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Author has written 5 stories for Resident Evil, and Kingdom Hearts.

Hello to you and everyone. My name is 53007 and what I do is comment about your stories. I would give helpful tips and it is up to the user to used my tips. If I offend any of you in any way, I am sorry. Hope we can be friends.

I've written only three stories so far, two are finished while the others I'm still working on.

Inspiration For My Stories

THE MISSION: After 358/2 Days had been release in the US I bought a copy for my brother for his birthday. Anyways, after I had complete the game and knew the reason for Xion I began working on my second story that is only five chapters. Another favorite game of mine is Resident Evil 2 and 3 the Fall of Racoon City, but after playing 4 it was a disappointment, but that's my opioin. So after watching X2 X-Men United I decided to made Xion take revenge after learning about herself, but not only that I developed the storyline where Saix sents her and Roxas to Racoon City, and there were a lot of inspiration for this crossover, but it was mainly based off the Earth X series that inspired Spider-man: Web of Shadows. Only this time I made Roxas and Namine appear as a couple, but they try to hide their relationship from the other members except for Axel and Xion. I originaly planned for this to be a lemon, but I wanted to finish this story as soon as possible, but just added a teaser. This story also had a little bit of FMA because of the ingredients to make a human and Xion's appearence was at first similar to the Nemsis Project than her second appearence was kinda base off witchblade with her arm crystalizing into a claw. As for her third she had winds similar to Sephroth on KH2 and her second form from KH game. As for her last appearence she had four arms. This appearence was hard to describe, but I envision her to have Jinpachi demon form from Tekken 5 with Sheeva from MK and her third form from the KH game. During this story Roxas knows nothing about Sora or his connection to him and with Xemnas death I thought that his leadership should go to the one that defeated him. Since Roxas is the last member to survive he is now the headmaster with Namine by his side.

Coming Soon: Past Meets Present

Summary. Xion can't remember her former life, but thinks that a girl named Namine can explain. Along her search, she comes across a dangerous gang and thinks that the leader knows more about her.

Rating: T

Pairing: Xion and Roxas with a twist.

Status: In Process.

About The Author

Name: Daniel

Age: Mid-Teens

Location: Los Angels, CA

Hometown: Flagstaff, AZ

Nicknames: 53007 that's the only one. LOL.

Interest: Drawing but not very good at it like my best friend, Writing, Film editing, playing video games but I'm only a causual gamer, and Photographer.

Favorite Music: Let's Do The Twist, ABC, Angel Baby, Painted Black, Jumping Jack Flash, Burning Love, and September.

Favorite Music Artist: Yoko Shimomura, The Temptations, Jackson 5, Chubby Checker, Jackie Wilson, and Ray Charlies.

Favorite Movie: Dark Knight, Kiss of the Dragon, SAW series, and Ghost Dog.

Favorite Anime: Akira, Sonic X, and Desert Punk.

Favorite Book: Silance of the Lamb, Red Dragon, and Bushido: The Way of the Samurai.

Favorite Comic: DC Comic, and Marvel Comic

Favorite Manga: Battle Royale, Fullmental Alchamist, and Metriod.

Favorite Video Game: Tekken series, Mortal Kombat series, DDR, BattleToads, Ikaruga, Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2, and Halo series.

Favorite Board Game: Chess.

Favorite Hobby: Skateboarding, if visiting my hometown Snowboarding, Taking pictures, and Hiking.

Favorite TV Show: NCIS, CSI: Miami-NY-LasVages, Law and Order, and Cold Case.

Favorite Sports: Baseball, and Basketball.

Least Favorite: Twilight books and movies, Anne Rice Books, Wishing Stairs, Ju-on, I Know Who Killed Me, and remade of The Eye.

Insteresting Fact: I base most of my stories on real events that happened to me, friend, and girlfriend's point of view. Might base my next story off a belief or true event. I thought it would be a good idea to impove my writing, but I feel like I'm using 'as' and 'while' too much and not describing what the characters are thinking. So, that's all their is to know about me, but if you would like to know more about me; feel free to ask. I might not be able to answer some questions that interfers with more personal issue. See you later.

Visit my youtube page under 53007

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