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Hi! I am ghostly bender and I currently don't have any fanfics out, but I do love to read others'. I try to reply to everything I can. I like giving people my opinion. XP

Some other stuff about me!

Eye Color- Blue Green

Likes- Wicked (book and musical), Avatar: The Last Airbender, Teen Titans, Lucky Star, One Piece, Keroro Gunso, cheddar chips, diet coke, reading, writing, drawing, sweets, air conditioning, rain, and yuri

Dislikes- citrus, zutara, peppers, humidity, and fiyeraba

Species- Fangirl. What else?

Icon- A prototype Wicked poster. Like it?

Favorite Pairing- Gelphie

Favorite Characters- Elphaba Thropp, G(a)linda Upland, Kagami Hiiragi, Nami, Natsumi Hinata

Heheh... Nessa's my favorite tragically beautiful psychopath. And Glinda's my favorite everything else, except sarcasm. That's Elphaba's thing.


"Sweet Lurline..."

"Your face. Toss THAT in your salad!"

"Don't say things like that to the girl that reads yuri..."

Ramblings- You know, it's so rare that you see an otaku (anime/manga-obsessed) and a Wicked fan in one person... But that's me, I guess.

Current Anime- One Piece, Keroro Gunso, K-ON!, Strawberry Panic!

Other- Tsukkomi, Tsundere type


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X~X~ X

I just saw Wicked on August 16th... it was amazing! For anyone who might not having seen it, SEE IT! My mom cried during the first 4 songs. Not that it matters. Just saying. Anyway, my favorite parts were when Fiyero first came to Shiz, when they gave Chistery wings, and when Glinda was twirling around her wand during the Catfight Scene.

For some reason, I pay attention to eye color. In most fanfics, eye color is mentioned at least once, and much more if it isn't a oneshot. So Elphaba has brown eyes and Glinda has blue, right? But on that Wicked poster logo that's everywhere Wicked-related, did anyone else notice Glinda has green eyes?? That doesn't make sense!! Once again, I'm just saying.

Favorite Quotes-

Wicked: The Untold Story of the Witches of Oz


Glinda- "It's good to see me, isn't it? No need to answer that; it was rhetorical."


Random Ozian- "Glinda! How does wickedness happen?"

Glinda- "That's a good question. One many people find confusifying."


Elphaba- "Okay, let's get this over with. No, I am not seasick; yes, I've always been green; no, I didn't eat grass as a child..."


Galinda- "Unusually and exceedingly peculiar and all together quite impossible to describe..."

Elphaba- "Blonde."


Galinda- "I don't understand why you can't teach us history instead of harping on about the past."


"Fiyero- "Maybe he saw green and thought it meant go."


Nessa- "What's in the punch?"

Boq- "Lemons and melons and pears."

Nessa- "Oh my."


-Elphaba and Galinda are sitting on Elphaba's bed-

Galinda- "It's tomorrow!"


Elphaba- "Where's Fiyero? Not that I'd expect him to say goodbye. I barely even know him."

Galinda- "I barely know him anymore too! He's been thinking, which really worries me!"


Fiyero- "I've been thinking..."

Elphaba- "So I've heard."


-Morrible takes out the Grimmerie-

Glinda- "Can I touch it?"

Morrible- "No."


Elphaba- "So you lied to them."

The Wizard- "Only verbally."


Glinda- "Just follow that road all the way! I do hope she finds her way. I'm so bad at giving directions."


Elphaba- "Well, we can't all come and go by bubble."


-Glinda slaps Elphaba-

-Elphaba cackles-

Elphaba- "Feel better now?"

Glinda- "Yes, I do."

Elphaba- "Good."

-Elphaba slaps Glinda-

Elphaba- "So do I!"


Glinda- "Guards! Let's see how you'll do in captivity."

Morrible- "What?"

Glinda- "Cap-ti-vi-ty. Pri-son."

Glinda -mimicking Morrible- - "My personal opinion is that you do not have what it takes. I hope you prove me wrong. I doubt you will. Take her away!"


And of course, peace to the awesome people who write fanfics!

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