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Author has written 15 stories for Saiyuki, Ronin Warriors, Fushigi Yuugi, Gundam Wing/AC, Misc. Anime/Manga, Final Fantasy VIII, Get Backers, and D.Gray-Man.

Hey look a profile! Maybe I should write in it so people's know what's up. Yeah I don't like to type cause I'm lazy... Forgive me! ;-;

Ok here is a running story status believe it or not:

D. Grayman: Between Black and White : Writing it right now.

Getbackers: Surviving the Aftermath : Got 10 more written pages to type before I run out of what I have but I am putting it on temporary hold to finish and type some of my Saiyuki fics for people who are beating me because I stopped. Ow...painful... Part of my Anime VS. Seven Sins series.

Getbackers: Get Back the Future : Is the only one that is complete.

Saiyuki: Just Above Normal : Is complete for now but I actually have another chapter for it but it's missing the fight scenes cause I'm too lazy to write them but I do intend on adding the last chapter sometime when I have free time.

Saiyuki: Mini Adventures : Is here for me to write in to keep myself sane when I write these darker they get me down sometimes and then characters get hurt. Run bishonen run! But yeah, I'll probably add a few more chappys to this one for the fun of it! XD

Saiyuki: Turning in Circular Motion : The new fic I am currently and activly writing at this time. Btw, I write on paper then type on my spare time so updates are few and far between sometimes.

Saiyuki: Demon's Within : The longest fanfic I own up to date. Most of it was written in 2002 but it was never typed due to the fact that I am lazy. Yeah, it happens. Don't worry though this one is one of my favorites so it will see the day. Part of my Anime VS. Seven Sins series.

Final Fantasy 8: To Own Forever : Discontinued because no one liked it...I did...but I don't count cause I already know what happens! XD Second chapter was written but never published.

Samurai Troopers: The Storm Front : I really liked this one but I had a problem. While writting it I had gotten pneumonia and had to be hospitalized when I got out I completely lost the notebook I had been using and the idea was lost inside my head. I can't remember where it was going so unless I find my book it will be discontinued until further notice. Sorry, I like this one too.

Arc the Lad: Shuu's Trouble With Chibi's : Ah yes, AtL one of my favorite animes. I discontined this one because I actually have 7 AtL fanfics and I just ran out of material of this one. I was going to tie it in with one of my others but perhaps whenever I start writing AtL again I'll finish it. It has 1 more wirtten chapter not published.

Arc the Lad: Elc's Trials : This one is hideously written in four different notebooks and changed ideas 3 times. Whenever I iron it out I'll finish typing day...not very soon...

Fushigi Yuugi: At War with the Four Gods : One chapter hand written more. I wrote this for a friend but could never really get into the art of Fushigi writing. I do not believe that I will get much more on it done anytime soon so it is discontinued until further notice.

Gundam Wing: One Chance for Time : This was one of my favorite fanfiction stories that I wrote. It has only one more handwritten chapter to it because I never got around to writing it. One day I will though because I like it a lot. It's an epic.

Gundam Wing : Confusion : Ah yes this's part of a series of Gundam odd pairing fics that I wrote for my sister. Poor thing has no end really it just keeps going and going and going... I'll get to typing the several chapters I have for it sometime.

Stories that I have Handwritten but not Typed:


MechaWarefare : A story about a AU space oddessy with the YuGiOh cast. Robo mechas, love triangles, and piracy galore! Humor.

Through the Ages : A YuGiOh story written in many parts. One is Midevil, one is Wild Western, one is Ancient Egyptian but they are all the cast as they go through the cycles of reincarnation thoughout time. Drama/Action

Darkest Knight : A story about being swept into the dark side of the cards. Action/Adventure


Blank Paper : A funny short about the Sanzo-ikko and Kougaiji's crew with a blank book and a pen. References to Star Wars, The Matrix, and Aliens. Humor all the way!


Blink in Time: Quite an epic where travelers from a parallel dimention slip into this one while chasing a crazy version ofId who is out to be "The One" just like the movie kids but it turns out to be far more complex than a prideissue as they discover that Id is merely a pawn for something greater and the regualr dimension people get really confused and identies get mistaken a lot. 'Tears of angels hold power divine'. Action/Drama

Midevil Wishes: An AU kinda midevil setting. Fei is a farmer, Elly is a nobleman's daughter, Bart is a slave, Billy is a bounty hunter for hire whose little sister is stuck to him like glue. Fei frees Bart and everything starts to go down a terrible spiral and Billy gets tangled up in a web of deceit. Will freindship hold togeather or will it all fall to peices under strain? Adventure/Action

Hunting Fiends: Another AU about werewolves, vampires, time travel, dimention hopping, and other good fun. Humor/Adventure

Still checkin' da archiver.

Fushigi Yuugi:

The Raven A.K.A. The Chibi: A poem rendition of the raven done for Fushigi Yuugi "Quote the chibi, "Nevemore no da!"" Humor

Arc the Lad :

yeah got a lot of these too, when I check my archive I will list them.


The Blind May See : The off shoot of Get Back the Future where Kazuki and -Juubei- have a talk about his eyesight, then later how they actually get his eyes back. Romance/Action

Gundam Wing:

Gots ta check the archiver. Will list.


Failing to Hold On : Kakashi takes the kids on a trip but things go very wrong in the forest where a strange monster takes away one sense from each kid. Hear no evil, See no evil, Speak no evil.

Sorcerous Stabber Orphen:

Backwards in Time : The Tower is under attack from the inside threatening both Hartia and Azalae and when Orphen and his group go to the rescue, Magic accidentally sends them on a journey back in time.

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