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Hey, I am Zabbi.

I enjoy a variety of what would be considered geeky things. Comic reading, anime, manga, cult TV series and movies.

I enjoy some games, but I"m not particularly notorious

No I have never LAARPed. However, I am open to cosplay.

My true passion would be reading. I collect books, among other things, and the majority of my time is spent OD-ing on the written word.

You CAN contact me on, if you know where to look.

I tried writing some fanfiction. Couldn't take myself seriously. I really just suck at that kind of thing. I do intend to continue reading though. Contrary to popular belief, not everything is Mary-Sue-ish on here, although a great majority is.

Oooh... did I offend the Suethors?

Go butthurt somewhere else, please.

Uh... yeah obsessions... Okay, I like politics and history. Manga and anime is usually entertaining. It's not my life, but it's amusing. More into the obscure stuff. Comics and cartoons... uh.. writing I guess. Recently started journal-ing.

Personality? Well I'm kind of a pessimist. I have a morbid sense of humor, and like funerals. Yeah that is probably weird. Whatever, they are relaxing, and there is usually inordinate amounts of food.