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June 1, 2009

Hi my name is Kimberly aka "the Cougar" and I'm new here.

Up until a couple of months ago I hadn't even heard of Fan Fiction. I joined a Supernatural Forum one day because I was voting like a crazy woman to help Jensen and Jared the stars of Supernatural, move past the 3rd round of this silly Alpha-Male Poll. If you're a Supernatural Fan, you know the one I'm talking about. In any case there was a few Fan Fiction stories that I had found on this board. I read them and found them interesting. I had written in high school and college, short stories, poetry, etc. But nothing of any great length or on the scale I'm writing now.

But between all the time I started to spend on this forum and watching Supernatural, I had this great idea for a story, an epic story.Involving the characters of Supernatrual. I started writing it, I hadn't written any fiction for over twenty years. After I published my first 5 chapters several readers on the the other forum, told me I should post my story over here. So here I am.

My Profile

First, my name is Kimberly which I already told you and my screen name is spncougar. Most people just call me Cougar or Kimberly, never Kim or Kimmie. My mother always said if I wanted her named Kim or Kimmie I would have named her that! I'm 40 years old (Stop gasping in shock and horror babies, tweens, and twenty-somethings your day is coming.) As I was saying I'm 40 years, married to the man I met on my second day of college, almost 23 years ago. We have four children, 2 girls (11 and 8) and twin 4 year-old boys. I'm the only daughter of nine children, that's right I have eight brothers.

I have a wonderful career, that I love. But that also allows me to spend time with my family because it is a family owned business that a co-manage with one of my brothers.

My favorite TV series currently on television: Supernatural (I only watch 3 shows currently. I don't watch much TV)

My favorite all time TV series: I can't pick just one but here are my favorites in no particular order. Friends, I Love Lucy, Seinfeld, and Supernatural.

My favorite music group or performer of all-time: The Beatles

My favorite movie of all-time: This is a hard one, because I am a classic film buff. It's a tie between Casablanca and To Kill a Mocking Bird, also my third all-time favorite book.

The last 4 movies I watched: Toy Story & Toy Story 2 (both with my twins) and The Great Escape & Old Arsenic and Old Lace

My favorite movie actors: A three way tie. James Stewart, Cary Grant, and Gene Kelly.

My favorite movie actress: A two-way tie Katherine and Audrey Hepburn (not related)

My actor crush: Jensen Ackles I'm 9 1/2 years older than him. That's where my screen name comes from, my hubby started calling me Cougar about a year ago.

Favorite Author: Edgar Allan Poe

Favorite Story/Novel/Book: Tell-Tale-Heart by Poe Followed by: Pride and Prejudice by: Jane Austin and then To Kill a Mockingbird by:Harper Lee