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A big thank you to Moonlight Blade21 for my profile picture. You are the best!

1. About me

My real name is Ava. When I write, people get the feels for some reason.

I have a major sweet tooth for PostModern Jukebox, the color pink (oh shut it), and strong female characters. They're probably not feminist heroes, because I am not a feminist hero.

2. For readers and writers

For readers. I've written many things over these years, some of which goes unnoticed despite constant rewritings, while others blossom into works that others read and love. But regardless of what others believe, I love each and every one of my stories because when I write, I try my best at writing. However, my stories need a lot more than just "writer's love", they also want love from the readers! The best reviews for my stories are constructive comments, so I ask that if you love my stories and want to read even better ones, give me as much feedback as possible.

For writers. Over the years, I have reviewed tons of stories, most of which are sub-par but have so much potential. I know how tough it is to write. Thoughts such as, "what if people don't like my story" or "this is embarrassing" are a hindrance. Discard them! You should never expect people to like your story let alone expect your story to be perfect in all aspects. As amateur writers, you have only one objective: to tell the best story you can, improve your craft, then tell an even better story. If you want me to review your story, beta for you, or just have a chat with me, PM me and I'll get back to you.

3. Current status

Living in post-grad poverty.

4. To Do List (in no particular order)

Maintain my perfect bod.

Get rich.

Stop being such a downer.

5. Completed Works

Maple Story: Finding What's Lost–A dual narrator story I wrote a couple of years back. The first-person narrative is about a girl who investigates the disappearance of her long lost friend. The third-person narrative is centered on that friend's actions six months ago. All in all, outdated but at ok read for younger readers. Writing this was good practice for when I wrote...

Crystal Flowers–One of the best stories I have written, although the writing is, sadly, outdated as well. About a girl who starts off unsure of herself but eventually warms up to the world around her. The ending is both beautiful and emotional. And that's all I'm going to say without revealing the rest. Beta'd by the legendary marco2050. Without you, this story would probably never have been published.

Maple Story: AU One-Shot Collection

"pas de bourree suivi"–A ballet move meaning "tiptoe with small steps". A poem I wrote because I had a sudden poetic moment even though my poetry skills suck. This poem is about...well...still trying to figure it out. The tone goes from whimsical to longing. Good poem for those who have fallen in love before.

"It Was a Wonderful Game"–Emotional short story I wrote for a period of two weeks. This story is about Luminous ten years after the defeat of the Black Mage. Obviously AU. Inspired by the Ebola virus outbreak in Africa, which is still on-going. The story is entirely fictional. The point of it is to decide because, spoilers! Read it only if you want something heavier than the regular Maplestory Fanfic.

"Metamorphosis"–A character study more than anything. Based on the idea that Phantom is broken, Aria is slowly slipping away, Eunwol is a manipulative bastard, and Neinheart loves too deeply. Very dark, so it's not something for everyone.

"Flowers that Wilt"–Sequel to "It Was a Wonderful Game". IWG assumed that Luminous would die, but if anyone followed the Ebola outbreak, Luminous should have survived by all indications. Therefore, "Flowers that Wilt" is an AU for my AU. What if Luminous did not die? Dedicated to Katekyo1412 and Kyrastri.

6. Fanfic Challenges

Stories of those who have responded to my Fanfic Challenges.

Challenge: Write a story, poem, w/e you want except the first OR last line (or both) has to contain this phrase: 'And this is why they love one another.'

There are no endings by Samjok-o

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Crystal Flowers. Mama? Cold? Snow? Let go of me? The faint awakening. Gifts of water, light, darkness. Your insistence. My unspoken words. Our forbidden feelings. "You'll forget about it." "Remember that, will you?" Shui Jing Hua. The End.
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When I lost you, I thought you were gone forever. Then I felt your pulse.
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