adventures, but when he is needed again, he bringing friends along for the ride. What will his new adventure have in store for him, his friends, and even their parents?

Pokeshifters New Light: (This stems from my over the head interest ( am I being exagerate here?) in Pokemorphs. I'm always reading stories of them and seeing images of them. This story also stems from the fact that I have interest in transformation.) Aqune is a human ike everyone else, or so she thinks. When she given the truth about her origin, what new path holds for her and her friends?

Upcoming stories:

Pokeshifters: Destiny of time

I happen to have a Deviantart account under the same name. Feel free to drop by and check when you want to. -->

I do not own Pokemon or any other products of companies. All copyrighted things belong to their respective owners.

Pokemon (c) GameFreak, Nintendo

Characters used for stories such Anna, Aqune and Kanesill (c) me

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