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Author has written 21 stories for Queen's Thief series, Doctor Who, and Squire's Tales, Gerald Morris.

*-* Intro *-*

Greetings, and welcome to the fruits of much vehement typing, temple-rubbing, and head-desking. Being meticulous and self-recriminating sounds horrible, doesn't it?

I've mostly dedicated my writing skills to The Queen's Thief series by Megan Whalen Turner, which includes The Thief, The Queen of Attolia, The King of Attolia, and A Conspiracy of Kings.

I've recently starting writing for Doctor Who, but I have no intentions of leaving Eugenides behind, QT readers. so don't fret.

If you yourself are an avid fan of Mrs. Turner's work, I encourage you to take a peek at the very wonderful fan-community of Sounis. There is also an affiliated fan-fiction community, Queensthief_fic.

You can also visit me on Goodreads and Livejournal.


Breakfast with The King and Queen of Attolia: This one seems to be my most popular work, having the most reviews and favorites. The plot-bunny was born from my desire to explore how Gen and Irene might parent after reading one too many baby discussions on Sounis. The king's and queen's quirks are a bit exaggerated, I'll admit, but that was done purposefully in order to insinuate that they were taking this situation lightly. It should not be read as a serious discussion between the two. Hopefully, it will make you laugh. That was entirely the point

The Moonlight Advisor: The seeds for this fic were planted while listening to The Queen of Attolia audio book. For the first time, Irene's comment to Nahuseresh about meeting Gen's grandfather really raised some red flags. The Thieves don't seem to be the type to hitch a ride on the diplomatic party bandwagon, and Irene never mentions visiting Eddis prior to Helen's coronation, which occurred shortly after Eugenides the former's death. How and where did they meet? How did the discussion take a turn towards the Thieves of Eddis? And why was Gen's grandfather discussing such delicate matters with the daughter of a foreign king? So my braincells started simmering, and this was the result. I decided to set it during Gen's incarceration in Attolia to add more drama to the piece, and also because I really love Irene and wanted to explore her feelings during those difficult days immediately after the amputation. I really like back-flash scenes, too. What can I say...

Is logged in C2, The Tales of Attolia

Wings of Fear and Love: Where did this poem come from? I can't recall. Oh yeah... Way too much Evanescence and Noir. Now I remember.

This was inspired by the heart-wrenching sorrow that runs rampant throughout The Queen of Attolia. It's also similar to the scene in which Gen is captured by the Medes. I loved addressing the dark side of Gen's and Irene's love. Hopefully, it gives no one nightmares.

Seeing Red: I was wondering about Gen's thoughts on Irene's attempt to recover the Attolian royal jewels she had sold in order to seize her throne. As Gen was stalk- umm... observing her, he no doubt noticed her actions. This caused me to wonder if there was any particular reason he sent her SQUARE, RUBY earrings (beside that they matched her headband). Perhaps, they were jewels she was never able to recover, so he found ones just like them. As old as the Attolian jewels are suppose to be, no doubt there were records on the treasures somewhere in the Attolian royal archives that Gen managed to... umm... borrow.

As an answer to one reviewers question... No. Gen was not the guard Irene saw in the garden. That would not be possibly. Gen was little more than a child when Irene was engaged to her first husband, and the Attolian guard has an age requirement. Either way, it's very unrealistic Gen would steal a guard's uniform in order to explore. He wouldn't need to.

Is logged in C2, The Tales of Attolia

Thoughts of Hephestia: While editing The Moonlight Advisor my mind tended to wander and think about what the incarceration in Attolia was like from Gen's point-of-view. No doubt his take on matters would be painful and fuzzy, but it was still a concept with great potential. I found I could make the greatest impact by infusing third-person POV with a first-person commentary. Gen has such a wonderful snarky voice, even when he's in pain. I found I'm really comfortable with this format and may use it again in future stories. Though this story takes place in exactly the same time frame as The Moonlight Advisor, please don't consider it a companion fic. Thoughts is its own piece.

Play With Fire: I've always been intrigued by the concept of the song-fic and wanted to experiment with it a little. I read about an idea called the Ipod FF Challange, in which one sets their playlist to random and writes a fic or a set of fics focused on a single character based on the next ten songs that play. I must admit, my choices weren't entirely random, as I skipped over some selections till I found ones that suited my muse. I have the most practice with writing from Irene's perspective, so I decided to start with her. I named this set Play With Fire due to the lyrics that appear in the Good Charlotte song Victims of Love, which is the track for the lovely QoA fan trailer you can watch here on YouTube. If you'd like to listen to the songs that appear in this fic, please go here to my LJ post which contain a GS widget. Simply scroll to the end.

Note: This section will continue to be updated. I've just been so busy writing, that I've not added to it in awhile!

*-* Works in Progress *-*

Now updating writing progress at my LJ. Please, click here for the most recent update.

-*- Crackish Fics You Won't find On -*-

If you know me on the LJ comm, Sounis (by the same username) then you are probably familiar with my multiply displays of crackish idiocy that would probably get me banished from for crimes against good literature. So here is a rec list of me, making a fool of myself, for your reading pleasure. Enjoy.

Warning: The following may induce peals of laughter that may lead to coughing fits and/or stomach aches. Do not read the following of you are on any medications that can kill you. One should also be warned that reading the following at school, work, or any other institute in which you are pretending to work is ill advised. The author of the following is not liable for any subsequent suspensions/lay-offs. You have been warned.

Character Interview - Pickup line Edition

PG: For some mild reprobatish humor.

Need I say more? And really I insist. This one was not my fault. It was openedlocket's idea! *points finger* Note: my AKA is Lady Jane.

75 Reasons You May Be A Eugenides Addict

Part 1

Part 2


I acquire my inspiration from Jeff Foxworthy, but really this one is all Sounis. You guys are great! And thank you to Amolgere for keeping this on your Ipod doc feature, so you may giggle surreptitiously on the bus.

The Test


Just as official and as scary as it sounds. This test was the brainchild of a secret government spy who works for a secret government that is so secret it DOESN'T EVEN HAVE A NAME! Find out if you are worthy enough to call yourself a Sounisian.

It's All Mira's Fault


My friend and I Mira (openedlocket) started a back and forth banter after I accused her of getting me locked in the Median dungeons, and yeah... It just got worse from there.

V-day Love Notes: Comment-fic Party

Mine are here and here.


Agh_4's idea of celebrating V-day. I jumped on the bandwagon.

Also, you may like my QT playlist.

-*- History Haven -*-

In case you were wondering about that mysterious word featured in my icon, Clio is a Latin for muse of history. It is the community icon for the blog History_Haven that I assist in maintaining. Which means, yes... I am one of those scary moderators. History Haven is devoted to the historical discussion and debate of all countries and time periods. We are always welcoming new members, and we are all very friendly.

Hey... Why did you just take a step back? I'm not lying. Really... I'm not. (whistles innocently) So... Click. You know you want to. Click... Click... Focus on the small swinging object. Isn't it shiny? Oh... it's not working, is it? I must advance past hypnosis 101.

-*- What does Nine Days a Queen mean? -*-

Here's a little linkage that will clear that up.



If you have any questions or comments, please PM me.

-Nine Days a Queen

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