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Author has written 47 stories for Soul Eater, Bleach, Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's, Hetalia - Axis Powers, Cat Paradise/学園創世猫天!, Gakuen Alice, Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, Pani Poni Dash!, Idolmaster, Negima! Magister Negi Magi/魔法先生ネギま!, Hyouka/氷菓, Hunger Games, Kuroko no Basuke/黒子のバスケ, K, and Love Live! School idol project.

Catch me on AO3, most of my stuff isn't cross-posted.

My Stories

Nightmare (Soul Eater)- My first story! Patti had a nightmare, so she goes to Liz to seek comfort, and that's basically it. Definitely can't compare with most of the other stories in the Soul Eater category, but it's still okay. Complete.

The First Encounter (Bleach)- It basically talks about how Jushiro Ukitake met his zanpakuto, Sogyo no Kotowari. I based it mostly off of the new filler arc about the zanpakuto, except since it was written before episodes with Sogyo no Kotowari actually came out they're gonna be acting a lot different than what you're probably used to. Complete.

Convincing Them (Bleach)- I wondered why exactly the zanpakuto decided to go against their wielders, so I began to toy around with this idea. Nearly all the chapters were written before official episodes involving the respective zanpakuto were released, so a lot of them will appear OOC and just off. But still... zanpakuto spirits are cool, you know? Officially complete.

Wolf Pack (Bleach)- I wrote this as a tribute to Starrk and Lilynette, because those two were just plain awesome. I couldn't believe it when I read chapter 375, so I decided to write something about them. It's really short, really random, and probably not very good, but it's still worth reading. Maybe. Complete.

Therapy (Bleach)- In which Shirayuki's a therapist and Kazeshini's the patient. Involves flirting, pencil throwing, and explosive rants. Complete.

Let's Have a Talk (Bleach)- Well, Sogyo no Kotowari were presumably killed off in episode 247, and I really wanted to write something about them. But somehow, it turned into a simple little chat between Jushiro and them, and was actually mainly about the Shinigami more than the zanpakuto. But I still put it up, just because I thought they deserved it. Complete.

Understanding (Yu-G-Oh! 5D's)- There were zero Sly stories, last time I checked. So why not write one? I liked Sly's character, and thought that maybe he was just a little misunderstood, and that it was natural for someone like him to be confused by someone like Ruka, who talks to him when no one else will. So I wrote about it. Complete.

Explosions at a World Conference (Hetalia: Axis Powers)- Well, since technically Taiwan's not considered a country and Hong Kong isn't a country at all, maybe they feel a little left out in those world conferences. I think those two are pretty cool- although I guess I'm biased since I'm part Taiwanese- so I wanted to write just a short little thing about them. Complete.

Just Wanna Help (Cat Paradise)- Cat Paradise is such an unknown manga, but it's really good! I recommend it to anyone who likes cats and awesome abnormal powers. I mean, my story didn't really have anything to do with anything, but... so Kotori and Tsukasa talk on a bench. That's about it. Still, you should read Cat Paradise if you like animals and superpowers! Complete.

A Gentleman (Hetalia: Axis Powers)- My own take on why Hong Kong is so emotionless... although I can't say it's nearly as logical as most of the other theories. Also, it's kinda random. And might not make sense. But I like Hong Kong, so whatever. Complete.

Hunting Lessons (Hetalia: Axis Powers)- I like cats. And I like Hetalia. And then there's Nekotalia. So Hong Kong's a laidback kind of cat who just kinda hangs around whenever his owner forgets about him (in this story, the cats have country names and their owners have the human names) but then Taiwan comes along and he gets himself a hobby. Let's teach her how to hunt! It was gonna be a one-shot, and then I turned it into a chapter story, but now I'm changing it back to a one-shot 'cause I'm lazy. Complete.

Sort Of a Confession (Gakuen Alice)- So one day Koko randomly corners Sumire and begins his sort of confession. What's a sort of confession? Well, it's like he's saying that he likes her but only kind of, and he's also adding that she might not understand but if she does only a little of it, you know? Yeah, I don't get it either. But I love the pairing so I figured I might as well write something for it! Complete.

Doomed to Fail (Katekyo Hitman Reborn!)- I forgot to mention it in the author's note but this is an AU fic without the mafia and everyone's in the same high school. Hence Mukuro and Fran hanging in the library and discussing getting Hibari and Tsuna together. My first attempt at a yaoi fic... and it failed... I'm sad. But so long as people enjoyed the lightheartedness of it I guess it's okay! Complete.

Positions of Pride (Katekyo Hitman Reborn!)- Another highschool AU fic. Awesome. This one focuses on the Kokuyo trio (as in Ken, Chikusa, and Chrome... but Mukuro is still mentioned!). I always thought the relationship between the three was kind of cute, what with Ken and Chikusa being so protective of Chrome (but all Chrome does is talk about Mukuro...) so then it became while Mukuro is away Ken and Chikusa can beat up some idiots trying to harass Chrome. Not that they'll admit that it's for her. Complete.

Because Cake Solves Everything (Pani Poni Dash!)- Remember that episode where everyone was in that bus that was hanging over a cliff? Kurumi seemed pretty scared. And now she's pissed that Shu doesn't care about it at all. But then cake is brought up. Short, pointless, and yet it was very fun to write. Complete.

Party Preparations (The iDOLM@STER)- Written as a response to Honey-Heartbeat626's challenge posted on Idol Challenges! I feel like I've said that way too many times in the past couple hours... Anyways, the challenge involved having Chihaya and Yayoi go shopping for a dinner party or whatever and was supposed to show them having a good time and interacting. Well, they interacted... and I even threw in a cool defensive scene, but somehow I get the feeling that it didn't quite meet the requirements. Oh well, it was still fun writing. Complete.

The Search for the Producer (The iDOLM@STER)- Written as a response to xXxWoLfwrIT3rxXx's challenge posted on Idol Challenges! Involving Makoto and Yukiho and their relationship as best friends! As well as the Producer going missing and 961 Pro somehow being involved in all this. So I mostly tried to show their relationship by having them talk about random things that matter but don't matter at the same time. I mean, most friends do that, right? This story is a twoshot! Complete.

Pursuit for the Truth (The iDOLM@STER)- Sequel to The Search for the Producer, as requested by xXxWoLfwrIT3rxXx! This time 765 Pro's been bought out and is now shutting down, but the question is by who and how can they be stopped? To make things more fun I threw in a rival team, Miki and Iori, 'cause they're awesome. Not that they would work well as a team, but they're still awesome. Also in this story is a second kidnapping, Hamuzou, and a building on fire. Another twoshot! Complete.

Anything to Win (The iDOLM@STER)- Finally my own original iDOLM@STER fic. Not that I didn't enjoy writing the challenges. But making your own is still more fun, right? Plus, this was my first yuri fanfiction! Yuri-ish, at least. Even though I gave it the romance genre it wasn't even all that romantic. MikixIori pairing, started off as something long and depressing until I decided it was too long and depressing and completely rewrote it. It now bears not a single resemblance to what it used to be. Miki and Iori make a deal, and Miki'll do anything to make sure she wins! Complete.

Jupiter's Game (The iDOLM@STER)- Haha, you can think of this as more of a test. Of course I'll be treating it as a real story, since there are honestly a few straight iDOLM@STER pairings I like, but it was still written mainly as a challenge to myself. Four 765 girls to each of the Jupiter members! All four must admit to it being an awesome date! Winner gets to be Jupiter's Most Attractive! And requests are taken for which girls is paired to which guy! So many exclamation points, it's kinda like an infomercial or something, you know? In progress.

Do You Like Me? (The iDOLM@STER)- Part two of my epic self-challenge! Alongside one of the straightest stories possible is the yuri one! Unlike the story above, this one actually has a plot, so I guess it's not fair to make this a real self-challenge. Set in an AU where the Ryuugu Komachi members are the only idols around and everyone else is just a person wondering how they got involved with them. Three main pairings, probably a couple other minor pairings. In progress.

A Nice Day (Negima! Magister Negi Magi)- Ah I can't really call it a proper KazumixSayo fic, especially since the entire pairing was just denied in the story. Maybe I'll continue it... yeah, I'd really like to. But I'm just gonna call it complete for now. Misora, on a whim, plays a prank on Kazumi and Sayo. The result reminds me very much of Doomed to Fail but oh well. Complete.

Not Quite Insanity (Negima! Magister Negi Magi)- Gahh, Negi's gone and all the girls are on a deserted island with only crepes to eat! Except for Eva and Chachamaru, who are just kind of floating on an iceberg somewhere. Things will be as random as I can make them while still being reasonable for Negima (unless I decide that gets boring) and there will be yuri. Maybe not serious yuri, but yuri. In progress.

Unity (The iDOLM@STER)- Literally something I started at midnight and finished at 2 am. Also my attempt at a different writing style, although I think I forgot about that half way through. A Project Fairy fic, since, you know, they're awesome and incredible and I love the way they interact with each other. Inspired partially by a video of SP I saw on YouTube, and partially by a comment on the video. In retrospect I should have put in more conflict since the balance is uneven... Complete.

Jumonji (Hyouka)- You can't look at Muneyoshi and not love him. Well, maybe you can in episode 12 but after that every appearance he makes is just awesome. And Jirou's adorable, being all secretly evil. So naturally I wanted to write something about them, you know? I like the idea that the two of them plus Haruna became really close through their doujin, so I expanded a bit on that. Turns out my headcanon says that Haruna's transfer is what triggered the entire Kanya Fest incident. Ah well. Complete.

That Cinderella Story (The iDOLM@STER)- You know what I'm talking about. That parody fic that's in almost every fandom on this site. Inspired by the second trailer of the Shiny Festa game, the one where Iori's all dressed up and Ami and Mami are fairies and Hibiki and Yayoi are there are stuff. But somehow it turned into 765 Pro and 961 Pro making a movie together. The second chapter is an omake of forty three words depicting Touma as the director and Hokuto as the cameraman. Complete.

Heaven Piercing Arrows (Hunger Games)- In my defense, I was very tired when I wrote this. I don't know what I was thinking, but I liked it enough to finish it, so hopefully you'll enjoy. Looking at it now, I'm actually pretty proud of it. Complete.

Touou Academy (Kuroko no Basket)- I love Touou to death. It's ridiculous. Everyone on that team is awesome in his own way and even though they're not really a team they still are a team, you know? Not a friendship and happiness team like Seirin, but still a team that works together because in the end they all want to win! This fic is kinda just a look at how the team grew, from when Sakurai and Aomine joined to probably after the Winter Cup. If I actually want to be that ambitious. In progress.

Lunchtime Rush (Kuroko no Basket)- Taken from a scene that actually happened at lunch in my school. Just rewritten with Generation of Miracles characters. I think it's pretty epic, or maybe it could just be a "you had to be there" kind of thing. Complete.

Vampire Princess (The iDOLM@STER)- Have you seen the new MV for Kyun! Vampire Girl? I suggest you do. It's adorable. 'Cause Yayoi's all scared and then she meets Iori and she's even more scared and then they start dancing together and then Yayoi runs away. Of course I'm obligated to create a fanfic out of it, especially since Halloween's only a couple days away. Miki and the twins kind of appeared out of nowhere. Just saying. Complete.

Midnight Snack (K)- I don't even know, man. I think the three main characters are all super adorable and I love the way they interact with each other so I really wanted to write something about it... and then it turned into Neko begging Kuroh for a midnight snack. Weird how writing works. Well, Neko and Kuroh interactions are cute, too. I just wish Shiro had actually appeared... Complete.

Fight-o! (Love Live!)- I mean the whole section is filled with NicoMaki and NozomiEli and HonokaEveryone, and even though RinPana appears as a side pairing in a few of them, I believe the adorable first years deserve a fic of their own too! Off the top of my head I can think of only two others that feature them as the main characters so I was determined to write one as well. And then I saw a tumblr post suggesting "AU where there's a diner and the waitress keeps mixing up their orders until they decide to sit together" and then I laughed a lot and then I wrote it. Complete.

Confessions of Very Confused First Years (Love Live!)- I don't really remember what I was thinking when I wrote this. Probably was aiming for RinPana but Maki got involved (as she does) and it somehow (d)evolved into MakiRinPana. But like, who can complain about that, really. Complete.

Shall I Compare Thee (Love Live!)- Kind of one of those things where you just start writing and see where it takes you. Apparently I was taken to a KotoUmi AU so that's cool. Turns out I like KotoUmi a lot more than I thought I did. Complete.

Delivery (Love Live!)- My first thought after finishing this: it took so long, it is so long, I don't even like it. I mean. Eh. It did take much longer than it should have, considering it's length and how much actually happens. But. I like KotoUmi. Complete.

you've got mail (kind of) (Love Live!)- Pretty much crack. Just some fun, stupid stuff. My only regret is that there wasn't enough KotoUmi. Complete.

Third Wheel Syndrome (Love Live!)- So I was watching the Endless Parade concert and during the encore they were all getting on those moving box things and basically Eli and Nozomi voice actresses were upping the fanservice a lot and it was great. So I wanted to write. But also for some reason it's all from Nico's perspective? And she struggles with being a third wheel and being on the outside and is worrying about being alone again and everything? But also it's kind of sarcastic? Who knows, really. Complete.

performer (Love Live!)- Speaking of Love Live concerts, Umi's voice actress is absolutely amazing. Like every time she's on the stage she's the only one I want to watch. So what better way to write it out than having Kotori be a secret admirer because apparently I just really like Kotoumi. Complete.

lonely my love (Love Live!)- Bartender Kotori? Yes please. Uhh but it turned into a lot of platonic EliUmi and Nicotori? Well those are fun too! 'twas a request from a buddy on tumblr and lots of fun to write out! Complete.

MasterChef (Love Live!)- A true story. Don't let me cook. Complete.

First Tracks (Love Live!)- Dedicated to the people whom I know will truly appreciate a RinMaki tale. Snowboarding lingo is so weird, I couldn't bring myself to actually make Rin say some of the stuff. Hmm I was in a RinMaki mood for a while though so I'm glad I could get it out of my system for now. Complete.

Cat Burglar (Love Live!)- You know, I really did my best to win over Blaer's heart, but I guess not even NicoRin is enough. RIP. Complete.

Camera Obscura (Love Live!)- I dunno, I really wanted to write some kind of minor alt ship? Fun fact, I'd been trying to write EliUmi for eight years and then decided to switch to UmiMaki and here we are. Complete.

On the Way (Love Live!)- I like tanks. I really like tanks. I REALLY REALLY like tanks. Complete.

Convergence (Love Live!) - Me, trying a completely new style. Ish. I started it a while ago, forgot about it, went back to read it, and was like "I kinda like this?" It was a good time and I just really liked playing around with the idea of progressing a story through a series of conversations between different people in each scene. Complete.

Hubba Hubba (Love Live! Sunshine) - It's technically YohaRuby but honestly the KanaDiaMari team do way more. I literally wrote this just so Mari could say "hubba hubba." Why is it over 4k words!! I wrote this instead of doing my homework!!! Complete.

leave the world behind (Love Live!) - Secret Santa gift for Mon! I restarted this thing like 5 times. The first four times were a completely different AU. I've always wanted to try urban fantasy though. Mahoutsukai Hajimemashita is one of my favorite LL songs. Inspired by windingwoods' FE fic down easy street, check it out! Complete.

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