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Author has written 4 stories for Hetalia - Axis Powers.

So I've been MIAI haven't updated much in a year because I have been very busy. I am working on it though. I was trying to gather up/ finished most of it before publishing so that I could update weekly. I've cut some stories from the plan. I am in and out of the country, working, going to school, usw... So, bear with me. I've also forgotten a lot of my plans so its taking me time to remember a plot or twists, etc. On top of it, my 'real' writing has been taking off, winning multiple awards, receiving high praise with historians and writers alike. That takes priority, but I have not forgotten about you all! Atrophy is the first on my list to complete. Because of FF's stricter enforcement of smut, I have has to change the story around a bit so that it does not get taken down, so I apologize about that.

are you into rping? Like Petalia? There is an rp spot that needs filling regarding wild petalia during a WWII like setting. This RP deals with some heavy taboos. The spot is to take over the main protagonist's role. It is done via msn. You don't have to be experienced, but should be able to write about a paragraph response easily, but sometimes the responses are significantly less because of its real time msn setting. You are also welcome to make your own characters. So long as you replace this existing one!

please. pm. me. if. interested. The spot is still open. I will fill you in on the details.

I did not learn English first and I am no English major, so any grammar help is VERY VERY VERY loved! I hack around on this for fun but still I do find it helpful to write with other people's characters as it teaches you perspective. That is why I love

I've been smoothing over "the child of germany" since my English has improved some. Grammar is being corrected as is some spelling. Some details are being changed or made more flowy. yes flowy is now a word.

Current Writings and Longer Summaries-


Alien: Prometheus. WARNING summary contains SPOILERS!

David 8 has been successfully repaired and is fully functional. Shaw's only companion now, they drift through space on course to the Engineers. The crew of the Prometheus is thought to have been dead, but just after lift off a signal is given to the ship. Cautiously, both return to the planet to discover one of Weyland's "common" crew members alive. A boy prodigy, he was smuggled aboard the Prometheus by an adult friend. Shaw and David take him on board and quarantine him. David begins to learn that roles can quickly reverse. Their mission begins to teeter dangerously closer and dangerously more fruitless. Rated M. Sexual themes, violence, cannibalism, gore, language. Might release in German and English depending on time.

"Dear Old Papa"

APH. Warning, while I usually don't take writing on FF too seriously, this work will be of the utmost historical accuracy with some extremely hard to swallow truths. I have done over 100 hours of research with first hand accounts of the Holocaust, Nuremberg Trial Witnesses, and used many first hand accounts, my own archive of original Holocaust documents, and consulted with experts in-person in Holocaust history. I did this for an /actual/ work, not this one, but I am using the same research to craft this. As a result, I must ask the utmost respect for all victims on any side when reading this story. Understand that it is a work of "fiction" but it is all based on the actual happenings of the Holocaust. I will not tolerate arguments from deniers or those without the level of research and qualifications I have bothered to collect. Wikipedia does not make you an "expert".

The Summary/teaser": Ludwig is merely a man forced across different careers in the new government. His brother, Gilbert, eagerly jumps into a patriotic group of young university students. Determined to keep his crumbly country alive with his loyalty. Ludwig hangs back in the shadows and the lives of the two brother's take drastically different terms. Weaving in and out of each others lives. Ludwig a father who now must commit acts that break his sanity and Gilbert who has long ago abandoned his nature for survival in a hostile new world. In the End, the family may not come out intact. Rated M. Abuse, language, historical sensitivity, crude humor, racism, antisemitism, rape, child abuse, violence, murder, gore, and discrimination. FemLudxLud, Gilbert, OC, human names and human beings.

"The Child of Germany"

Axis powers Hetalia. Germany is ordered and given custody of a sickly child. But Prussia went over Germany's head to his boss in order to get the child into Germany's care. What is so unique about this child? Why is a fragile abuse boy going to tip the scales of war? Who is it testing more Germany? Italy? Or Germany's boss? Rated T. Abuse, Violence, Crude Humor, Sensitive Material. Amount Complete-Done Published (Editorial Changes only)


Hetalia. The fall of the Berlin wall. no accurate history, one shot. rated K. Done and published


Axis Powers Hetalia. squeal of "Child of Germany". His family is broken. Near death. His brother is unrepairable, his child horribly burned and in coma. The man he once called a coward is now the only one he can depend on. Can this damage be undone? Or will this wasted body of a family fall and never stand up again? Heavy Gerita. Rated M. Romance, Language, abuse both physical and sexual, sex, and sensitive issues. PUBLISHED in process.


Gilbert loves his chick but how did that little bird manage to sooth such an excitable, ambitious, man? Let alone be his companion when no one can bare his personality. Rated M for language, sexual themes, abuse.

"The Calvary"

Hetalia. Ludwig's childhood is unique, to put is mildly. When anyone/anything is being raised by Gilbert it is bound to have some horror stories. Ludwig's childhood from infancy to adulthood. may be a major project, still debating if I will do. Rated T for language, sexual 5 meters of awesome, violence.

"The Bear"

Oneshot, a quick glimpse into Ivan's life. A bitter sweet one at that. Ivan has made a new friend in the rough wilderness of his land. A friend that is so close with him, Ivan's insanity even yields to him. Rated T for gore.


Ever wanted a unique pet? Buy a Hetalia today! Several breeds to choose from plus a handy guide to raising them! Rated M. sexual themes, hinted yaoi, stereotypes. Updating-working on additional chapters and DOCUMENTARY. Leave pairings in Reviews. So far, in order, GreeceXjapan, CanXprussia, RussiaXchina, Spamano, USxUK, ausXhunXpru, Rusliet, Gerita will be last [because its most popular and the longest]. Some of these will be short snippets others, longer tellings. It will be listed as Doc USxUK part I., Part II, etc. if it is so long as to need parts.


Hetalia. Ludwig/Deutschland X Feliciano/Italien. M. vergewaltigen, Gewalt, "Yaoi". Sie sagen Ludwig wurde ein biest. Mitunter ist es gut, ein Biest zu haben.

Little about me... Well... Currently i find myself in the united states, but I must say it doesn't really feel like home. I still consider Germany my home and still consider myself a German. I am VERY proud of my German heritage. My family left Germany a while ago but I do wish to go back. Americans have a lot of strange things and customs that I don't understand. I do not speak fluent German. I do speak Fluent English and then my native language. I'm pretty easy going and happy so drop a line. I always apologize for my lack of English skills, generally my computer fixes them for me though

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