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I have been an avid fanfic reader, especially for only The X-Files, until I discovered this site, in search of Gone With The Wind fanfic. A whole new cyber world was introduced to me! Back to the X-Files, I am a die-hard fan of the X-Files show, mainly for the governement conspiracy myth arc. Yes, I am part of the X-Phile community and a staunch "shipper".

I am also a die-hard fan of Gone With The Wind--book version, and movie version. My fondness for GWTW came when my sister and I, as pre-pubescents, would watch it on our big RCA TV when it would appear annually on NBC, the network I believe, showed it. The movie was broken up into 5 parts, making it a "movie of the week," and us young impressionable girls watched Rhett and Scarlett's historical romance unfold with excitement, giving us hopes and dreams of meeting our tall, dark and handsome man someday. Where we live most men are dark, sometimes handsome, and rarely tall. We're grown women now, married with children and still obsessed with the story. I'm a bit more finatic and resourceful at indulging my obssession.

I read GWTW a couple of times. I re-read my favorite parts, and chapters when trivial questions nag at my mind testing the intimate knowledge I pride in possessing. I also read Scarlett in the same manner, and found myself refusing to be disappointed, but after careful study, I'd have to say there were several things that went against the grain (the 'oh so' refined grains) of GWTW. For instance, leaving Wade and Ella for a long period. Scarlett never abandoned her responsibility as a mother. She may have been annoyed at being a mother, but after the birth of Cat, it opened her heart in an overflowing way--she would've sent for her kids. There would've been a bigger void without them--she had enough power and riches to claim her kids.

Another thing was her living in another location besides the Tara that's been her source of strength, not the foreign, unfamiliar earth of ancient Tara in Ireland. And the thing that bothered me the most was that the most amble, skillful blockade runner sailing the most unpredictable seas of the Atlantic, Carribean, and Bermuda could not handle nor make a forecast of a sudden rainstorm, resulting in a small, yet more maneuverable sailboat to be crushed into smithereens. But "Scarlett" celebrates the triumphs of the heroine in such a grand way, a notable figure in royal and European social scenes. I truly loved that part about the book.

I also read "Rhett Butler's People" and the book was a good read in depicting the South's pre- and post-war history , the cultural climate, and Scarlett's sex appeal. We learn how Rhett and Scarlett as children shared common interests--befriending children of slaves, and consequneces-- needing frequent discipline. However, the realism of hardship returnging to Tara takes a sobering turn, where GWTW's story ends. That part seemed rushed, and the book ultimately ends having taken the less glamorous route than "Scarlett," except when exonerating the character of Belle. I had to re-read Rhett and Scarlett scenes many times over to get the feel of the romance, which theirs was short on in the book. Nevertheless, I would read anything about these characters any day.

I'd love to hear your thoughts, and that's why I love to read GWTW fanfic. I never tire of reading endless possibilities in the reuiniting of Rhett and Scarlett.

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