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Seach purposes: Wanna see what I'm working on or news with my fiction? My Bio has most of what you're curious about. ^_^

My mind is all wierd. I have humor, adventure, mystery, all in one. And the dominant thing is that I start something, and either I don't finish it, or I take A LOT of time to do it! So don't expect the next part or chapter anytime soon... ^_~

For those who visit my bio, a treat! As I can't directly edit a story to post the latest of news, I shall post it here, for all to see!


(07/31/02) Meh heh. No news for seven months, and just about as much new fiction. Hoo boy. This update really isn't one, I'm just letting you know I'm alive and that I haven't forgotten about my stories. It's just that stuff and writer's block stops me from writing. ;; Though I have a goal, which is to get one new piece of fiction up in the next two months. It will either be Ch1 of Digimon: Season Zero, Ch1 of Duhgimon: Kind of Ultimate Journey, Ch1 of Adventures in Anime, or Part 1 of Death, Destruction, and Destyny. So you have something good to look for. I took down my site because, just like fiction, I had no time to work on it, and I also wanted to start from scratch. But it will be back up by next summer with brand new everything, including my own fiction site, this time with more of the things you're used to here at FF.net. Cheers.

(12/31/01) [wonders how many people read this] Oh well. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I've got some stuff done for DS0, but I'm not done yet. I also start a new job this Wednesday, so that will take some time. But I'll be able to get a Support Service account. ^^ JOY.

I've also redone the layout for my site ( and for Fanime Neo. I suggest you check them out. Cause they're my sites, ya know?

(10/31/01) [Eats candy] Not much of an update here. I'm STILL working on DS0's episode guide, then I can get down to the episodes. For those who read the first ones, expect something REALLY different. I've worked out some things at work, so I'll have a bit more time to work on fics and stuff (if I can put my DC down).

I added another possibilty under Stories Red. It's another Duhgimon (if you have no clue what I'm talking about, read 'Duhgimon', listed below) fiction, but this time with a plot and some action. I tone down the slapstick, and go for some good old jokes and bad-ass action. Should I get to it, expect it around March.

(08/28/01) Edited Bio, moved D:S0 (rewrite) down to Yellow Status. A new story under Red Status, Digimon 2025: Project Alpha. I also moved Psychic Menace down there. It's a prequel, and since the author of the main story has restarted, I figure I'll wait to do that until I have a lote more info.

I've made some headway with D:S0, but I'm still having problems with making synopses for 4 of the last episodes. :/ Ah well. I'm contemplating making Touch of Escaflowne, should I do it (and I bet I will,) a part of a fiction series entiled 'Experiance of Escaflowne.' We'll see how it goes. I see they fixed the table so my image doesn't make so much white space. ^_^ Yay. I want the forums back, please...

Story Status

Stories Green: (Stories that are updated or are not done)
--What if...? (status: Pause - Brainstorm)

Stories Yellow: (Stories that are not posted, but are being worked on)
--Digimon: Season Zero (Status: Synopsis for 1-23, 29-30 done; Prequel done)
--Death, Destruction, and Destyny (Status: Part 1 of 3 completed)

Stories Red: (Stories that are in the thought process (no guarentee of ever seeing daylight))
--Touch of Escaflowne
--Adventures in Anime
--The Conclusion/The Enemy (Animorphs)
--The Psychic Menace
--Digimon 2025: Project Alpha
--Duhgimon: Ultimate Journey

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