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It has been a long time. A seriously long time. I've decided to do a major rehaul of my account here. I'm deleting a few of my old fics, or otherwise 'refurnishing' them.

The main reason why I'm doing this is because I've found a new hatred of Mary Sues. Ah yes; attention all authors who are concerned over their characters being 'mary sue-ish' check out this website and test your character yourself!

Its pretty accurate in my opinion. Gave me a serious reality check too hahahaha...

About me? I love gore, poetry, anime, etc. I am cursed with many plot bunnies and not enough dedication and confidence to use them all.. Therefore why most of my stories will probably have sporadic updates.

I also love OC's, but only if they are done well. I've always wished to include a likeable OC in my stories but then again there is that dreaded Mary Sue to think about..

Favourite character/obsession of the month? Kaito Kid of the Detective Conan/Case Closed/Magic Kaito series. He's fucking awesome.

My main reads are the popular ones here like Naruto, Bleach, Harry Potter, Full Metal Alchemist, etc etc.. I've also peaked into the Twilight fics out of curiosity, but hated them hehe. Other places I venture in are Detective Conan/Case Closed, Legend of Zelda, Hikaru no Go, OHSHC, Digimon, Pokemon, Transformers, Death Note, the Final Fantasy Series, are you even still reading this, etc etc.

Don't go into the Kingdom Hearts section unless you like yaoi.

Oh, and the Inuyasha fics are plain weird. Its exceedingly hard to find a nonromance story there and the pairings are all so strange..

Naruto and Harry Potter, due to their popularity, are a mixed bag, really. A bag full of gold nuggets, potatoes, lemons, and dungbombs. Did I mention how perverted the harry potter fans are?

Twilight is...


Astray is going to be rewritten. However, its not number one on my to do list so that may take a while...

I'm also thinking of venturing into the Legend of Zelda area... wish me luck :P


I hate long profiles with a burning passion so I'm going to stop here lol Thanks for reading!

- Black Panda OTL

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